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The Drawn Together Campaign

By HeartGear
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In light of how scary and isolating it can be right now, I want to do something to help us all feel a little more connected and hopeful! 。゚(TヮT)゚。
So for the next 4 weeks,  I’ll be streaming art studies and sketches every weekday from 10am-1pm EST over on Picarto.

I'll also be offering a SPECIAL OFFER for all my patrons to make sketch requests for the next 2 weeks
Offer ends April 15th, 11p EST


And anyone who reblogs my "Drawn Together" posts on twitter with a comment or an image showing off your own passion projects you're working on during this time will be entered into an art raffle for me to draw your OC



Join us!   
Let's make some great things together!
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uhm - why does this remind me of this?…
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I know this is a loaded question but seeing the collector cast makes me hope we will see it continued sometime along with SL

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We are continuing it!    The whole story is written, we're just editing it.   We also have music that's being developed and backgrounds and sprites.
It's taking time, but it'll be finished soon
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Thats good to know, but i would be lying if i said i did not miss the web comic.

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Good luck with the draws heart, take care
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This is such a marvelous idea! I've never been much for art streams, but I might still try to find my way to check out a couple of yours since I am swiftly running out of things to do in the background while I'm writing.
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What about Captain Hero?
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rofl, my thoughts exactly!
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D'aww Joyce and Persophone are cuties.
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What counts as a work that can be entered in the twitter raffle?
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What did you have in mind?
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Currently, I write both original works and fanfics. Would you prefer someone sticking to quote-retweeting with the same work always, or are different in progress works allowed?
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Different progress works are totally allowed!
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What a wonderful idea ^_^
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Good luck on your project.
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I had my doubts but Now I know for sure.
You Did reboot the COLLECTION, and I have to say it looks much more unique then before.
I hope you keep doing what you love 
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Thank you javier!
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I forget I can't change my name without core
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Hi having trouble with the make request link it keeps taking me to the main page of devinart
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Thanks for checking this T^T   I noticed it too.
I don't know why it was doing that.

It should be working now!
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Thanks and have made the request
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