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Jane Catt winx style
Funky hi there

"It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

- Mark Twain

I'm a hobbyist writer and artist who loves a multitude of shows, games, books, movies and music styles! I also love cats!

I may not be here 24/7, but I'll show up eventually! ^^

In everything that I do, I accept criticism, especially the constructive type, so feel free to tell me what you think.

Whenever I use bases or stock materials I always credit. If by chance, I forget, please do let me know so that I can fix it.

I do also credit every time that I create any bases or resources.


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Anissa - Fatte Eterea

G - Anissa Fatte Eterea by HeartStorm4ever, visual art


25-02-21 - Friends by HeartStorm4ever, visual art

Breast Cancer Awareness

Janix Girls Breast cancer awareness by HeartStorm4ever, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Varied
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I love writting, watching anime, hear music and spend time with my friends. I get easily obsessed with anime or manga, but a friendly obsessed, and not a crazy fangirl (I think). I'm a little shy, but once someone get me to know me better I'm a crazy person ^_^

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Harry Potter

Favourite Movies
Queen of the damned, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, The Godfather
Favourite TV Shows
Angel, Family Guy, Simpsons, Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, Devil May Cry, Spartacus Gods of the Arena, Spartacus Vengeance, etc.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Queen, Metallica, Avantasia, Iron Maiden, Sonata Arctica, 3 doors down, Green Day, Vocaloid, etc.
Favourite Books
Mortal Instruments series, La chute, The Vampire Lestat, Hush hush, Harry Potter, etc.
Favourite Games
Vampire - the masquerade bloodlines; Final fantasy VII; Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core; Final Fantasy VII: Drige Of Cerberus; Persona 3; Persona 3 Portable; Persona 3 FES; Persona 4; Devil May Cry series, etc.
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I created Ruby's Lovix wing, but ended up with 2 versio...

  |  9 votes
  • Ruby Lovix wing V2
    The one more close to the canon ones.
  • Ruby Lovix wing V1
    My version of it, that I consider to fit the transformation more.
For everyone who wants to create a Winx OC but can't draw, or if you simply want to check how an idea that you have would look, use this Winx Fairy Maker: https://meiker.io/play/12257/online.html It can help a lot! ^^ EDIT: The game I mentioned wa
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Hey. Someone is bugging me to join their Discord server when that could mean I could land into much hotter water. And he called me a "twat" and he is freaking out over me not joining his Discord server.

Thanks for the snowball.

^^ You're very welcome ^^

Thanks for the snowball badge! I didn't even know there was such a thing!

You're very welcome. I didn't know either until I was "hit" with two ^^ It's a fun holiday event, apparently ^^

Hey. Question. Why are the people at DeviantART Drama Now gaslighting about me (who are controlling UnlimitedQuestions) and still have no proof of me gaslighting people whatsoever? It's like I'm being stalked by trolls who wouldn't know genius if it mean making me out to be a monster. Oh, and LegendsOfClarity is being targeted as well.