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The Ranks of Heart's Knights

By HeartGear
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This document is being kept for archival purposes, but is no longer being actively updated.  If you are an active Knight and you want to submit your knight illustration to the group, please submit it to The Knights Folder.  Of the Knights group.   One of our lovely mods will be sure to review your submission and accept it into the group.

If you are NOT a knight yet, here are the steps you'll need to follow:

1.) Pledge to my Patreon account
2.) Note me here on DA with your Patreon name and a request to join the group. I'll review your information and if everything checks out, I'll send you an invitation to the group!
3.) After you're a part of the group, message
Ankhrono requesting to join the chat. He's one of our main mods and will give you access to the chat and explain how to submit art and stories to the group.


Meet Your Fellow Knights

:icondreamerdon:#3 Captain Erison Blanc
:iconankhrono:#5 Moira the Crab Knight
:iconhiddenlotus555:#14 Trace Galebringer
:iconlaunchernine:#17 Nox
:iconcreme-de-menthe:#20 Amythyst Crystal
:iconbrokenlogic159:#21 Mathias Olneer
:iconbngjessie:#23 Jessie Lockhart
:iconzyfire:#27 Everett “Hyper” Smaragdine
:iconwhyita:#28 Nikhita
:iconaldeios:#34 Thiodas Gildart
:iconnevermorefox:#36 Nevermore
:iconinvasiondavemarkii:#35 Gunther Garland
:icondiscardedwolf:#52 Jesiax Eliza Stevalia
:iconrowandoll:#56 Rowan Redblade
:iconbloomy118:#60 Carolina
:icongliesed:#68 Sir Gliese
:iconhexarch:#69 Six Nine
:icondrale251:#85 Drake the DragonSlayer
:iconlethonai:#88 Ashton Sutherland
:iconskyverfox:#94 Skyver the Fox
:iconpipervixen:#122 Piper

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The design of the characters are very beautiful, especially the princess! :) (Smile) 

The captain the front led the first base of the troops: 
"Lancers, make a front line defense!"
"Riders, form two attack groups!"
"Archers prepare a shower of arrows and cover the knights of the first group"
"Magicians, raise the mystical barrier and protect the princess"
"Princessa, raise the power of the magicians with the divine aura!"
It would be top! hehehe :happybounce: 
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ReaperroseHaunted's avatar
Now that I'm kind of interested in this, is there a link to the story behind this?
Pipervixen's avatar
Just realized :iconnevermorefox: probably did most of these :P if not a lot of them
AnjieZombie's avatar
I've done quite a few of these too, actually, and I believe i updated the looks of about 5 knights in the week leading up to this, including my own.~ Sadly 2 of them have not made it onto this document as of yet, which is a shame. <w<;;
Pipervixen's avatar
I'm sure they'll get there!
NevermoreFox's avatar
Only 4, tops, I think... Maybe only three.... Hrm o3o 
Pipervixen's avatar
Hehe, mine at the very least!
NevermoreFox's avatar
Both foxes and my character XD
Kaatryn's avatar
Sigh, my knight still hasn't been added :p
jango675's avatar
I just wanted to have my name added to the list if I can, Ray the hunter #7
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I think you should directly note Heart. That's what she said.
Creme-de-Menthe's avatar
Awww, my Amythyst's second outfit doesn't have her shoulder tattoo and includes shoes. I like the color scheme, though.
Bunnytam's avatar
YAY I SEE ME!!! ^,,^ Knight Dancer TAM! #90

Also with the DA Links be edited at some point to add those not on there? So we can find each other a bit easier. Noticed I'm not on that part of the listing.
Creme-de-Menthe's avatar
She asked us a while back to note her to be included on the original DA links list, dunno if that still applies.
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I'm still thinking of what to do for my knight, but to let everyone know, I'm 117. 

Knight Goby will be his title!
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I am a bit late to the party with revealing my knight to you all, but I did manage to get all setup now that finals are done and I'm no longer stuck in japan with a wayward laptop.

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finally got around to developing my knight lol here he is Knight #34 Sir Thiodas Gildart aldeios.deviantart.com/art/Kni…
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Some additional data regarding Jesiax:
 Knight 52 - Profile of Jesiax Eliza Stevalia by discardedwolf
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We live to serve, your Maj! I'd bow, but I don't want to give my fellow knights a free show! ;)
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Are we able to incorporate our own countries in our Knights backstory? 
Creme-de-Menthe's avatar
I certainly hope so xD
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