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The Soul Deal Ch. 33
***The Soul Deal Part 2: The Prince of Darkness (4)***
Some Time Ago
As soon as they saw the sign indicating the name of the village they were traveling to, Tino smiled and ran ahead, eager to see the market place below from the top of the hill. He turned around to face the others and called to Berwald, "Can you believe it? I never thought we would ever see this place again!"
Berwald sighed as he made his way up the hill to catch up, "And I never wanted to see this place again."
"You've been here before?" Emil inquired, looking up at his Swedish friend.
" Yeah," Berwald nodded grimly, "A long time ago."
"Why so glum?" Matthias chuckled, "Tino seems happy."
"Tino's always happy," Lukas pointed out indifferently.
"This village just brings back bad memories," Berwald answered vaguely.
"This is where you two lived before we met," Emil guessed, to which Berwald nodded slightly.
"Look, Berwald," Tino exclaimed from the hilltop, pointing a finger across the village, "There's the boys' home!"
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The Soul Deal Ch. 32
*****The Soul Deal Part 2: The Prince of Darkness (3)*****
When Berwald had taken Tino's hand and run away from the boys' home, he never imagined he'd be living like this. Tino was right; they couldn't have been more lucky to run into the blacksmith that night. The first week was a bit uncomfortable, Berwald had to admit, since he was afraid of embarrassing himself in front of Emil and the older demon hunter. The blacksmith took them to his home after he slew the demon, and since Berwald and Tino were to be his new apprentices to join Emil, he asked them all to call him "Teacher" but to also regard him as a grandfather-like figure. He told them his full name of course, but it was difficult to say, and since Emil never referred to him that way, they all just knew him but the simple name Teacher.
His home was relatively small, but it was big enough for the four of them to feel at home and cozy. It was on the outskirts of his own town, built with sturdy adobe brick walls and an extension
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The Soul Deal Ch. 31
***The Soul Deal Part 2: The Prince of Darkness (2)***
"Look out!" Berwald shouted, tackling Tino out of the way. The two hit the ground hard on the dirt road as the monster's face crashed into the spot Tino had been standing in only seconds before.
"W-what is that thing?!" Tino stammered as Berwald quickly jumped to his feet and pulled him up, never taking his eyes off the beast. The two had been passing through the forest for some time now, making their way to the next village up ahead. It was the second day away from the boy's home, and so far, traveling had been smooth for the most part. They had packed enough food for three days, which they had been stocking up on for weeks, and had a small amount of saved money, but it was better than nothing. However, this was their first night passing through dark woods, and when the sun sank beneath the horizon, something preternatural attacked them out of nowhere.
The beast looked like a large dog, from what Berwald could see, like a hound th
:iconwintercandyapple:wintercandyapple 5 2
12:15 AM by choco-java 12:15 AM :iconchoco-java:choco-java 24 10 Drawing references by JCpilipinas Drawing references :iconjcpilipinas:JCpilipinas 26 4
The Soul Deal Ch. 30
PART 2: The Prince of Darkness (1)
Four Years Ago
"GET BACK HERE!!!" the butcher shouted at the top of his lungs as he chased the thirteen year old boy who clutched his prize, "STOP, THIEF!!!"
Like hell I will, Matthias thought, smirking. He knew he was fast enough to outrun this dumb man. Matthias was the fastest person he knew; thieves had to be fast, after all. Matthias had been stealing ever since he had run away from home, which was about two years ago. He couldn't stand his parents any longer, and when he finally snapped, he left, never looking back. And he didn't regret it for a minute, either. He was good at taking care of himself, actually, better than his parents were. He made a living for himself by stealing whatever he could get his hands on, and he never once got caught.
Perhaps that was his downfall. Since he always got away with it, he became cocky, and even a bit careless. He had had some close calls, but he only regarded them as even bigger victories. Today, however, h
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The Soul Deal Ch. 29
Arthur walked along the cobblestone path, taking in the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful day. The sun was shining, and all was well. Well deserved, too, anyways, he thought. After what he and his friends had been through, they deserved a break. Alfred walked side by side with him, talking energetically about who knows what. Mundane students walked past them, completely and blissfully unaware of the tragedies that had struck only last week. But they didn't need to know about how the fate of humanity had almost tipped the wrong way, in favor of the demons. They didn't need to know that their fellow demon hunting students had virtually saved this entire region from falling under demonic rule and chaos. No, it was best they did not know who the real heroes were. Because as long as Arthur knew, and his friends knew, it was enough.
"Hey, Arthur..." Alfred said, his tone softening. The sudden shift in his mood caught Arthur's attention, and he glanced over at his friend to see the sad smi
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I'll take care of you. by ExelionStar I'll take care of you. :iconexelionstar:ExelionStar 224 48 H-1 2 by RW09 H-1 2 :iconrw09:RW09 153 10 All Because [WIP] by choco-java All Because [WIP] :iconchoco-java:choco-java 48 12 Summer  Break by RW09 Summer Break :iconrw09:RW09 587 49
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Finally! For almost 3 months, I finally updated my journal :)

How's it going guys?! Did you miss me? :XD:

Sorry for not being active enough to read your messages or comments. Internet gone slow at the same time I have SO MANY PLATES TO DO!! (So much for an Arki student :XD:)... But I'm enjoying it. Even I would need to stay up all night until 3 or 4AM just to finish my plate, or even go to class without any sleep. Most of the time, if I would sleep with all my things scattered in my bed :XD:

I won't be here for long. I just woke up at 2AM because I was hungry :XD: and now it's 4AM... and I don't know if I will sleep or just stay awake.

I hope I would still be posting some arts. But it would be a long time for me to do that.


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