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For Moderators/Contributors

:bulletpurple: PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SUBMIT YOUR DEVIATIONS TO THE CORRECT FOLDER! So if a member wants to submit traditional art, it has to go in the 'Traditional Art' folder.
:bulletpurple: Only accept member requests, not contributors.


:bulletpink: Just click "Join our Group."
:bulletblue: You should be automatically approved as a member of the group.
:bulletgreen: Please put the club icon into your journal or signature so that we can become widely-known on DA! You can do this by typing : devheartofjapan : (without the spaces)
:bulletyellow: Once you're in, you can now start submitting! Over to the submitting rules…


:bulletpink: Because we're a Japan lovers club we only accept Japan stuff! Whether it's manga/anime, calligraphy, cosplay, photography, or anything related to Japan and Japanese culture.
:bulletblue: We reserve the right to decline any irrelevant submissions, so please be sure to explain the connection to Japan in your title/description, especially if you don't think we will immediately recognize it as Japanese! This will save you the trouble of being declined and having to resubmit.
:bulletgreen: Make sure that it is your work, not someone else’s that you are submitting. We don’t want a cat fight breaking loose.
:bulletyellow: You can only submit two pictures every one week, as we don't want to flood our members with too many deviations!
:bulletpink: To submit you must click "contribute to gallery," and then it's up to us to accept or reject!
:bulletblue: Please make sure you submit your artwork to the correct folders! If you have any questions about where to submit, please refer to this journal or ask an admin.


:bulletpink: Want to be our affiliate? All you need to do is send a application to affiliate, and we will review it and decide.


:bulletpink: HeartOfJapan would love to become a Supergroup so that we can use lots of neat features like polls and journal skins. But we can't do this without your help!
:bulletblue: If you have points you'd like to donate to us, please add them to the donation pool on Leah3D's profile.
:bulletgreen: See more details and a list of prizes for points here.


:bulletpink: HeartOfJapan is now offering advertising opportunities for its members! For the low price of 50 :points:, we will send out a group journal advertising your Japan-related event, store, booth, etc.
:bulletblue: It will allow you to reach our 3,500+ watchers and help us become a Supergroup!
:bulletgreen: Act fast, though, as advertising space each month is limited and first-come, first-serve. More details here.


:bulletpink: Got something you need translated? Be on the lookout for a translators list - coming soon!
Founded 15 Years ago
Jun 10, 2009


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6,348 Members
5,083 Watchers
136,167 Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Hina Matsuri by MiyukiAya202
Summer Festival by MiyukiAya202
bento box (digital) by soren15
Nakano , Tokyo , Dec 2018 by nikonforever
Chrome Shelled Regios: Nina Antalk by Daiyoukai-sama
Path Through Serenity by ArtLoDesigns
Contest: Kanorin and the Dragon by PeppermintRain
Toyama Stereo by Quit007
Sainte Lucie 2020 by organicvision
Kengai by organicvision
Cemetery at night by Quit007
Digital Art
Ryukyu by 0torno
Memi Tribute by MDDill
Moble Suit 2 WIP by tkdrobert
Take A Shelter by greenlatte98
Traditional Art
portrait mr.Heist by irbi-art
What Happened to Sadako.. by WinZerkBlackHorn
Senshi by Eldr-Fire
FUJIWARA no Michinaga by syapo
Graceful, Handsome - Tansei by KisaragiChiyo
Precious Virtue - TokuHou by KisaragiChiyo
Gou - Powerful, Australia by KisaragiChiyo
Akarui 2 - Light by KisaragiChiyo
Manga, Anime, Game - Original
Cyberpunk: Poltergeist 2 by Lmayuku
Evolution of Raiden (MGS + Helltaker) Part 1 by SuuSlimeGirl
Sleep Spell Chamber by ForeverAnArtist13
Triangles by nnway0
Literature, Haiku, Poetry
Haiku  | Kokoro by UmihoshiAnze
Food, Sweets
Sushi boat Sailing Across the Soy Sauce Sea by octoai
Kawaii Drinks by lycheearts
Japanese snacks by ceedeng
Gyudon and melon fanta by YaminiZouren-Photos
Cardcaptor Sakura - Kinomoto Sakura by XenoTan
Gumi Coward Montblanc Cosplay by Bizarre-Deer
Gumi Coward Montblanc Cosplay by Bizarre-Deer
Casual - Lolita by XenoTan
Anime manga Fanart 2
Blau Iglesias by Lmayuku
[Tutorial] Draw A Tree Easily by Meryosie
Other Japan-Related Fan Art
remember april 20th 1985? by 0torno
tears for Japan by Mistress-Kagura
deviantArt Related
*Free* Detective Pikachu Icon by MercedesCorvette
Game Fanart 2
Dreams by Celia-D
Manga, Anime, Game Fanart
Ryu  by sunnyday2000



Sponsor Features

Donate to Leah3D to get a feature! ^^

Unfortunately due to many of our admins, including the founder disappearing it's becoming more and more difficult to manage the group and as such we are looking for admins to take up this task.  I work full-time and unfortunately cannot dedicate as much time to dA or this group as i could before so I am recruiting members for help. Please message me if interested.

I'm aware deviations expiring is very frustrating and i apologise to those who submitted correctly.  However many of the deviations are still submitted to the wrong folder. If your art is Manga/Anime/Game art of any kind there are folders dedicated to this, these count for the bulk of our submissions and are automatically accepted so if your work is of this genre and is not accepted it has been submitted to the wrong folder.

Super Group:
The group now has enough points to become super, thanks to your efforts as members and i will activate this the moment we have admins available.

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