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organizing a fridge on a budget by Heartsdesire-fantasy organizing a fridge on a budget by Heartsdesire-fantasy
Fridges when you live in a family of 8  - for me it's one of the most used thing in the house , it gets rather cluttered very fast so I wanted a way to make it less cluttered and organized in such a way where I knew where everything was , so  I could see what I had and basically and not buy what we already had , as well as keeping it clean and tidy.

I had some storage tubs that had lost the lids so with some cheap labels I made some fridge storage draws for instance Cheese tub - has all my cheeses , Dairy - has cream and other such dairy .......  the best part all it took was some cheap $3.00 labels from the cheap shop and some old containers that were going to be thrown out ! and it will save me time when cleaning it also !

I was amazed at how many cheeses I had........ 4 big bulk bags of grated cheese I cant even recall buying that..... and Jam oh gosh I had 6 Jams like really !!!!!!! all strawberry to ;p oh and don't mention the Mayo down the bottom !!!!!!!!! or my coffee beans like wow ..... it's funny what you find at the back of a fridge ! like wine score !!!!!!

Total cost - $3.00 and some cleaning power ( my back will forgive me one day ! ) shows you can organize your fridge on a budget and may in the long run save money ! 

 My husband is like ........ whats happened to my old wife I like the new one better ;p naughty boy ! 

Tomorrow I intend to clean out our rather messy chaotic kitchen and make it less cluttered and more friendly since I do bulk cooking for my family ! 
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