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Manga Taisen

By Hearteclipse
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A compilation of various old sprites ( ¬¬ i hate the previews of deviant art)
in this piece appears various characters from diferent mangas:
one piece
Dragon ball
Saint seiya
Full metal alchemist
School rumble
Jungle wa itsumo
Yuyu Hakusho
Tetsuwan Atom
Death note
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© 2007 - 2021 Hearteclipse
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GodBarrierDjinn's avatar
omg that Atlas sprite is nice
pinkgamer12's avatar
Anyone else trying to find sailor moon?
bitsincorporated's avatar
who's that giant guy?
MaxLoc1999's avatar
Quisiera saber de donde sacaste esos sprites de DBZ! ? please
Roxie203's avatar
yay! FMA and Inuyasha is in there! X3 ........................... wait... there's Asto Boy too?!?!?!?!!?!
thunderthehedgehog22's avatar
that menos grande is bad ass!!!
FantasyEleven's avatar
No way-this is awesome!:D
Tortwag's avatar
My only complain? Not enough Villains :p
Ioris's avatar
Es genial, muy buen trabajo
raicons2's avatar
Oh, You are very fuckyea!! oh my god, this is soo perfect, you NEED to work in a game construction.
Camoline's avatar
This is so cool! My eyes hurt from looking at all that red and yellow xD
Asezuna's avatar
Let's just say that the bad guys (especially the menos grande) are f*cked.
kalayaanraguso's avatar
y u put gluttony? y not lust? she was mi fave homonuclus also whos on the bad side and good side light on the bad and L on the good? or reversed? ;) lol and sesshomaru ( <3 ) is looking awesome even pixelated the only thing 2 make this more awesome would probaly b kilala shes mi fav!! :)
zahoriglez's avatar
Excelent work dude :D
Mechanicalxheart's avatar
this is intense! I LOVE IT!
NewGenMiroku's avatar
hi im blue nose reindeer if u want to reply from any messages to bluenoseerindeer send to me!
BlueNoseReindeer's avatar
the first thing i saw was me as a mucle man !! punching the air ... <.< other thn tht kurama luffy hiei renji inuyasha byakuya sesshi(sesshomaru) ulquiorra zoro sasuke naruto kuwabara yusuke vegi(vegeta) kakarot ichigo freiza sanji with his kik ass foot trunks cell edward elric and last and probably the least captain ussop...

... and the amazing menos grande in the background sry i frgt im kinda dum
TheArk6-14's avatar
Vegeta wins, end of story.

Very nice job. I'm always impressed by one's ability to capture a character's appearance simply through pixels!
pica99's avatar
First thing I saw and screamed- FLUFFY SAMA!!! or...SESSHY!! INUYASHA!!! ZENBONZAKURA!!!! Oh oh your there to huh Byakua?! I then stared at the people for a second when I noticed something. OMFG MENOS GRANDE WHEN DID YOU GET THERE?!?!?!?! <--What is wrong with me to NOT notice him first...
BlakeandAlex12's avatar
MeowFlapBoy's avatar
Vegeta why is- Oh Majin Vegeta.
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