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Felsic Current cover art by heartstrain Felsic Current cover art :iconheartstrain:heartstrain 1 2 Alternate Chapter 33 by heartstrain Alternate Chapter 33 :iconheartstrain:heartstrain 2 15
Autumn Leaves
Autumn leaves
The sight is breathtaking
And yet so dreary
A cruel bout of mockery
That beauty be so waking
In ruin lay smoky huts
Dry are the watering ruts
Toys abandoned in yards
Nothing here left to guard
Admittedly, a crestfallen village
With nary the merest breath
In its streets that scream pillage
And yet no outward sign of death
Collapsed are the roofs
But foundations remain aloof
Life leaves an afterimage
In the absence of bodily ravage
Gone is hope, without regret
Gone, somewhere, secret
For it to return with all reason
When chimes the right season
Such force laid this torment
Inexorable, cold emissary
Yearly repeating the event
Unquestionably necessary
And so, such morose beauty
Such morbid, guiltfree happening
Metallic tools rendered glistening
By sterilizing flaming fealty
Ephemeral smoke abounds
Always shifting, full of tricks
The precise chaos of bricks
Toppled over in mounds
Painters, know what you depict
Before to the brush commit
Splendor in full volition
Of its fatalis
:iconheartstrain:heartstrain 0 2
Cards of Spain
My arms are clubs
My legs, they are spade
Of diamond my head is made
Its namesake my heart rubs
The other, they are my mason
They build upon me
They build for me
Of me, they make their bastion
Delicately, oh-so delicately
A red seven is tilted aptly
Against a black three
As I look upon this artistry
This frail tower finds itself between
A black ace and a red queen
This castle is for me
This castle is me
Might I be the better architect
Of my own project?
Irrelevant is the notion
Compared to your devotion
You dare to add another floor
Cards add up, defying gravity
Nothing for me to deplore
But this moment's brevity
To see you toil for me
Care for me
Nurture me
Is the grandest Castle in Spain there can be
:iconheartstrain:heartstrain 2 3
Mixed Expectations by heartstrain Mixed Expectations :iconheartstrain:heartstrain 1 3
Humonculous Delight
_______"Humonculous Delight"______
Red stone................................. 2.00
Red stone & bacon..................... 3.00
Red stone, bacon, red stone........ 3.50
Red stone, red stone, eggs,
    bacon & red stone.................. 5.00
Devil's nest eggs........................ 4.50
Red water................................ 2.00
Red water & miso...................... 2.25
Red water w/ red stone croutons. 2.25
Main Course______________________
Famous state alchemist arm*..... 10.50
Famous state alchemist leg*...... 10.50
Famous state alchemist
    naughty bits*.................... MARKET PRICE
Armour limbs (w/ digestive
    enzymes)............................. 13.00
Scar's ass platter...................... 14.00
Remains of the person brought
    back during your creation....... 18.00
Red strap spaghetti w/
:iconheartstrain:heartstrain 4 8
Labour of Love by heartstrain Labour of Love :iconheartstrain:heartstrain 1 35
The Once Plum
The once plum________________
The plum, so succulent
A taste so rich and opulent
Juice seeping in sensual rivulet
Tantalizing feast for my palette
Is it the acidic tease I crave?
Or the overflowing sweetness?
Why question the savory caress
It should be enough that I so rave
And yet it isn't...
As I devour this fruit supreme
I irrationally expect a hint
That it shows for me equal esteem
Should I be to blame?
No other crop ever let me claim
Such an intimate complicity
Normal that I should seek mutuality
Yet food cannot taste the holding hand
It soaks in praise embarrassingly
Wishing the repast be not so heavenly
More functional, sometimes even bland
Yet forward I plough, selfishly I bite
Digging deeper without respite
Until a mistake is made, rather rash
And onto the hard pit my teeth crash
As agony overwhelms my dentition
My bliss turns to admonition
Despite my own boldness
Having caused the duress
Unmoved the plum remains
Expected as it is to have a core
Can it be faulted therefore
:iconheartstrain:heartstrain 0 0
Swept by heartstrain Swept :iconheartstrain:heartstrain 1 8 Essence by heartstrain Essence :iconheartstrain:heartstrain 1 5
Is it genuine captivation
That compels all my attention
To be drawn to this philosophy
Or is it merely morbid curiosity?
My fleece is but one of my companions
Keeping me from the weather's variations
But as platonic as we remain
Is it wrong for me to wish for rain?
Rhubarb makes a strong contention
That bonding with its roots is perfection,
But with its poisonous leaves would only be cried
I say: who can tell until we've tried?
The bluebird may well be right all along
Certain of what its heart wants in song
But would it be abject impertinence
To point out it has little experience?
Doesn't the arlequin comprehend
That despite our creative differences
Happiness, our time together can apprehend
And with love tear down all fences?
Vanity, over the raccoon, holds no sway
And yet, in all its imperfection
I can never look away
It is, to me, most beautiful in creation
Am I then such a flawed mirror
That the eagle fails to see its striking grace
:iconheartstrain:heartstrain 0 0
Last night I met Miss Trust
But blind faith puts me on my guard
I made the acquaintance of Miss Use
Who wished to abuse me, and not well at that
Miss Conception was under the impression
That I was ready for parenthood
Miss Communication shared a lot
But I couldn't understand a word
Miss Interpretation was quite a performer
With too many liberties in her work
Miss Carriage had a coachful of stories
All of them ill-fated
Nothing panned out with Miss Information
Because too much is as bad as too little
Miss Fire had a blazing personality
But threatened to explode at me any time
Miss Guided knew where she was going
Unfortunately away from my home team
As for Miss Age-in-a-Bottle
Her years were utterly unreadable
Only a glance at Miss Demeanor's conduct
Told me of her criminal past
Miss Spell put me under an enchantment
But she wrote the word as 'insanmant'
Miss Led was just that, however astray
Miss Stress' adultery was unnerving
I had doubts about
:iconheartstrain:heartstrain 1 10
I can not rhyme
This I say for the last time
I can rhyme with the ease
Of an egotist saying "please"
"What's this I hear?" you wonder
"These suffixes he deftly affixes
Their consonance have little discordance"
So "Can he not rhyme?" you ponder
He who hunts and not consume
Hunts not at all I dare impune
She who swims with no destination
Merely performs mental masturbation
So if my rhymes abandon meaning
Their purpose is lost in the void
But if there's really a point to my meandering
Flaunting it, I try to avoid
So I maintain what I said earlier
But it may not suffer repetition
As that was its last iteration
And masturbation is niftier
:iconheartstrain:heartstrain 0 0
Life is so simple now
The wind, infenitely delicate lover
Blowing perfectly measured ripples
On the surface of the complacent water
Then, the waves were frothy with rage
Later there will be storm
Cast them out of my mind
Let the strand of time be a single gust
Turn solitude into solace
Let introspection yield inspiration
Make unity be the one truth
Duality is but a forgotten complication
I will stand up and the wind will change
Isolation will become an aching curse
And this is where I fail
As mere thoughts of then become now
And that is why the wind's embrace
Is thusly so in this instant alone
When ephemerous becomes eternal
And that is why life is so simple, now
:iconheartstrain:heartstrain 1 0
Alphonse self-portrait by heartstrain Alphonse self-portrait :iconheartstrain:heartstrain 1 0 Alex Elric by heartstrain Alex Elric :iconheartstrain:heartstrain 1 7



Artist | Photography
United States
Current Residence: Baltimore
Favourite genre of music: Filmusic
Shell of choice: Red ones that home-in on your opponents
Favourite cartoon character: Vash the Stampede
Personal Quote: Wisdom is bliss. Obeying it is torture.
Okay, this place has a journal too?  I'm rather impressed.

Indeed, this is the start of my DeviantART account.  Why exactly am I making it?  Am I fishing for recognition (again? *slaps hand*), or simply want to make new friends?  Am I trying to prove to myself that I can be socially independant, despite the loss of a recent friend?  Frankly I don't like the sound of these questions, and the answers even less, so let's just leave it at that: I created an account, period.

The people here are SO good, it's perfectly humbling.  It almost makes me feel insecure that I'll actually get people to pay attention to my art and befriend me.  Maybe, then, I should write more.  Because my lack of technique is far too obvious in my art style.

A note on the gavel icon.  That is the one instance where my professional life actually called for my skills of an artist.  In the summer of 2006 (barely a month or two before I opened this account) there was a new task at my work that called for a new type of icon in our judicial-based application.  New icons are almost never needed, but I was extremely thankful to be assigned to this particular task and I took it upon myself to draw this little gavel pixel by pixel, using the same colour scheme as another of our existing icons, so that they would blend well.  I was delighted when my icon was approved.

I figured it would appropriate for it to spearhead my DeviantART account.

My use of it may not be perfectly legal though, so please keep it quiet.


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HyperactiveRamen Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011
Were you cosplaying Envy at Otakuthon this year? o.o
X-AvienSky-X Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010
thanks for the watch!
imo3 Featured By Owner May 31, 2010  Student
This is Katie from Balticon! :D
heartstrain Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2010   Photographer
Hi!! I'm glad it occurred to me to check my DA message so soon. I won't be able to remember often though. So you said you weren't on Facebook? I'll leave you my email instead, I'll be able to get that much more directly than DA:

How are you? Did you have a good Balticon? I had a delightful time meeting you and your friends! I sure hope I keep running into equally receptive audiences for my book in the future. I've only got 1 Amazon sale so far, but I'm still hoping things will kick off eventually.

Are you going to Otakon?
imo3 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2010  Student
Hi! I'm good, how are you?

Balticon was wonderful. It was a lot of fun talking to you.

I started reading your book, but I'm very slow, so I haven't gotten very far yet. Good luck!

I'm trying to go to Otakon, but my mother said that if my final grade in Algebra II isn't an B, I can't go, and I failed the last 2 tests. T_T So maybe.
heartstrain Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010   Photographer
Awesome! Don't worry, take your time reading. Although it does get more fun and easier as it goes on. I hope you make it soon to the part where Geal, Lassic and Viakel are introduced!

You could always try to confound your mother by saying that you didn't get a B in Algebra, you got an X. And X > mY + b, where 10 < Y < 42 or something like that. Arrange it so that your mom could theoretically figure out your grade if she could solve the equation. She might be so impressed by your ingenuity to use the very subject matter in real life she might reward you with Otakon.

Oh, so tell me again, are you from Baltimore directly? I'm trying to gather up people who'd want to attend another reading session and interactive games at a coffee shop downtown. I got them interested in my book and they'll be scheduling this soon. As many of my own friends as I can bring to it, the better.
(1 Reply)
BABwithpens Featured By Owner May 8, 2010  Student General Artist
Hi! I don't know if you remember me, but i met you at Anime USA 2009. The group of random cosplayers who you talked with for a while. its Rebecca! ---Just sayin hi! :)
heartstrain Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2010   Photographer
Hi! So sorry if it took me a while to respond. DA doesn't send out automated notices of new message, so it's really not an ideal place to reach me since I barely ever check it. Are you on Facebook? I'd love to catch up with you. Anime USA was quite a while ago and I'd probably need my memory refreshed. Hope to see you around!
BABwithpens Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2010  Student General Artist
It's fine, I am not on Facebook, not really my cup of tea.. Hmm.. refresher.... Ohh, you we're talking to us on the saturday, and you mainly kept in contact with courtney. How's Felsic current coming along? ohh here my email is that would be easier to use... lol :)
Marie-Ange-the-Celt Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Salut salut ! Ah ben, il s'est fait un compte dA. Ah ben :p

Si tu ne me reconnaît pas, va voir mes cosplays :XD:

J'ai espionné ton message sur le profil de mon amie :p
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