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Gerudo Link - Project Cover

By HeartGear
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Gerudo Link is a series of illustrations following the plights of Link, after being caught by the Gerudo Village he was infiltrating.  Maybe they'll just have some fun at his expense, but with a strange mask and a blood moon, who knows what could happen!




p.s. I'm doing some organizing of my DA page, so pardon my dust...!
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very interesting
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I love that you did this! Link made such a cute Gerudo lady in the game and he's somehow even cuter in your style! I mean, look at him on that cover! AHHH, I just want to hug him!Glomp emoticon 
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masks you say :thinking:
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I think that everyone shares my thought that Link is better this way than his normal self XD.
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Is it just me or are there actual boobs on this one?
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No, it’s not just you. Only question is: are ex-traps gay?
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Was thinking that too. Probably explains the facial expression :)
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Reminds me of this one comic Where link puts on a mask by :icontran4of3: And by the end of it link ends up with a daughter. Imagine what happens in this one.
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"Gerudo Link switches things up!"

One can hope for tomorrow's Nintendo Direct. XD
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Nope. :) It's going to be Banjo & Kazooie.
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-Saves Gerudo Town from being blasted apart by lightning

-Still has to cross-dress to enter the city
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