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Harry the hedgehog

Harry is a chubby hedgehog that loves to roll everywhere and is READY TO SHIP!!!

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OMG that is so cute! :D
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Looks just like my little silver!
RandomAnimeMadness's avatar
Hedgie!!!!! I love hedgies!!!! :D
Ysikio's avatar
Adorable! Dat face. :3 I just want to squish it.
Endorell-Taelos's avatar
Oh my god. so freaking cute!
acidebob's avatar
This is a nice use of the bobble/popcorn stitch.
spuggey's avatar
It's so fat! o.O
Really cute!
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PikaInABag's avatar
Uhnf... he's like a little roly poly, I just want to roll him around! Shame he's not grey and black like those household hedgies, otherwise he'd make a great match for the real-life hedgehog, Hazard. :aww:
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I want to make many more, when I have time, in many other colors. 
Im even thing about making a Shaymin in a style like this. :)
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uh oh! :cute poop: haha!
Thank you so much. :)
NIENKEdeGRAEF's avatar
YOU'RE SO WELCOME!! I cry a little if I see Harry xd
Vampire-Juicebox's avatar
This is adorable and one if the best approaches at a hedgehog I've seen
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chankuro's avatar
Loveable and so cute 😙
Heartstringcrochet's avatar
Larry-the-Giraffe's avatar
oi this is so fantastic ;v; woowowowowowwow
Emi-Star's avatar
Wow that's so cute! The back looks really complicated xD
Heartstringcrochet's avatar
It was complicated when I was beginning it, but as soon as I got the hang of it, it became very simple. :)
Faliona's avatar
super cute :funnydance: 
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