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Hey folks!

I'm doodling every single day for the #inktober event.
Only two more weeks and it's done.
The 31rd October will be something about HALLOWEEN as a motif.

Now I'm looking for something special - you can help me "collect" the picture pieces!

What comes to your mind when you think of HALLOWEEN?
It can be everything - witch, zombie, magic, vanilla pudding - just some not age rated ideas.
One member, one word.

In the end a random generator will choose 10 words which MUST APPEAR in the picture.
One word I will decide by myself - this will get a little creativity prize!

Nothing big but some little gift! :)

If you want to help me to fulfil this task, just write me a comment at my art page here:…

For having a lot of nice ideas, sharing would be great!! <3

Deadline: 29th October 2014

(the same criteria is written in German there - no other informations than here)
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Dear watchers and just-come-by-readers,

it really has been a while, eh?
I have to say that I wasn't really active at DA because I mostly drew pages of my own comic and so there weren't so many illustrations I wanted to show.
As you may have noticed I submitted two new works here and I hope I may can keep it up.

At the moment I'm working on the #inktober meme - everyday an inked picture.
Right now I'm doing fine but I definitely will get in trouble with time later, haha.

So if you want to take a look at my works and my updates, please visit my FB-page:…

It's mostly written in German but the pictures tell you more than words, I guess. ;)
Don't worry, I still will submit art here from time to time - but I just won't do this with every sketch I do.

So for the moment that's it. :)
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I haven't been on DA for a long time, I guess. (At least I had +900 messages about updates, etc.)

There wasn't much time left to be online and update everything here.
Most of the time I'm surfing on social network sites, twitter or still animexx - just to keep contact to friends, writing messages and to know what's going on in the world.
(And since I finally managed to get a smartphone it's easier than ever before - haha)
I deleted some old entries here but didn't write anything else.
A lot of things happened in 2012 and I decided to talk a bit about it since I'm on vacation ;D

The biggest thing that started this year was my apprenticeship in nursing.
I still like working in the hospital, caring for other people, etc. but I really don't like the school. (but I could go to every other nursing school in Germany, too, I guess - it wouldn't make a difference)
What you learn, what you SHOULD know at work and what you ACTUALLY know... these are all different things you can't even compensate with self-study! ...
I don't have a problem with studying by myself, at least I'm used to it since I studied at university, but it's totally wrong here!
"Self-Study" means here to study things, you can't learn by yourself. Sounds weird? It is! We don't learn enough at school, so the essential things are left out and how should I learn them by myself if I don't have any books? Any good sources? It's a pity that good books about nursing exist...

The other thing is, that I realised how important drawing is to me.
Since autumn last year I've been spending a lot of time a my desk drawing stories. I managed to take part in the leipzig bookfair comic contest. I was able to finish an old story and the best of all...
I started my very own on-going story. ♥ I'm very happy about it because I've never had the guts to do so and now I'm absolutely into it. Right now I'm working on a birthday present for a very good friend - an comic adaption of her own little movie. It's absolutely relaxing. It also can be stressful because of a deadline like this birthday present and still it's relaxing. Really amazing!
So I'm totally excited about trying out my new crayons. ♥
When I tidied up my room yesterday, I also found a lot of old drawings and sketches. Moreover, I found a lot of Mosaik magazines - the comic mag I worked for, four years ago.
I looked through it and found all the little things I had to draw back when. Haha... somehow it's really embarrassing but there are also illustrations that impress me a bit. Not because of quality but that I was able to do it though I'd never imagined it. (Recently, I lack of self-confidence in my skills in general and seeing those things makes me some kind of happy.)
Well yeah~ to be honest I still wish that I could earn my money by drawing comics and illustrations. Really.
I can think about it again and again but in the end it's always the creativity section I'm best at - and still I have a lot to learn and I'm not excellent at all. Haha.

Then, there were a lot of annoying things, too, this year... Of course there were the two hospital incidents... the first one was when I got sick just 2 days after arriving Japan - caught some virus in the plane, I guess - and had to fly back too soon. Then, just the end of September, I really went into hospital for a few days because I caught the noro-virus. Thanks for the "great" sufficient hygiene in the hospital section I had to work when!!! (But I wasn't the only one who complained about this) And two vaccinations that were pretty awful because of the adverse reactions.
Having a cardiac frequency of 150 for two days or having problems with breathing isn't something I'd wish anyone...
Well, and then... also very annyoing...

... the Friend-thing.
I have the slight imagination, that almost everyone with 21-22ys goes crazy ...
The "best" thing was breaking up the friendship for a don't-know-how-long-while with a person who really did it: I'd want to hit her face when I see her next time and she said anything dumb.
But you know: after weeks, months, 2 years of talking and talking and in the end you're still the bad person (Sorry... but YOU are the choleric one, not me) ... you don't want to. Maybe someday, if she changes we can talk about "friendship" again but right now it's just... I don't know. I'm really happy that I don't have anything to do with her anymore. Really. And that's something for me.
So this was the first person.
Then there was another person who was so important to me for three years and I haven't spoken almost a year from face to face - I met her in summer and for me it was the final cut: It's nice to talk once a year but I don't want to be a part of her life anymore. I'm the one who always have to call or message. I'm the one who have to run after her and I'm not that kind of person who likes to do this.
It isn't a real end but I won't fight for this friendship anymore. Since she moved in this flat share and started her studies everything went wrong.
And it wasn't just my imagination that she changed negatively. Everyone change but this was "extraordinary". So whatever.
This meeting was really the needed point to make a decision. And I feel okay with it.
The third "accident" is the latest one. It doesn't surprise me but it's somehow sad because even though I know that things don't work well it's disappointing to see a group's breaking. Furthermore it's really annoying to see how most of the people turns into selfish beings who don't care anymore for the most important things to take care of each other: respect and regard.
As I said it's no surprise that they finally will break but it's a shock HOW this happens. It's too sad.
What brings me to the thought and conclusion: Does life-long friendship exist?
As for me, I still want to believe in this and hope that my friends I still have will walk for a long time by my side as I want to walk by their side. :)

Okay, now some materialistic things: I spent to much money on clothes! And... I really did it and bought a smartphone! Haha... that's big news for me because I always didn't want one and now I have it. But it's so handy! I love it! ♥ - So here's the positive thing about acquaintances: I made a lot of new ones!
First of all of course Japanese acquaintances because I want to improve my language skills! I was also able to meet two of them - one in Japan, one here. It was really cool and I hope to keep in touch for a long, long time. Then, I also met some interesting people at work (at least my class) and now one person who really is interesting himself (esp. because he works in the tv section and is good in photography - haha).

What else I can talk about? Maybe... new series and fandoms?! Haha... :'D
Well, I left "Bleach" when the new arc begun. Really... it upsets me what Kubo's doing here. So I just cut it off and didn't regret it.
On the other hand I really "found" a great series called "Fairy Tail". I always didn't know how to start because it reminded me too much of "One Piece" back when but now I absolutely love it! ♥
Can't get enough of FT and that's the reason why I will have 2-3 new cosplays next year, too.
I don't have the time to sew a lot but at least I want to have another photo shooting. So let's see. <3

Okay, that's it for now, I think.
I could talk a lot more, but I have to work.
The birthday present, you know.
And next week I will definitely start sewing my costume. ♥

All in all I'm happy but I can't say that I love this year much...
Don't know, the things which are negative happened always in a too long period of time or are still not finished.
That's why it's more like a "narrr~" year for me.

But I'm looking very forward to 2013!
Listening to Hikki's music always makes me looking forward to something. ♥
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Welcome new year 2012!
Well... I didn't know what to write about the last chapters - so I didn't. Haha... :*D
But this one has some fashion - hair style and member highlights:

Did you notice Soi Fons new hairstyle? She really looks more... girlish! I wonder if she tries to get back to her old style of the past!?
Kyoraku and Komamura haven't changed a bit.
And Kensei, Hirako and... I forgot his name (was it Otoribashi?) ... are back to be captains!? Hell yeah! Haha... Shinji has a  nice asymmetric haircut, but I like the other one better.
I hope that there will be an explanation for this new taichou appointment.

"Thank you Orihime, for crying for me."  -  Riruka... NOOO! °O°" Orihime ate doughnuts with you! ... Why everyone remembers her with her crying expression!? xDD"

A lot of changing details^^°
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Okay... so thanks for the nice flashback images, thanks for the small explanation and thanks for the "new" Ginjou.

Next chapter:

Has the fight really end? Hmmm... would be nice on the one side. Especially because the Taichous' speech to Rukia were like a transition to the final.
Ah, there were several panels in which chapter I really, really like! Thank you Kubo! <3

Nothing more to say... I think the chapters tells you enough. ;)
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So back for good. Before I will say anything about the new Bleach chapter, there are few more word to tell ya:
Actually, a lot of things happened during the last two weeks and time ran so fast.
(Nevertheless it wasn't the reason why I didn't post anything about Bleach #473: This chapter was really... boring. Just my opinion but there wasn't anything to write about it. .__.)
I had a meeting with friends - our little study group - because of the Japanese language exam next week, Sunday.
There was this beautiful WITHIN TEMPTATION concert this Monday, too.
I had my apprenticeship interview on Wednesday and met a good friend on Thursday, too.
Right now I'm sick again because my cold wanted to come back to me... *sigh* Still I'm happy, 'coz I made it and get the apprenticeship in nursing, start in April. <3

Okay, now... the new chapter.
First of all, it was a little nice surprise to see a lot of faces in this chapter.  xD
To be honest I dislike Ginjou's jabbering again - and I wasn't so shocked that Ukitake is, accordingly to _Ginjou_, the one who planned all these things. Well okay. Ukitake gave Ichigo the badge
a long time ago and maybe that's the reason why I'm not so shocked: He has always been a part of the whole thing. But I really want to know if this is REALLY the truth and if so WHY he did do so.

Oh and who took notice of the side information?
I'm pretty happy about the release of the new concept covers! I can't wait for Kaien's voice actor singing Sakurabito!!!! <3<3<3<3
Oh... and also for Rukia's voice actor singing Change! (And Ichigo's, singing Save the one, save the all!
Furthermore... in March you can buy a Rukia fukutaichou collection figure... too cool <3
And in Summer 2012 is the DVD release of the new musical!! <3
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Okay, so Riruka disappeared... I hope, that Rukia isn't posessed her... a lot of readers think that. oO

The fight between Byakuya and Tsukishima goes on...
I don't like the way Kubo drawn the panels ... (Just an artistic thing but the constant confrontation panels make the whole thing a bit stiff.)
But then Byakuya's bankai came and BAMM! Wow - what a dynamic! °__° THAT'S how pages should look! <3
OMG - and much more love for Byakuya's face profile! <3<3<3

But... stop...
HE DID ACTUALLY WIN?! °O° I mean - winning, yeah, that was obvious - but... really THAT fast!?

Sorry... Byakuya... did you spend too much time with Kenpachi!? °O°

Yeah, I'm a bit shocked. Seems that Renji and Byakuya are the ones who changed most in the 17 months!? oO"

Okay... if that's it... then... eh... "TSUKISHIMA YOU LOSER!" ... So much babbling for nothing again... T_T"
(But I'm not sure yet... is Tsukishime really finished?!)

So for now... Rukia, PLEASE, don't just lie there. Please stand up and show us that you're not beaten yet.
(Kubo, why do you always make her suffer most? WHY?! Q__Q")

Haha... oh my, I really got excited about this chapter! xD"
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Ah, I haven't been able to write something down since Wednesday. (>__<)"

Well, to be honest I was a bit surprised and irritated.
Ì always asked myself when we will get the chance to see some more parts of the Fullbringer's past.
So here it came.
And my thoughts?

- I still don't like Yukio. No, I really don't - although I'm sorry for him.
- I love Riruka more and more. And I guess, we can see how things can develop if you are not able to use a gift / a power / etc. right.
But in her defence: I keep wondering about her family. She played with other (wealthy) children - so I guess she didn't live on the street or in a ghetto. Her whole appearence was neat and tidy.
Maybe she haven't got a good relation to her parents? They didn't care for her? Being so aware of her own special ability and using it without hesitation let me think that she didn't experience something like real affection in her childhood.

Oh, and I love how Rukia plopped out of the plushie. Cutest and best panel of the whole chapter. <3
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Okay, thanks for this nice surprise, Kubo.
Thank you, that Rukia can still use her abilities. That the Hado exploded inside the suit was some kind of funny and some kind of... logical.
Of course - trapped in a suit means that you do everything INSIDE it. Maybe that was the most logical thing since... chapter-I-don't-know-which.
However, it's frustrating because in some way it's true what Riruka said: When Rukia got the idea of the trap, she should have thought of the effects using Kido, etc.
Bad luck.
What else? I still try to get behind Riruka's speech. The first part is clear but I keep wondering about the "Survival of the Fittest". If it isn't the simple "strong vs. weak" thing then... what? "We are the strong ones because we have special abilities" "We can handle life better" "We have special abilities, are more or less rejected and therefore are prepared for everything that could happen in this world" or what?! O__o"

Oh and I don't like the fight between Ginjou and Ichigo (and Ishida).It's just... I don't like mirror-like enemies. ~_~"
It became stale... I know so many stories where this happens... T__T"
Oh my... so that's Byakuya's week point?
Well, nice badass Tsukishima - we could see a flashback picture of Byakun when he used Senbonzakura against Ichigo. Haha... reminds me of a pretty good Soul Society Arc. ;)
So okay, Byakuya hasn't shown his new abilities yet. I wonder what they will look like? But first he has to overcome this little problem...

Oh and I really must laugh when I read the Rukia-part. Poor Rukia-chan! Too many cute stuffed animals eh?! xD
And somehow it was predictable that she will be in trouble.
I just want to ask: Why is it always her!? xD"""
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Okay... so well... let's keep wondering...

I wasn't impressed by Ikkaku's speech. The lecture is pretty simple and I have seen better one's in Bleach.
It was pretty obvious, but a child doesn't get that serious matter right - of course.  Although I wonder how much 'child' the guy (who's name I always forget!) is...

It also was some kind of predictable that the fight between Byakuya and Tsukishima won't be that easy as Hitsugaya, Kenpachi and Renji have already experienced.
The tension's high and I wonder how Byakuya will win against him. Right now, I only see the possibility that Tsukshima hit Senbonzakura (and the surrounding) again.
Or will there be some support for Bya-kun?! Hm, let's see...

Oh, and we still have to find out what happens with Rukia and Riruka's army of stuffed animals. xD
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Lol. For real? Hitsugaya, you turned into the cool guy again who always have an idea in mind.
Haha... I'm excited if Yukio will really give in!? He seemed to be scared of death so maybe there's really the chance to shut down this pocket dimension?!
Oh... and I really was like "Eh? Who's that lil brat calling a bitch?!" I totally forgot Ikkaku! xD"
Did he really... beat his opponent with a ... headbutt? A ... HEADBUTT?!  ...  xDDD"
That was a surprise...



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OMG! What a nice episode!
It's great that they put something in between - I really enjoyed the ice skating scene... and I loved Rukia's outfit! So cute!
And they took "Always be with me in mind" as instrumental music... I'm so happy!!!
That reminds me of Senna. <3
"Even if you can't see me I'm still be able to see you!" Oh... I know it! xD
But it really was sad when Rukia disappeared for him... So sad.

Ah~ and it really is Rukia who is shown in the last ending version of Haruka Kanata... Q__Q

I'm looking forward to the next episiode although I don't like the Fullbringer arc. xD
(New opening and ending, too!! <3)

Oh and the Shinigami cup is... scary!! Really! xDDD
But so true... poor Ichigo!
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Hell... what was that 2 panel flashback of Jackie for?
And what's with Yukio's God-babbling? (... since Death Note I can't stand something like that xD")
Is Hitsugaya the next educational theorist?
Sorry... but I DISlike this chapter... the fight between Yukio and Hitsugaya was boring...
The only good thing was that Renji's "leave by force". Nice!
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Okay... what a... mess.
I don't know... talking things over and over again... that's annoying.

1) I don't like the new "ability" (if you can call it so) Ikkaku have... It's just the same old healing procedure characters like Piccolo from Dragon Ball have... (the background is another but the effect is the same!)

2) I really want to read a side-story of Hisagi's biker career! >D This was the best part of the whole chapter.

3) Ah but come on Renji! You won't attack a woman because she's a woman? Really? That's lame! ...  D: I don't like your attitude, dude!
... But I like it that you trained so much! ;)

4) Okay... just one question... will every enemy be so easily defeated as the last two?! (Yeah, I think that she's done, too!)

5) I LOVE the last coloured scans! Seems that the filler episodes are over soon! We just have to wait for the 11th October.
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Wohaaa... a new entry! Finally! :D
Haha... it's been almost 1/2 year but yeah... there wasn't much to report yet!
So, what has changed?! A lot!
Or to repeat myself:

"here were a lot of changing within the last months.
Good ones and bad ones.
Personal things, Friend-like things, Working things.

To be more precisely:" the working things are the best.

So, let's see.
At the moment there isn't so much to do. I don't have to apply for another traineeship. I don't have to apply for new courses. I don't have to apply for any exams.
I'm done with that and it was the best decision I could have made!
I'm so happy and relieved to be 'free' again and now I know that I couldn't have stand it any longer. The psychosomatic signs have already been there and I'm not so silly to ignore them.
Furthermore I tried to walk on another way - and I think that it can suit me.
I had a traineeship in a hospital for the whole August. So I was pretty busy because of a 40-hour-week. No, this wasn't the problem at all, it's just that you haven't got enough time to do other things and so you must focus on the important ones! Night shift, early shift, inbetween-shift ... the changes from one to another are sometimes hard!
Nevertheless it was so much fun! And I really know now that it can't be helped. I have to work in the medical section!
So, to keep it brief: done with studies, looking forward to the next application dates for the apprenticeship in nursing.

The next thing is that there was a job change, too. I couldn't be blamed for and my boss as well. It was a higher decision, decided by the leaser.
But thanks a very good friend I already got a new job! Now I work in a super market and work on the till for most of the time. It's okay.
I can handle customers and problems well - that was already said about me. And yeah, I have to agree: After working in a bakery and in ice cream parlour it's more or less easy.

The third one: Plans for Japan are finally there!
In March/April I will finally travel with a good friend to the longed-for-country. I'm really excited about it and I know that it won't be easy but I really will give my best to find work and to stay there as long as possible!! And if it won't work out nicely then... I still will have had a wonderful holiday!
And that's for sure!

Something more?! Well yeah... thanks to all these things that happened (and some more) I feel much more comfortable!
I understand that some thing which got me nuts are results of the stress I had had before.
And so it's much easier to enjoy time with my friends again. <3
No bothering thoughts and problems anymore. And that's great.

Oh, and do you want to know why I quit my studies!?
Well, I haven't got the right amount of skills to continue studying English! Yeah, really! :D
I'm not in an academic language level, I didn't spend a year abroad, etc. - But okay, that's it.
So that's the reason why the C1 level in the IELTS test isn't an argument for "good language skills".
Oh... and I can't afford a second minor subject change! :D
But doesn't matter anymore: The real thing is medicine!!


Another point: the latest Bleach chapters...

well I don't know... I had some fun reading the latest chapter 623. Really. Because finally there was some action of Ichigo again.
He remind me of the old Ichigo again and that was great. I didn't like the babbling of the Fullbringers but that's okay - because Hitsugaya and Kenpachi struck them down! (at the first sight)
Especially Kenpachi!!! Haha... but it's reasonable, isn't it? I mean first Byakuya didn't trade with him! Then: this old butler guy babbled and babbled and babbled... WOW! Such a big speech bubble! Reminded me of Conan! (<- But there's much more importan content in it) I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND that Kenpachi just wanted him to shut the hell up! :D
So... I really wonder how it will continue...
There are so many explanation lacks. And I'm not happy about the storyline of the Fullbringer arc. The beginning was pretty cool and I also like it then Tsukishima changed the past of Ichigo's friends so everyone thought that Ichigo was the "bad&crazy" guy. And although it was a bit confusing I liked it then the mystery of Ginjou and Tsukishima was solved!
(One more good scene: When Orihime noticed that her heart hurt so badly, seeing Ichigo crying).
But... the next... from slow motion to full speed, eh?!
It feels like rush through the scenery.
I mean: What's with Isshin? Urahara? Ishida? What's with the background of Ginjou (history) ? What't the meaning is beat'em'up fights with standard pairings... Oo"
That's lame!
It would have been if Kubo had taken up time! Because there really was potential! D:

Well: TBC.

(P.S.: It's scary the the euphoric-mood smiley is almost in the same rhythm as the beat in "Save the one, save the all" O_o")
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Geez... More than a while, a guess.
At least if it comes to non-random talk.

Well... what can I say?

Time goes by.
Things change.

There were a lot of changing within the last months.
Good ones and bad ones.
Personal things, Friend-like things, Working things.

To be more precisely: the personal things are the best. :D

First - right now I realised again that I got over some issue a few months ago.
I'm really happy because it meant, that a special friend is finally a special friends again.
A very important person. A person I want to help, to support, to be with, to protect EVERY TIME. A person I don't want to let suffer, feel pain and agony.
But still just a friends.
It's good because you're hearts lighter when.

Second - there are some 'cuts' I'm not sad about. In the end I won't put much effort into this.
Since the new term began every week has got 26 hours of official lecture-time,  4 hours inofficially and involuntarily free-time where I am stuck around the campus, approx. 13-18h official working hours around THU-SUN. That makes a 43-48h week, adding Japanese class I'm up to 45-50h. Don't tell me that it's my own fault because I MUST do this job. 290€ are not enough to safe money for something important.
To come to a conclusion, I am not in the mood of arguing, fighting childishly or do anything beyond spending my freetime in a nice way.
So whoever will read this: May we go together some miles of this long way called "life" or may we don't.
If we don't do it when there really is a reason why I don't want to do so.
It is always told that everybody deserve a second chance... but sometimes they don't because they already had so many and failed again and again and again...
I'm a fighter but I can also be a brittle person. Sometimes the "brittle person" is the better side. Although I'm a do-gooder and  have the helper syndrome.

Third - Now we're a little bit pessimistic!
I'm not satisfied when it comes to my skills. (mistakes by now are easily explained: I'm tired!!! T__T") ... I have to improve so much but I simply can't because I haven't got the possibilities. I won't go abroad in future (or better: won't go abroad to a English spoken country) and it really bothers me if I can keep my good results up. I doubt myself.

Fourth - I'm unsatisfied because I always head to the same pattern: I wanna change. I wanna change to become a person to can express feelings and thoughts with courage. A person who just say things just straight forward. Yeah, I do it already but there are some special areas I haven't got into up until now.

Nevertheless: I feel that the change is a good one. Changing can make you feel so much better. <3

So, what do I do right now? Yawning! ... Haha... so I really SHOULD go to bed now!
Tomorrow is Easter Monday and it is the only day I really could spend as I want to ~
It's really stressful - I have to admit this at least - but I'll keep going.

Himchen always keeps going, and myself more than ever.
I realised that (YEAH! I write 'realise' with an S!) the process of growing, of becoming an adult, really is present.
Sounds ridiculous - I know. But it really is.
Stuff that were so annoying some time ago, you can just ignore. You can smile and continue to do the things you started.
There are more important things you want to think about.
There are more important things you HAVE to think about.
But most of all: The feeling is something you couldn't explain before and finally you begin to realise some new steps of the "relationships"-ladder.

Distance isn't so worse if you find a way to be always connected to each other... in my case it is the fact that I'm also connected to my loved ones with my heart.
It doesn't matter where I am or where they are... we are always connected because our hearts are linked.

... That really sounds corny, haha.... I'm sorry.

And now: Good Night.

Should have said that already two hours ago! *cough*

So see you guys.
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Am I the only one who don't like the way Kubo draws Hime-chan recently?! D:
She's cute... nevertheless... but... I don't like it how he draws her face expression.
A bit lovelss? ...
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... I didn't spend much time at the convention.
Only Sunday! |D
Nevertheless it was "epic" in some way.

.  I could ignore the one I didn't want to see in an awesome way.
.  I could use a lot of time, just taking pictures
.  I love hidden spots
.  I love it even more if nobody else takes notice
.  And it's even greater if you can just lunch there. x3
.  It was great to watch KKH live again and take pictures! <3

Haha... oh and I love the Amelie-OST <3<3<3
It's just... if you listen to this one track (listed below) you really feel like "It's good to be alive."
Everything else which has gone wrong for the last weeks simply vanishes.
I can't tell why... guess it's enchanting! Haha...~ :'D
Well... I have to say, I'm so happy about some things which are really final and I'm happy to say that I can continue some other things. I'm also happy to say that I can start new things.
But I'm not happy about university stuff... it sucks. |D"
(Of course the planning not the classes themselves! xD")

Silkü... I haven't called yet! DDDDD:
I'm so sorry...~ .>__<.

:damphyr: Joined Clubs :damphyr:

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Just a minute ago I finished my little Kairi scribbling.
It's been years (and this isn't a lie) since I draw her. ^__^
Haven't got any ambition to draw ANYTHING of Kingdom Heart.
Well, but in the end... I listened to Hikki's Hikari and Passion and suddenly I wanted to draw her. :D

Well yeah... oh and today was my first English lesson as a teacher.
Was great! :D
Everything went good! ^___^b

Hm... so, now... time's up!
See ya! :D
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