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Green Lantern Corps Poster

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Published: January 23, 2009
© 2009 - 2020 Heartattackjack
The long awaited Green Lantern Poster in the 'War of Light' recruitment poster series.

Individual Lanterns among the background include: Isamot Kol, Kilowog, Sodam Yat, Soranik Natu, Stel, Salaak, among others...
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John-ZorcorHobbyist Digital Artist
How did you make this wonderful art?
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Sydpart2Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks like someone is trying to steal this from ya and make money off of it.
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Sydpart2Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here's the link, didn't want to get the initial warning marked as spam
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That-Random-BananaHobbyist Digital Artist
Green has always been my favorite color, and the green lantern corps just seems like a natural category for me to fit in, compared with the rest of the corps. I'm going to briefly asses myself, like Tomaolykos did. 

Red Lantern Corps - Rage: I'm not usually a very angry person. The only exception I might be able to make here, is when my ADD kind of gets out of control. 

Orange Lantern Corps - Avarice(Greed): I do like things a lot, but I don't think they are so incredibly commanding over me, compared to some other people. I feel like I might be able to understand where Larfleeze is coming from, with his massive amounts of greed, but I would never be anywhere near as greedy as him. 

Sinestro Corps - Fear: I've never been one to scare anyone on purpose. If I do somehow scare someone, it is more than likely on accident, and I always apologize afterwards. 

Blue Lantern Corps - Hope: I do like hoping for things, and I believe that hope is a great thing that all people can use, but I feel like I'm far from just hopeful, and might get bored with some of the traditions of the Blue Lantern Corps. 

Indigo Tribe - Compassion: I am ashamed to admit this, but I've learned pretty recently, that one of my main character flaws is a lack of hard core compassion toward others. If I see someone who is needy, I will more than likely silently pray for them or something, thereby not speaking to them, and failing in the tribe of compassion. 

Star Sapphire - Love: I'm a guy, so I'm not sure this even counts, but my real reasoning for not considering this corps, is my lack of action when it comes to the love I do have for people. 

Black Lantern/Black Hand - Death: I've never been fascinated with the idea of death before. It scares me like every other normal person. 

White Lantern - Life: This one is a bit confusing for me. I've always loved the white lantern powers and abilities, and the fact that a user combines all power from the emotional spectrum into one ring. I feel that if I had to pick a second corps to join, it would be this one. 

Green Lantern Corps - Willpower: I've always loved the color green. It's been my favorite color since I learned what colors were. I also feel like anything is possible, if you have the time, patience, and hard work attitude to strive toward that goal. (yes, you can fly if you try hard enough. Just pick up a magical space ring) My favorite quote of all time is that "If you work hard, you can succeed. If you don't work hard, then there is no possible way for you to succeed." I've always been very hands on, and I feel that my will is as strong as ever when I put my mind to it. Nothing can get in my way. 
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Nice, Nice, Heartar-chan (JoJo Part 2).
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myrondileHobbyist General Artist
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I want to join Green Lantern Corps.:D (Big Grin) 
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TomaolykosHobbyist Writer
I will DEFINITELY belong to the Green Lantern Corps. Willpower is my greatest strength. Eight years ago, when I was in my senior year of high school, we would have a profession fair, but we wouldn't have a History stand. My reaction? I argued and argued until I managed convince them to let me do it (since this was the course I wanted to study in university), and even convinced some friends to help me do it. And I always felt that, if met the need, I  had the stuff to make a rousing speech. Besides, if we analyze the emotions used by the other Lantern Corps (excluding the White and Black Lantern Corps, which are all about life and death, and the Star Saphire, which is an all-female group), Willpower is the emotion that fits me the most:

Red Lantern Corps - Rage: Though I am quite choleric, most of the time when something don't go as I planned (like, I want to use the Internet but the connection keeps failing or it simply don't connect), I would never let it become a sick thing like the Red Lanterns.

Orange Lantern Corps - Avarice: Thid is something I don't know. Even though I hsve many prized possessions, I am the most detached person you will ever see, especially if it's money. I would rather give my money to the needed (among my family and friends, of course) than let it amount.

Sinestro Corps (Yellow) - Fear: Intimidation is not my thing. I don't even like the thought of people, especially children, being afraid of me.

Blue Lantern Corps - Hope: Though hope alone has its merits, I am the kind of person that prefers to make things happen thsn to wait for them to happen naturally. That's why I raven hate when another person sets a schedule for me, and I have to hope that I have enough spare time on it. No, I prefer to do it myself, because only I understand my needs and quirks. I am me, after all

Indigo Tribe - Compassion: Though I have a sort of compassion running in my system, it is not universal. To tell the truth I am quite pragmatic. I don't mind resorting to killing if someone deserves.

So, Green Lantern for me. The funny thing is that I feel quite comfortable wearing green, even though my favorite colors are blue and yellow. As I said, though I LOVE blue and yellow, I feel kind of connected with green, like every time I put on a green shirt, I feel most relaxed.
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Loth-EthHobbyist Photographer
I want to join Green Lantern Corps. I'll protect Equestria at all cause with my life , that is my duty as member of Green Lantern Corps, and I am the Green Lantern of Equestria.
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I must have this!!!!!!!!
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zergmarexStudent Traditional Artist
Where do I sign up?
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A green ring will come to choose someone who has the will and courage to fight, that's how you sign up.
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sweet, man! nice job!
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Bubby17745Hobbyist General Artist
If the Green Lantern Corp were real, I join in a heart beat. This earth could use some Green Lanterns.
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DinoLover09Hobbyist General Artist
You have to be chosen, though.  Remember that, poozer.
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Woah. I would put this up on my wall for sure
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Noticed this being sold as a shirt on ebay.
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Thanks for the info friend
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ECTO87Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I likes it!
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darthpaul99Hobbyist Digital Artist
All the other colored corps are cool, but the original green is still the best. Personally green is my fave color, and Kyle Raynor is my fave lantern since I identify with him a lot as an artist/designer, so if I could join one of the groups it would be this one as I'd want to be like him. 8-)
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Awesome! just awesome!
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I want this on a t shirt it would be so cool
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lhadymoca1028Hobbyist Artist
hi can i use this design for my class t-shirt???
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