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Actually, that title is wrong, because all four of those paintings had been in the gallery previously. They are the four works in progress I wrote about in this journal entry, where I explained why they were cooling their heels in Scraps.  Well, they've been freed from Scraps and are now in the gallery (and in Eyekons).

Using the WIP folder on my profile page worked as I hoped it would. I could see how the paintings would display on DeviantArt without committing them to the gallery, and I could easily compare different versions.  For some reason, there's a distinct difference for me between viewing the image on my painting platform (mostly Sketchbook Pro) and viewing it on DeviantArt. I'm not sure why that is.

one by HeartfulSpirit two by HeartfulSpirit three by HeartfulSpirit four by HeartfulSpirit
Making digital art is lots of fun and it doesn't require any cleanup.  But you also don't have a physical studio.  I can easily get over the lack of clutter from paint tubes and brushes and easels and whatnot.  But having the unfinished works staring me down is part of my painting process.  Because they talk to me (in a silent painterly way) and tell me what needs to happen next. And that important element is one I need to bring into the digital process.  So I've made my dA profile my digital studio and lined up my works in progress so they can have their say.  But, being a newbie here, I started off all wrong . . . and then changed to a couple of new wrongs. 

These current works in progress were originally uploaded to my gallery because I thought that's what you do.  And I also thought they were finished.  But then they started to talk to me.  Which is great, but not from the gallery.  Not from the place they're supposed to go when they're done.  So I got the bright idea to put them in a WIP folder.  It seemed like a good idea at the time because I could use the description to explain that these are works in progress.  But then I realized it was not such a good idea because they're still in the gallery and not everyone reads the description.  And the description doesn't even show if the visitor just clicks All.  So I moved them to Scraps so I can keep them on display and not have them show in the gallery.  But then decided that's really not where they should be, because they're not scraps.  So I put them in Store . . . until I realized others can't see them there.  And, to me, that's like having a physical studio with wet paintings hidden in the closet.  So back to Scraps they went. 

The plan moving forward is to keep their replacements (and all new paintings) in my until they're revised or moved to the gallery.  But the current WIPs will stay in Scraps until they've worked their way out.