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Shantae/Ammo Baron

By HeartGear
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I have been trapped on this Cursed Ship for days and there's no land in sight. 


I also post art on Twitter! 
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Shantae don't be take like this by her enemy and she belong to no one!

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She can't shake her booty as well over someone's shoulder you fool!

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She busted his two-stories tall tank with her hair in one of the game. He should consider himself lucky that she only bit his ear. :P

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Wait... Which ear did she bite? ...Well the right ear, yeah, but which right ear?

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He needs to remember the ropes next time
CelticMultiverse's avatar
So is he Cassio from saint seyia now? Wait, she just bit the ear not tear it off
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I mean, I'll ship it. XD

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Hey Heart, I was wondering what happened to the Gerudo Link serie? :)

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I haven't abandoned it! I need to post an update about it. I was taking on a bit too much so I decided to scale back, finish one project, then hit Gerudo Link and devote all my attention to it

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I just love your work and this serie in particular so I'm delight to hear that you haven't abandoned it, thx for your work :D

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This ship is terrible and I hate it.

On the other hand the person I ship with Shantae tries regualry to eat her and despite the cheep jokes that allows it's still not a great pairing so I guess do what you want?

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There's such a thing as being too forward, Baron ^^;

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I love how pouty Shntae is in the right. "Hmmf! Serve you right!"

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