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"Keep smiling."
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United States
:bulletred: KH pairings I am also a big fan of: :bulletred:
Vanitas x Xion | Riku x Kairi | Roxas x Naminé
Roxas x Xion | Ventus x Kairi | Repliku x Xion

Sora x Kairi x Riku | Axel x Xion x Roxas
Repliku x Xion x Vanitas | Xion x Roxas x Naminé
:bulletpurple: Naruto pairings I super fangirl over: :bulletpurple:
Sasuke x Sakura | Minato x Kushina | Obito x Rin
Naruto x Sakura | Shikamaru x Ino | Neji x Hinata

Sasuke x Sakura x Naruto | Obito x Rin x Kakashi
:bulletblue: Other pairings I am obsessed with: :bulletblue:
Sayaka x Makoto (DR) | Naegi x Kirigiri (DR)
Hope x Vanille (FF XIII) | Noel x Serah (FF XIII-2)
Red x Leaf (Pokémon) | Green x Leaf (Pokémon)
Natsu x Lucy (Fairy Tail) | Gajeel x Levy (Fairy Tail)

Cloud x Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)
Zen x Shirayuki (Akagami no Shirayukihime)
Neku x Shiki (TWEWY) | Mikan x Natsume (Gakuen Alice)
Noctis x Lightning (FF XIII Crossover) | Rin x Len (Vocaloid)
Kirito x Asuna (Sword Art Online) | Yanagi x Kujou (Last Game)
:bulletblack: I do NOT support (and I never will) the following pairings: :bulletblack:
SoXion, SoNami, VanNami, RikuNami, RepliNami, VanAqua, CloTi,
VenAqua, RikuShiki, HopeLight, SasuKarin, SasuIno, SasuHina.


P.S. I personally hate CanonxOC pairings. No. Just no.

However, just because I dislike the pairings mentioned doesn't
mean I don't respect the people who do like them. I have my
preferences and you have yours, right? Let's keep it that way.

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Happy birthday! ^_^
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I love your Page ;w;
Also Danganronpa is my favorite anime soooo XD

good job :D!!!

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Happy Birthday and may your wildest dreams come true. :cake:
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