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Little bit of baking !

Fri Mar 2, 2018, 10:37 PM
Tomorrow I have all kids to myself yep 6 ! while my Dad and Trent head out to Clipsal 500 tomorrow ! Trent won tickets on the radio about 3 weeks back as well as tickets to Robbie Williams  but hes not into seeing that !

So Today I had a break from cleaning ( hard to believe ! ) and instead got baking , bulk cooking......

Made huge slab of Vanilla slice , 24 banana muffins , 24 butterscotch muffins , anzac slice as well as loaded pizza puff scrolls and chilli scrolls........

Plan to freeze some of the muffins for school lunches and the scrolls but I think im done for the day !

My back is telling me to sit down and do nothing ! well might put my outlander on and watch it totally addicted !

Tomorrow I plan to sit and draw if I get time running after 5 kids is a full time job ! 

Oh and set up a picture wall in my kitchen it was rather blank ! and a coffee station ! so I think on that note I shall go have a nice cup of coffee ! and sit down before making dinner ;p

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More house sort outs this time the kitchen............. I had set my coffee station over the microwave but I am concerned that if water drops in by mistake goodbye microwave so changed it :( not as happy with it now !

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my picture wall ! adds some much needed personality to my space ! 

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