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#Cutegirltober Day 16 - My OC

By HeartGear
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#Cutegirltober Daily Art Challenge!…

for a very special #Yokaifriday post, here's my kitsune OC, and the protagonist of my upcoming visual novel The Collector, Flora!

In this world, yokai are magical spirits that have an innate instinct to protect humanity, and to guide and nurture children into adulthood through their friendship. Here we see a handful of varieties, some I've shown you before, and some I plan to show you in the very near future. Be sure to stick around to meet them all!

For this piece, I was having so much fun drawing things in the "Shantae" cute cartoon style that I wanted to give a similar treatment to Flora. Usually I draw her in a much more serious anime style, so this was a nice change of pace.

Let me know what you think! Do you have a favorite yokai so far? Let me know in the comments!


I also post art on Twitter! 
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Aww, this is so warm and cozy that it makes me smile.

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Oh wow, they're all so cute, and this looks so cozy <3

I especially love the... uh... I dunno what it's called, the big bug-cow one in the back?

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That's Shiori! She's an Ushi-Oni, or a 'cow demon'. The original Yokai drawings are fairly terrifying but I chose to make mine cute x1000 ^w^

I posted a bit about them a while ago!

Yokadex - Ushi Oni
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This is such a warm and comforting picture :)

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Is it just me, or does the Ushi Oni just look like it’s tired of this shit

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cutness : 100

level up

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aww, this is just precious

so many cute things on screen :meow:

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They are all so cute!

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This is too cute for words. Excellent work.

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Dawww such a wholesome image.

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awwww this pic is so adorable!

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I agree. The spider-cow is the best.

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