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Welcome to the commission info for HeartOfAmethyst!  Commissions are currently OPEN.  Below you will find links to the worklist and commission prices, and detailed outline of how to commission me in this journal!  Please read everything :D

Commission Terms and Conditions - It is you responsibility to read the terms and conditions of commissioning me.  If you commission works from me you are bound to these conditions and a violation can result in the cancellation of your piece.

Commission Pricing Info / Current Worklist and Queue

General Info - 

  • Please be aware that commissions are not my primary form of work.  I offer them because I love making art for others, I love drawing your OCs.  My pieces do take time and I do my best to communicate with the customer to ensure their piece is correct as well as make them aware of delays.
  • I will draw almost anything!
    • Females are my preferred, but I can draw men
    • Otaku Senshi
    • Adopted characters
    • Wings
    • Weapons
    • Dynamic poses
    • Complex outfits
    • Complex scene requests
    • Tasteful nudity that does not violate the TOS of PayPal or DA
  • I will not draw the following
    • Furries or essentially anthropomorphic animals (designs with animal-like modifications are fine)
    • Full mecha
    • Scenes depicting violence, or gore
    • Scenes which can be considered discriminatory towards a particular race, sexual orientation, gender, sex or religious group (If I find you later using my art for any sort of propaganda that perpetuates the above, you will be blacklisted)
    • Scenes which contain explicit sexual content
    • Digital art
  • If you are unsure about what I will draw please ask!  In general, I'm not super picky and the above descriptions obviously do not cover everything.
  • Pricing is subject to change without notice

Communication and Customer Satisfaction

  • I take communication seriously with commissions.  I make sure to ask questions and check with customers when I have a question regarding details, color, pose, etc.
  • I will always tell you if I will be away or if your commission will be delayed.
  • One the other hand, I expect that you the customer will provide me with a reliable method of communication.  If you plan to be on a hiatus (from DA, Twitter, Facebook, etc), you should provide me with an email to communicate with you.
  • You should expect to provide me with as much accurately detailed references as possible.  I cannot be responsible for errors that come up due to faulty communication and references.  When in doubt, provide as many accurate references as possible.  These should include front and back outfit details and colored references.
  • I aim to provide customers with a high quality piece of art, accurate to the references they provide.  I will ask for approval on more expensive commissions, which you will be able to ask for adjustments.  Complete redraws however, may require additional cost.
  • Care of the final piece is at the discretion of the customer.  Art made with Copic markers is not considered lightfast and care should be taken to keep your pieces in good condition, especially if you choose to frame and display them.

Shipping - 

  • Shipping is a separate charge which is factored in based on your location.  In general, I have not had shipping go above $15 USD but the cost will be included in your quote.
  • If you plan to commission a set of commissions within a short time span, I can combine shipping, as I can fit about 5 pieces in one envelope safely together
  • International customers are responsible for customs and import fees.
  • You are not required to have you artwork shipped.
  • Gifts will be shipped to the customer, it is their responsibility to ship it to the recipient.
  • All pieces come in individual plastic sleeves for protection (ACEOs come in hard plastic sleeves as well) and are supported by stiff foamcore board for shipping.
  • Pieces will now only be shipped to the address provided on the PayPal transaction.


  • At this time Paypal is the only accepted form of payment for commissioning me and all prices are in USD.
  • You should expect to pay for your commission within 1 week of price agreement.  I will move down to another waitlisted person after 1 week.
  • I will offer to send a PayPal invoice but you may also just directly send me the money!

Ready to commission?

  • You should fill out the Customer Information Form first.  You need only fill it out once unless you info changes!
  • Check out the Commission Price Info page for a detailed breakdown of all the offerings I am currently selling.
  • Once you know what you would like to order, fill out the Commission Request Form.  You should plan to fill this out every time you commission me.  It is laid out so that you only see the pages for your specific request.
  • You will receive a confirmation of filling out the form in the email you include.
  • If my commissions are not full, you will be placed in the on deck list and should expect to receive a quote with a couple days from me.
  • If commissions are full and the waitlist is not full, you'll be placed on the waitlist after receiving this quote.  Even if you do not get into the on deck list until the following month, your quote is still valid even if the prices increased.
  • Quotes are valid for 2 months from the date the request is made.
  • If the waitlist and commission list are full, commissions will close and you will be notified that you will need to refill the form next time the list opens.
  • You can track your place in the queue, and your art's progress in the Current Worklist and Queue journal.
My commissions will only remain open so long as I feel I am personally able to complete them with care and quality.  Commissions can close at any time, if you have been waiting for them to open or be available, it is better to act sooner rather than later.

Please never hesitate to shoot me a note with questions regarding commissions, even if they are currently closed.  I will still respond.  If you find an error in the form, please let me know.


For when I start getting repeat questions!
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