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Scary Sun And Moon

Link: The sun doesn't give you three day's to prepare?!

Mario: No, It does what it wants! Why is the moon so detailed and creepy?!

Link: I don't know Termina is weird like that!

More or less what i thought their dialogue would sound like.

Mario and Link > Nintendo
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So what do you die to, Mario and Link? The Angry Sun, or the Moon...

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Majoara's mask was a depressing game! It has no business with mario!
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Oh yeah, I just realized that...Nintendo's sun and moon are really REALLY angry in Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda...good job on this :)
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I can this happening lol
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Pokemon Angry Sun and Majora Moon.
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This is so good
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:iconprincesscelestiaplz: and :iconprincesslunaplz:: Go, our scary monster babies! 😁
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Angry Sun and Majora's Mask Moon would make for an interesting celestial couple.
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Link,Mario,maybe you two could talk to the Sun and the Moon,ask them why are they so upset.
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I need to agree with Dagamerboiishere, it isn't that easy.
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It does not work that way 
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Stay out of this!
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You don't tell him that. you can't post comments online and expect people not to respond.
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Yeah,it still does not
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LOL good one on this.
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What about Mr Bright and Mr Shine from Kirby's Adventure?
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