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Laying Pokemon

ALL available and READY TO SHIP!
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Where can I buy the pattern? The page has been broken for years, and I really want to make them for a Bday



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They are so cute! Great job!

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Awww :3 great work Clap 
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I NEED Mew... please can you make another???
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These are so adorable!

I would like to know how you came around to knowing how to make these if possible? I also crochet on my own time, but I haven't the foggiest clue how fellow crocheters get started without relying on a pattern. Can you offer some words of advice?
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all my patterns are really just basic shapes, like a sphere, cone, cylinder etc. 
When I first started, I would turn to this website for help with the basic shapes.…
Is there a pattern for free because I want to mak one for my big sis email me plz
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Sorry, the pattern is not available. :/
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Saw Psyduck, got excited because I thought platypus.
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Awww!!!So cute!!!
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if you make them look like tsum tsum, i'd probably faint (They would be so cute)
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The link doesn't work
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They're all sold out. Im sorry. :(
love this, i want mew :/...they are all cute but mew is my kiki kitty :/ (though i do have ki ki key chain <3) i tried looking on your store but i couldnt find the pkmn, *shrugs*

but you have done a FANTASTIC job with these, love the work!
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These are beyond amazing! I love them so much!
I hope to get better at crochet. Having some trouble as I've just started.
If you have the time, do you mind if I pick your brain some time? :)
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awww i want the mew one!!!!
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I love that mudkip!
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GIF Steven Universe - So Cute! OhMyGosh!!! These are all so precious!!! :love: Fantastic Job!!!
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