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Let's Dance Together

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This is one of my favorites scenes in KH II and it's because of this scene that I adore seeing KH II Sora with KH I Kairi. :'D I actually have an art coming up with that, I just need to color it @__@

Anyway, since I don't have Halloween Sora Model which isn't available anymore, I used Santa Sora. c: It's like Final Mix-ish lol.

And since Goofy & Donald models aren't available yet, I used Ventus as Donald and Vanitas as Goofy. I would've used Terra instead of Vanitas but I don't think he's available anymore. :c *sobs* Namine is Sally & Roxas is Jack Skellington. c:

This is as close as I can get to the Halloween Town 2nd Visit Scene for :iconheleannor:'s contest. |||OTL

Not to mention it's my first-ish MMD picture/comic. DD: LOL SUCH A FAIL. I obviously still need a lot of practices, especially the fingers. :icontearplz: But I at least want to express my gratitude to :iconheleannor: for always making great MMD stuff for us. :3

It's obviously rushed since I have exams coming in next week. ,____,

Since she and I (I believe o.o) love Sora x Kairi, I decided to make the scene SxK. :'3 I wanted to do the KH 1 Ending scene at first but I gave up. |||OTL Then I wanted to do the scene when Sora and Kairi were sitting on the dock and Kairi telling him "Sora, don't ever change." but I gave up on it too. |||OTL

I wonder if anyone will make Kairi's lucky charm and Oathkeeper/Oblivion for MMD. :c I would die happy.

Interceptor Stage by :iconvalforwing:
Haunted House Stage by :iconshikanenara:
Destiny Islands Sky Dome by :iconheleannor:
Night Time Sky Stage by :iconmmdmiki:
Kairi Model by :iconheleannor:
Namine, Sora, Ventus, and Roxas model by :iconniladtherogue:
Kairi, Sora, Namine, Roxas, Vanitas, & Ventus (c) Square Enix
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KaitlynooHobbyist Digital Artist
Rocking Code Knights, this is COOL!!!!!!
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burningrage8-13Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I loved that part!!! It was so cute, I even saved the battle to get to that scene on my KH2 game. :)
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omg, me too! XDDDD
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burningrage8-13Hobbyist General Artist
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burningrage8-13Hobbyist General Artist
So cute!!!
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whoa! nice work!
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your welcome but do you think you could have changed the name Sally in the text?
(other than that it's flawless)
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Uhh... why? That was originally in the game.
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because it seems weird for Ventus and Vanitus to tell Sora that 'Kairi's like Sally' when they're watching Roxas and Namine dance as a couple
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That was part of the rules in the contest; I had to do it. I had to use the exact same lines but considering I didn't have a Jack and Sally model back then, they said I can just improvise.
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Oh I see
it was just a sugestion
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heartsgirlStudent Artist
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Thank you! c:
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SteeKiraProfessional General Artist
XD I love this scene from KH2 too! It's so cute. And I love your interpretation of it through MMD.
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One of my favorite scenes >w<
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SteeKiraProfessional General Artist
XD Mine too!
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hehe i laughed when i saw Vanitas XD why are you not killing anyone Vani? lol.

aww this scene is so cute, even in MMD form!~ you captured it well!
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lmao I know. I haven't played BBS but I know he's the bad guy. DDD: Terra's not available anymore so I had to use him. xDD

Thank chuu :3
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KHII Sora and KHI Kairi are cute together X3 (and I agree it's thanks to this scene lol)
I think my favorite panel of your strip is the transition from seeing "Jack and Sally" dancing to Sora and Kairi ^.^
haha, I fandubbed this scene once to get some music for them to dance to and I still hear the music in my head as I read over your panels X3 (I did "I still believe" from Cinderella III and found out later that Kairi's VA sang that song lol)
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They are so adorable! :iconiloveyouplz:

Hahah, it would have been more than just one if it wasn't the fact Kairi's head and body was bigger than Sora's. .___.;

haha omg, the song 'I Still Believe' so does not sound like Kairi but it's kinda funny how it relates to her-ish. xD 'And I still believe in destiny, that you and I were meant to be.'

I'm actually planning to draw a scene with the song but I never found time. D:
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"Lift you from the DARKNESS and make your HEART sing" X3 True, she sounds older/more mature when singing

Oh, a KH scene with the song? Or Cinderella or something else? I'm sure it'll be cute whichever it is! ^-^

[link] (my fandub ^^ It's only the first verse/chorus in the clip, but the lyrics fit so well with whats going on XD even the snow looks like 'stars as they fall from above')
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oh god!I did not remember that scene! ^u^ It's funny that someone has chosen this scene so beautiful,I like the feelings that they convey~ really good job to be your first MMD pic/comic :heart:

And let me say that,thank you very much for having joined my contest! :hug:
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Awwww, why thank you! ; u ; I tried my best. ^ w ^

And no problem! :3
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