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Christi McKinney
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a fangirl by Nature's design who enjoys making art and writing stories.

One of the best things about posting online is that it allows me and others to see an actual progression of me as an artist and creates an accountability that makes me strive to complete what I post to a polished quality I'm proud of.

I once frequented this website more than any other but have predominantly moved to tumblr for my journaling and communication needs but still post my art here and check up on artists and friends I love and follow. I'm awful at maintaining communication so if you want to say hi or anything drop me a message and get in touch; you're never bothering me.
Hi everyone this is the zombie of heartsyhawk speaking.

Ok I didn't die. But I may as well have. My Hard-Drive recently went the way of the dinosaurs; it died and it died violently. It took the better part of five years, two different machines with it on the way out. Some of the many lost files include 5 solid WEEKS worth of music (at least half of which I have no way of replacing), all the artwork I've done/started/kept in production hell for the past few years, a Sims Alphabet Legacy that had 23 and a half completed generations, all my episodes of Avatar, Digimon, Kim Possible, and Danny Phantom, six almost completed AMV's, and five or so years worth of fic, only about .15% which had actually been posted, and the entirety of my photographs for the 365 project. Not to mention my sister's things like the 45 page senior thesis paper, her videos (and I don't mean AMVs I mean actual honest-to-God filmed and edited movies), her art homework, and so forth.

Lesson learned: trust Google Docs a LOT more, e-mail things frequently, do not trust in technology, frequent off-drive backups are your friend, technology deities hate me

But it could be worse. It was just my digital life I lost, not my actual one. I got a new drive (that is still hauntingly empty) and I still have my tablet. I lost photoshop (as I no longer live with the roommate who hooked me up with it) but I still have macromedia fireworks. For Christmas I was given a voucher for a new all in one scanner- printer-copier to replace Henry (what is it with tech things dying so awfully and suddenly for me anyway?). I can rebuild;will just take some time.

But you don't want to hear me whinge about these things.

I do have some flailing about things you lot actually care about, if you stayed through the whining about my computer.

:bulletgreen: HUNGER GAMES

:pointr: Finally read all the books (and the people of my library hate me for it I am certain as my whole family has wanted to read them so I have the whole set checked out and keep renewing them because I'm some sort of speed-reading anomaly in comparison to them).
:pointr: Not gonna lie, I did a TON of crying.
:pointr: Also not gonna lie, I half expected that Peeta was just being cunning and manipulative with his so I don't spoil anybody let's just call it his "revelation" and was legit surprised he was being honest.
:pointr: I love Peeta more than just about any fictional love interest for a female lead.
:pointr: Haven't yet seen the movie as the friend I was seeing it with had to reschedule.
:pointr: I will see it with her or without her.


:pointr: I am super legit excited about this announcement.
:pointr: I really hope it isn't like Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, or Platinum and is a "true" sequel.
:pointr: I want to see more of N.
:pointr: So glad I will not be forced onto 3DS just yet.

:bulletgreen: Tumblr

:pointr: Yes I have a tumblr.
:pointr: Actually I had one for a long while before it was the "thing" to do.
:pointr: But I deleted it because I didn't think it would catch on.
:pointr: I was wrong.
:pointr: So I created another one.
:pointr: my url is
:pointr: My blog has no theme but I spazz a lot about fandomy things and things I care about.
:pointr: I love GIFs.
:pointr: That's another thing the old harddrive took with it. 300 GIFs for all occasions.
:pointr: It quickly became an addiction.
:pointr: So I gave it up for Lent.
:pointr: But Lent is almost over.
:pointr: So I'll be posting a lot more.
:pointr: Feel free to follow me.
:pointr: Seriously I have like...sixteen followers.
:pointr: Well 228 if you count the ones who for whatever reason ignore my tumblr but love when I repost on twitter.
:pointr: Yes i have a twitter.
:pointr: But I hardly use it.

:bulletgreen: fanfiction

:pointr: Heartbroken over loss of lots of polished stuff.
:pointr: Will replace ASAP.
:pointr: But...uh...prolly shouldn't hold your breath waiting.

:bulletgreen: art

:pointr: ...
:pointr: I swear on a stack of Potter books (is that what fandom swears on these days?) I will be putting things up again. But I need to relearn how to use Fireworks as editing software.
:pointr: Also Harmony (the tablet if you don't remember it's name) still hates me.
:pointr: So I'm learning how to use it with Fireworks.
:pointr: I do promise you'll like the final result.

:bulletgreen: Legend of Korra

:pointr: I am very aware this is all a bunch of you care about.
:pointr: so Kudos to those who stuck through all the way to here.
:pointr: On March 24 the first two episodes were released because the Korra Nation fans are awesome.
:pointr: My computer has a nasty sense of humor when it dies.
:pointr: I have NOT seen the episodes.
:pointr: I have however seen everything Youtube has to offer regarding reviews and hilarious clips. And AMVs.
:pointr: DAMN this fandom is FAST.
:pointr: That's why you lot are my favorite fandom.
:pointr: And I've been in several.
:pointr: So shipping.
:pointr: I PROMISED myself I'd watch five eps before I knew enough to ship things.
:pointr: That went out the window with this trailer.
:pointr: In case you missed it, what I'm spazzing for is at 0:20-21 seconds
:pointr: But Bryke LOOOVE to ship-bait
:pointr: And I've been stung before.
:pointr: But I will be excited.
:pointr: And there will be arts.
:pointr: Also Let me say I adore Tenzin's kids. Meelo is the perfectest child.
:pointr: And I want to arrange a pro-bending tournament.
:pointr: I have theories as to who Amon is.
:pointr: But as I have not actually seen anything yet I'll sit on them for now.
:pointr: April 14. 11 AM
:pointr: And it will be on Nick.
:pointr: Which is saying something because that is same timeslot as My Little Pony.
:pointr: Because Bryke are TROLLS.
:pointr: Thank Jesus (and Cox) for DVR.
  • Listening to: neighbor's dog continuing to bark ceaselessly
  • Reading: The Lost World
  • Watching: Korra AMVs (fandom I love you)
  • Playing: Sims Medieval (if I can actually install it)
  • Eating: dinner, soon.
  • Drinking: Jasmine tea



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