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Benefactor - Princess Powerdown!

By HeartGear
Princess Samus!


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This may be my new favorite power up

bowsercrusher19's avatar
the only thing powered up was her bonds
Scatina's avatar
Precious >:-3
ShinobiDigidestined's avatar
You know, it took another viewing to notice it, but I love how you have chains acting as the trimming for the dress.
coos111's avatar
Ah yes, the dreaded (or loved) damsel shroom.
meaby if you change th name of the comics and the names of the characters,still,this is soo cute and funny.
Burningblaster's avatar
I can tell Bowser would like to use that Power up on Peach!
VioletKnife's avatar
Well i know what im cospaying next con
Bluestar29's avatar
I haven't seen this in a while. Hope you can draw more of her character involves with super mario games. 
EmilieTheOtaku101's avatar
Makes me remember a really pervert game about peach eww, but the drawing is really cool
TheDJTC's avatar
Damn you, lost levels!!! *shakes fist*
annoyinglizardvoice's avatar
Nice work.
Anyone know where I can find those mushrooms?
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Ridley: Feared bounty hunter in the universe INDEED...  Samus Mmmhmhmffmmh.... -.-      Ridley: HEY we're in rated T games not M clam that trap of yours Aran before we're called out!
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Balddog4's avatar
Is that Samus?
markuskus's avatar
Nice work. I love the coloring.
TigerGames13's avatar
Lesson of today: dont trust pink mushrooms
RioFluttershy's avatar
Her dress is so pretty!
Oh for real? I love this so much, and its absolutely hilarious! Now I want a game, maybe even a mario game, where your a princess who is trying to escape captivity, but sometimes there are power downs that just bind you in even more restraints. That would be hilarious.
Yamochan's avatar
That pic description is right on the mark! :giggle:
TCPolecat7's avatar
Oh something was powered up...  just not to the advantage of the person who got the mushroom. ;)

- Polecat
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