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Knives Game Overed - Patreon Commission Tier

Hey kids and kittens!

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This is one of my favorite recent pieces
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SL will continue tomorrow as usual ^^
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did you like the book more or the movie more?
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Reminds me of the "Game Over" screen from Ninja Gaiden arcade. :D
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Ohhh nice, I don't remember THIS ending to the video game, heh.
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* Where are the Knives.

Here she is!

This is so cute! Her eyes, along with her struggling, make this one of the best Game Over screens ever, real or not.

Also, I really like how the chair is so tall, Knives's legs have to dangle above the floor.
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Game over, yeah!

One of the Game Over screens I can get behind next to the "Sega Rally" one.
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I love this its so cute! I think if this were a game's actual game over screen I would never finish the game x3
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have you played the game on ps3?
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Was a delight to watch being made = D.
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Oh wow, I watched a recording of your stream drawing this (on Twitch) and I'm so glad you decided to post it here - cause it's simply lovely!

If this was in a real game I'd totally buy it just to see this pic. Great job!
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Awesome pic, excellent struggling and she's cute :) 
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I'm having Scott Pilgrim vs The World flashbacks
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Oh Knives, would you try again but with me this time? I love this baby so much :drool:
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Love this ! Scott Pilgrim <3
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it gives me a mogeko vibeWink/Razz 
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Is this a game if so what's the name
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Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game
ValentineMeikin20xx's avatar
Unfortunately, Discontinued on most platforms for some unknown reason. >.<
ReySwallows's avatar
Really?? Huh, I still have it on my shelved 360 :D bummer tho
ValentineMeikin20xx's avatar
Yep. Really pissed me off when I switched to PS3 after my own XBOX 360 died.
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