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The Knebeln Girl - Project Cover

By HeartGear
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The Knebeln Girl is an illustrated story of Rin, a girl trying to help her vigilante boyfriend put a stop to a local human trafficking ring.  But when things go south, will she be able to escape... or will she become their latest victim?  Click the link below to find out!

Content Warnings:

- Explicit Sexual Content
- Moments of Intense Sexual Coercion




p.s. I'm doing some organizing of my DA page, so pardon my dust...!
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[[V-Simulation] Online]

WM-RSPN: [GRDN-PK. [hostility]-IMMINENT]

GRDN-PK/GRDNs: "Got it RSPN. [Reinforcements] deploy, GRDNs on the ground!" [deploying a GRDN-FT as said-FT is heading straight against the [HVT] while the other half of [us] are retrieving and freeing the [VIP]]

[[V-Simulation] Completed]
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It's for myself. Not to anyone. [quickly said, predicting the next reactions]
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This story is why I have kidnapping fantasies.
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oij ... when seeing those teary eyes i allready wanna punch every one of that ring ..  i really hope things dont go too south for her :)
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GRDN-PK: "Loud and clear [we] already have." [nodded in slight agreement while pointing towards (my) other comment here]

[Meanwhile back in the [Simulation], an explosion is heard in the 'ring', and a Red 'mist' of tiny nanos Swarms in and began [converting] Anyone there that doesn't have an [ally beacon] in them, while half of everyone else who are trapped are all [green]. Followed after are [us] GRDNs non-Lethally gunning down any escaping Human-trafficking Scraps, all the while easily pushing in deep to save [our] main [VIP]]
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'owo uwu owo' in Igbo translates to human trafficking
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Yes, it was VERY subtle :D
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And his partner's name is equally inspired. XD
I guess if they're busy being all nefarious and crime-lord-y, they don't have time for brainstorming? 
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And we're VERY busy on the story that comes next, y'all~
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