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Material Girl: Bad Karma

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Published: May 10, 2008
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*I changed the name to what I initially came up with. I feel it fits better, and I don't think I have to worry about copywrite violations with song names. I think.

Material (World) Girl - This is the first installment of a four panel I've been working on. I have two more finished after this and hope to keep on going till the story's end. I'll post 'em every Saturday and Wednesday.

Inspiration - Bill Waterson. Among many others I am a Calvin n' Hobbes fan. While browsing Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat I came up with an idea for a story arc. And here we are.

etc - The third panel breaks my heart.
The poink makes me smile.

Medium: Pencil and Paper
Time: Three hours+
MW (c) Me
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Such a cute story!

I might have discovered it a little late, otherwise I would have bought a copy in support. Ever thought of reprinting it?
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I have been searching for this comic for years.  I was searching for "Ribbon" though.
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Just finish reading the story/comic, it is very well made, and has a fantastic storyline. I'm very glad to have found this.
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dude maybe it's just me... but i would give her something, life is hard.
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That isn't how karma works! Neither kind!( Actual Hindu Religious Karma vs. Western Karma)
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HeartGearProfessional Digital Artist
waddaya mean
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By the different kinds of Karma? Well, Hinduism Karma works on the idea of Reincarnation. The way you act in life determines your next reincarnation. The Western Idea of Karma, is the idea that if you are a good person, probability will alter itself in your favor, and against you if you are a bad one. But its just probability that is altered.
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 I'm so glad to have found this strip on DA :D . I first read it on YT (and, it was in small print) . I might ask a question here and there, where I might need a little clarification of events, and I hope that'll be all right. BTW, I'll be faving all of these :) .
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HeartGearProfessional Digital Artist
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I'm surprised I never favorited this back in the time. This is probably the 5th time I real this story :P
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NickStarwind89Professional General Artist
Just read the entire series and loved every bit of it.

If i ever got the chance to make another film, id love to adapt this in future.

Great work :D
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HeartGearProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for stoppin' by! I'm glad you liked it.
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NickStarwind89Professional General Artist
your most welcome, hope all is well :D
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DamselDonnaProfessional Filmographer
yes you inspire, been bouncing around your gallery running from one room to the next, i love your style and i am so filled with creative ideas when i look at your work. Sigh... i have been doing art professionally but never believed i could do anything like a strip, they are hard to sell and there is always so much pressure and politics. I was in Saturday Morning cartoon animation, been on many famous cartoon shows but now they are gone and the work is dried up in my country, many directors and friends out of work. I am an executive assistant in an oil company and while it pays the bills i am not satisfied, i am not doing entertaining fun art cartoons so i am so unfulfilled. I do art for the pleasures of my fans on Deviant Art but a strip oh that would be heaven. You make it look so easy hon. can i rub your head and get some karma juice? your chaacters are so sweet
HeartGear's avatar
HeartGearProfessional Digital Artist
I nevre really planned to run it so long, but week after week it grew. I'm glad that it looks easy!
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SpartanCQCHobbyist General Artist
This is a really comic. I like how you kick start his whole journey.
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RookBartly2Hobbyist Artist
I have to say this is a very well thought out story, every well exicuted, art style 100% fitted the story and 4 panel layout. One of the best web comic I have ever read if not the best. I am totally going to have to keep an eye one you!

Your art style in this comic is truly awesome. I might have to do some studies on your stuff!
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HeartGearProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! I know he style has changed throughout its running time, but yeah, most people seem to enjoy it.
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how do you get to be a slave of the material world?
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depressing ive been on the streets before no where to go, its not nice
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I don't think you hae to worry about copywrite infrindgment too much here on DA, considering it happens all the time. As for a commerical project, I think you can get by with it as long as you're doing it as satire, like what MAD magazine would do with song parodies.

Let me put it this way, you have nothing to fear from Madonna's lawyers.
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SOOOO happy that I found this again. The is a super favorite of mine. Great story and ending. :)
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