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We appreciate all genres and forms of poetry, as well as other works of literature. Whether you wish to submit your own writing or browse the work of others, this is the place for you. Our main purpose is to support, inspire, and encourage aspiring poets and authors.



Everyone is welcome to join -- all incoming requests will be automatically approved. Even if you're only here to support other artists' work, your presence is greatly appreciated!



Please respect our community. Keep in mind that we reserve the right to kick-out all deviants found trolling, spamming, or bashing anything associated with this group. Any offensive or insulting comments to our members will be hidden and reported.



Please be aware that this group only accepts works of literature. Additionally, we expect our members to submit to the proper gallery folders themselves. Due to an increasing number of submissions, a daily limit of two deviations has been set. (Please see the Gallery Notes for more information on submissions.)



Each week, a new group journal is published with a writing prompt. This helps encourage our members to stay active with their writing. (See the Journal Notes for more information on prompts.)



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:writersblock: We are a very active and open community of writers. Though we mainly focus on poetry, this group is dedicated to all literature -- poetry, prose, novels, etc. Our main purpose is to support, inspire, and encourage aspiring poets and authors.

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Hello members, and let's welcome our newest contest, "At the Center" suggested by Prettykitty473.

:iconfloatingheartplz: At the Center Contest! :iconfloatingheartplz:

Theme: At the Center. What is at the center of your heart? The center of your soul? What truly lies in the center of the Earth besides molten rock? Anything could be there, and we want you to write about it.

Poetry and literature will be accepted in any form during this contest. There will be a limit of 100 lines for poetry and 10,000 words for literature.


1. Three entries per deviant

2. Mature content is allowed, but it must have a warning

3. Must be 100 lines or under for poetry, and under 10,000 words for literature.

4. Your entry must be written for this contest (published after this journal)

5. Please submit to the In the Center Contest 2014 - OPEN Favorites Collection. Entries to the gallery will not be judged.

6. Entries will be accepted from August 8th to October 15th.

7. Judging will commence from October 16th through October 22nd..

:heart: Prizes :heart:

**Please note the group if you'd like to offer any additional prizes! We are always looking for prize donations**

1st place: The entry will be permanently moved to the group's "Featured" folder. The artist will feature in a long mention in the group's blog. A literary request and 100 :points: from our Co-Founder, Oilux. A critique courtesy from the group on any piece

2nd place: The entry will be permanently moved to the group's "Featured" folder. The artist will be mentioned in the group's blog. A literary request and 75 :points: from our Co-Founder, Oilux.

3rd place: The entry will be permanently moved to the group's "Featured" folder. The artist will be mentioned in the group's blog. A literary request 50 :points: from our Co-Founder, Oilux.

Honorable Mentions (applies to all participants): Everyone will be mentioned for participating and receive a llama badge from karasoul

Leave a comment below if you have any questions, or contact our admins:
:iconscarletdevil1503: :iconoilux: :iconoctavias101:

:love: Have fun, everyone! :love:
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Poetry - General FULL
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Poems of Majora 15. From Beyond this Realm,Poems of MajoraA Majora's Mask Compendium15. From Beyond this Realm By J.C. SolisThere are these places full of mysteryThat no logic or science can explainThere are these vivid and daring momentsThat just bombard one with nothing but painAnd our eyes see this and can't turn awayFor it’s from these horrors we can't refrainThose foul creatures from a land that's unknownCauses one's mind to be driven insaneAnd so there is danger present right nowAt these Monsters that stalk the realm at nightTheir bodies are frail, their minds are not rightAnd so give the people around them frightThey wander this Earth for a single causeWhich is all towards one little girl's plightThe battle to save one's own livelihoodWill last all the way till Dawn's breaking lightAnd so the Hero tries to stop their planBut their raging hunger will just not sateAs arrows fly and the battle ensuesTo stop this madness that they did createTheir dogma without pause, they will not stopMay the sun rise up before it’s too lateFor if failure was to come from this fightThen a Little Girl will meet a sad fateAnd so the battle rages with furyAnd neither side is going to give inAs the Hero and the brave little girlUse up all of the strength they have withinThe two brave fighters, though they give their allBear the accosting of these creatures’ dinBut in this fight, they are overpoweredAnd inside of the barn they are now pinnedNow there is no more hope that fate will changeNow there’s no more chance that this fate will veerAll is now lost, and soon all will be goneThe little girl will lose all she holds dearThe creatures lurch forwards with grinning gaitsThe red in their eyes as they now come nearAnd so, the little girl gives a last cryThat came true the coming of her worst fearsBut then, the rays of sunshine then arriveThe gait of light causes them all to fleeA miracle, a show of last reprieveBrings the foul creature right down to their kneesThe monsters all burn as they run awayFor the Great Ones heard the little girl’s pleasShe and the hero see the sun up highAnd their faces beam with a smile of gleeNo one knows from where these creatures did comeBut their plans for the farm have gone awryAnd thanks to the daring hero’s effortsNo innocent creature will have to dieAnd with his trusty steed to guide his pathThe hero gives the girl his last goodbyesTo march to lands that are in need to healThe journey that lay ahead is now nigh…
Poetry - Fantasy
Poetry - Friendship

Mature Content

Poetry - Humor
Le matchUne autre qui veut s’essayerLa caissière du supermarchéElle me dévisage avec ses yeux blasésPrend son air le plus bêteLe commentateur surexcitéCrie que ce sera un combat sans merciEn s’arrachant les cheveux de sa couronne friséeL’analyste frénétique juste à côtéNe peut qu’approuverJe fais la gueuleElle fait fort la moueJe laisse la gravité tirer vers le bas mes jouesElle m’envoie un regard furieuxAvec ses mesquins petits yeuxMais les coins de ma bouche flèchent vers le basDe son cotéElle exagère les plis au-dessus de sa lèvre supérieureCes minces plis parallèles qu’ont les femmesRendues à un certain âgePar contre mes bajoues n’ont pas dit leur dernier motLeur poids pousse ma barbe vers le solEt mon rictus inverséPratiqué pendant des annéesEst pour tout le monde difficile à regarderEn plus j’ai déjà l’air méprisantEt pas juste de temps en tempsElle me donne mon changePuis me tourne le dosC’est qu’elle déclare forfaitMon fatal dernier move était le plus beauDommageOn aurait pu continuerC’était tellement serréLe commentateur et l’analyste qui sont énervésComme si j’avais gagné la coupe StanleyHurlent à l'intercom que c’est ma dixième victoire de fileLe gérant de l'épicerie leur arrache le micro des mainsJe débouche mon Kiri Cola et prends une gorgéeI' est flatJe fais encore plus la gueulePayant son Mr. Freeze 37 cents en spécialLe commentateur défait sa cravate bruneÀ cause du café froid renversé dessusL’analyste gratte son changePour acheter sa canne de spaghetti Sans Nom à 99 centsTraînant ma ceinture de championJe rentre pour m’entrainer un peuEn vue de mon match de demainContre la bibliothécaireElle est forte mais elle n’est pas dans ma ligueParce qu'i’ a pas plus air bête que moiJe vais nettement gagner à nouveauPendant que les deux cons qui m'accompagnentVont gueuler la description de ma victoireÀ l'intercom d'une biblio à l'atmosphère silencieuse
Poetry - Life
The Fantasies that keep Us Whole (Poem)The Fantasies that keep Us WholeRemastered Version By J.C. SolisSome odd fetish or desireWe wish to sink our bodies inTo forget our atrocious pastAnd therefore find peace withinBut one thing to rememberIs that the cord does run thinFor no Fantasy lasts foreverAnd no true solace comes from sinBecause Fantasy is a lieBut so precious to our joyAs the heart fills with happinessWe wish to continue to enjoyBut one thing to rememberLife does follow no set ployAs it's nature does unravelThat it should not be plainly toyedYet though the matter is justIt's consequence we can't copeBecause the Dark is always lurkingAnd is hard for us to elopeYet within our wavering heartsWe must still maintain our hopesThat one day suffering will endAnd won't fall down a downward slopeThe false realities we delve inOffer no true solace for us to sateThese drawings, games and songsOur creations we view as greatFor art can soothe the soulAnd placate growing hateBut one thing it will not doIs keep us from our fateFor though we try to hide awayWe cannot escape this painThat course through our frail bodiesAnd so drive our minds insaneThe fantasy ahead of usOffers shelter from heavy rainBut then we become addictedAnd from this lie we can't refrainWe delve right in head first to seeTo let our minds start to break freeWe look at worlds, at lives, at loveWe look at what we wish to beWe delve in erotic love and sexWe consume all of this with gleeWe delve right in and don't look twiceWe think we are in ReverieBut once we are ripped awayWe see how the world really isWe see the sun and polluted airWe no longer are in ignorant blissOur lives so full of pain and strifeWe wish to feel fantasy's kissBut this is our real and only lifeFantasy won't get as real as thisWe read our books in page by pageWe listen to all these rhythmic songsWe watch TV to laugh and cryWe watch movies that are quite longWe play our games on TV screensWe feel that nothing can go wrongBut we are escaping to fantasyTo find somewhere we can belongBut this is just a LieWhat is not really thereFor this is our Real livesWhat we now come to bearWe grow so very solemnAt this real and choking airThat we wished to find happinessThe only thing that we now careThe fantasy we delve inDoes nothing except tryTo help us keep from thinkingOf the day in which we dieAs the Fantasy fades awaySo then we begin to cryBecause we lived Life in a dreamA Reality that was a Lie...
on the existence of free willLaplace's demon is missing some piecesAnd I've tossed free will in the same box as Schrödinger's catRetroactive measurements of 'what ifs' sum up to all or naught Lest we forget Chaos Theory still aboundsOur choices may not be entirely ours, but are ours to make entirelySurely we didn't create the ocean, but once in deep enough we either swim or dieNothing, conception, incubation, birthday parties, saying goodbyeEndless sleep in the blink of an eye rolling back in a head crowned with borrowed timeAre you capable of treading water?If you do so long enough, will you learn how to swim?Will your muscles memorize a way to keep their host aliveCall it innate or fate or whatever to placate, yetChoices are choices are choices, decideBalance from here to the Big Bang and back againTime exists only in the confines of the mindIllusionism feigning a band aid against a cosmic cannon holenonethelessthe universe fails to ceaseits vacuum silencing nonsensical Fatalist entitlement a while longerHurtling beyond what we know to what we cannot yet comprehendPouring over the edge of human understanding Into the inky blank abyss of light swallowing matters of darkLamenting that we make the rules, the earth is flat, the sun revolves around usWith no cognition of our true existence, with no grasp on the functionality of our own epicenters we blindly point fingers in to the ether and scream "no fair!"Perspective is free will, the freedom of one to experience their singular journey through this life as only their unique chemical make-up makes possibleIndividualism allows for the concept of free will and a square can be a rectangleWe make decisions independent in our brain's electricity, lit signal soup deciding to decidelet us relish in this benevolent beauty of our atomic humanityMeet me at the corner of Compatibilists and Moral Particularism,I'd love to get a coffee and hear your views on luck
Poetry - Love
She is eating HerListen, I really ain't one to kick the spring in your step Or paint a perfect gift as an obvious trap I know ugly shit paves the way to beautiful things We all deserve love in spite of dents in our wings We all need compassion for our open wounds and our kinks but I fear... It seems some shudder to thinkAbout how no one wants to kill the host Even if they rot their flesh, suck the blood, errode the bone, In their own way they do what they do cause they have to, wouldn't you? How many lovers threw knives at the roof over their head till the whole thing collapses?I bet if fire could, it would weep about the ashes.I mean, what else can I say?I can't just watch an ivy grow and rue the decay, but neither chop down a personLike it's the same shrub gone astrayNot even if I want to save someone from harm that I am watching shedding fiber by the day as love became a labor with a crooked posture and an ignorant smile of best intentions. The back only bends one way and not that far but I don't feel like I can even find the words to throw at deaf ears coasting on such sweet harmonies and little moments of great emotions the she can't stop swaying and dancing to a serenade that can never be loud enough. As she keeps spinning around a weight she can not lift but itches to bare I smell the lactic acid on her and I feel a stone in my gut. I see the day when she'll deglove at the touch and pronounce how much more she'll give up because some trances just become so fucking normal that all you can do is watch as the car keeps crashing so devastatingly slowly.So I'm a helpless lense observing this trip into the basement of the haunted house on fire, Where they smile at each other with lips drenched in honey And they kiss so pationetly that neither could sense the gruesome nature Of the scene She is eating her
Poetry - Nature
Poems of Majora 14. Spring,Poems of MajoraA Majora's Mask Compendium14. Spring By J.C. SolisDeath is always a constantIn the blowing breeze of FateAs our lives now carry forwardsWith anticipation that won't sateThe air is now much warmerAnd so Spring has now arrivedThe mountians have now been savedThe people will now surviveThe flowers bud and reminisceOn this miracle of the seasonsThis arrival does now beckon forNew Hope to now believe inAnd so the people cheer and praiseThat a bargain was a successOn this New Morn of snowmeltWhich the Gods had already blessedFor a new season of change has comeAs the Mountains now bloom in greenFor this is the sacred promiseFrom which all of its people weanFor this is the Time where people rejoiceWhere they cheer around and raise their voiceThe air is warmer, the sun is highThough aother doom is still lurking byFor though the mountains have been savedThe whole Land is still set to dieThe Moon still lingers in the airSalvation's chance is still awryAnd as sad as this fate must beThe Cold Embrace will soon returnAs Time must again now rewindBefore the world will start to burnBut the flowers offer a little reprieveIt is still not yet too lateTo change this world, to stop this plightTo change this Terrible FateAnd the Flowers will soon again returnFor there is no need to feel WoeThe Bargain made will still be keepedAs was this promise made as soThe Oath to save these lands aroundHas not yet started to falterThere is still Hope on the horizonFor Fate to now be alteredAnd so another God is freeAnd so right now the Land's in gleeFor Spring flowers bud and bloom aroundAs the mountains bask in Reverie...
Mature Content

Mature Content

Visual Poetry
Beauty of Parting by KimberlyJolanda
Chapter Stories
Sanctuary Chapter III: Dark Hunter Arc IBack in the present, Netxad looked out the train window. He rested his head on a hoof while his other hoof rested on Rita’s head.  She had fallen asleep on his lap clutching her doll to her chest. Baxter meanwhile was enjoying some mint leaf tea. “So... Where are you going?” He asked. Netxad turned to face Baxter. “I’m heading to Lonkel. Then I’m heading into the Quintoni Forest.” “Ah, I see.” Suddenly, Rita spoke in her sleep “No! I’m sorry... Please don’t beat me.” she pleaded.  Netxad looked at her with a sad look on his face and proceeded to rub her head. “It’s okay Rita, I’m here.” Hours passed.  Soon the cacti were replaced by trees, whose leaves had begun to change color. Rita woke up. She slowly sat up and rubbed her eyes. “Are you okay?” Netxad asked. She looked at him. “Yeah.” Rita looked away, biting her lower lip. She then felt something that was both rough and soft, touch her cheek. Rita turned to see a chocolate chip cookie surrounded by a purple aura floating in front of her. “I thought you might get hungry when you woke up so I asked an attendant for this cookie.”Rita grabbed the treat, and proceeded to take a small bite out of it. After thoroughly chewing and swallowing the treat her eyes widen. She then began to devour the cookie. “Slow down Rita,” Netxad exclaimed. “Sorry. It’s just... I’ve never had a cookie before.”  “Well it won’t be the last.” The two smiled at each other. Just as the sun was beginning to set, the train pulled up into Lonkel. Rita got up so Netxad could get out of his seat. “Netxad wait,” Baxter said. Netxad looked at Baxter too see that he had a suitcase in his mouth. “Thank you.” Netxad’s horn began to glow and he took the suit case. “What is it?”  “It’s one of Aden’s cloaks. He used it to meet up with our “clients” at night. That was the only time of day we could help without fear of being caught. I thought you could use it to hide your identity.” “Really? Thanks for this then.”  “You’re welcome.”  Just before Netxad step off the train, Rita approached him with a sad expression. “How long will you be gone?”  She asked almost worryingly.  Netxad had a look of sadness as well. “I don’t know.”  “Promise me. Promise me I’ll see you again. You have too!” Netxad looked back and forth between Rita and Baxter “Rita, I promise I’ll see you again.” Rita walked up to Netxad and hugged him. Netxad walked off the train. As it pulled away, he saw Rita waving at him. He waved back. After the train had left, he lifted the suitcase up to his face before turning around and examining his surroundings. He was surrounded by buildings that were at least three stories high.  The fact that Lonkel was more of a business village, more creatures lived in the places they worked. The thickness of the leaves meant that very little sunlight or even moonlight reached the town giving it the nickname, “The Town of Permanent Darkness.” Netxad teleported to the top of a clothing shop. He opened the suitcase and saw that the cloak was almost pitch black, torn, had a few holes and the hood was large enough to cover a horn. “It’s perfect,” he said.  After getting dressed, he teleported back down to the ground. Like in Shiobin, he looked for a saloon, and sure enough he found one.
Writing Resources
So You want to be a writer...Each year I see high hopes squashed by not being prepared for what a writer faces. Remember, we all have a lot to learn. Many students have passed my way, intent on becoming writers. Each time this is expressed, it has me wondering how much they want it. It’s not exactly a job for those who need a full belly and fancy home.If your work happens to cross the eyes of a publisher, you may get lucky. Writing for the love of it may be all that you need, however the dedicated get educated, read, read and read more, and never give up.It may all depend on what you wish to write Brief List of Genres: Journal Entries, Personal, LetterGreeting,CardSchedule/Things to Do,ListInner Monologue Representing Internal Conflicts,Classified or Personal Ads ,Personal Essay or Philosophical Questions,Top Ten List/Glossary or DictionaryPoetrySong Lyrics.Autobiographical EssayContest Entry, ApplicationBusiness ,Letter or Correspondence/Persuasive or Advocacy, LetterBiographical, SummaryCritique of a Published SourceSpeech or Debate,Historical Times, Context Essay,Textbook Article,Science Article or Report/Business Article or ReportLesson Plan,Encyclopedia, ArticleShort Scene from a Play with Notes for Stage Directions,Short Scene from a Movie with Notes for Camera of a Conversation among Two or More People,Short StoryAdventure Magazine ,StoryGhost StoryMyth, Tall Tale, or Fairy TaleTalk ,Show Interview or PanelRecipe and Description of Traditional Holiday EventsClassroom DiscussionCharacter Analysis or Case StudyComedy Routine or ParodyLiner NotesPicture bookChart or Diagram with Explanation and AnalysisBrochure or NewsletterTime Line or Chain of EventsMap with Explanation and AnalysisMagazine or TV Advertisement or InfomercialRestaurant Description and MenuTravel Brochure DescriptionHow-To or Directions BookletReceipts, Applications, Deeds, Budgets or Other DocumentsWedding, Graduation or Special Event InvitationBirth CertificateLocal News ReportPop-Up bookReview and Poster for a Movie, Book, or TV ProgramBoard Game or Trivial Pursuit with Answers and RulesComic Strip or Graphic Novel excerpt,Power Point Presentation,Informational Video,Web SiteFuture News Story,Letter to the Editor,Newspaper or Magazine Feature/Human Interest StoryObituary, Eulogy or TributeNews Program, Story or Announcement,Tabloid Article Requirements for an advanced literature class. Are you willing? You must know good writing, to write well.So You Are a Writer?ENG 402: Advanced Placement English Literature& Composition Summer ReadingDear students,Welcome to Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition! You have chosen a challenging, but rewarding path .This course is for students with intellectual curiosity, a strong work ethic, and a desire to learn. I know all of you have been well prepared for the “Wonderful World of Literature” in which we will delve into a wide selection of fiction, drama, and poetry. In order to prepare for the course, you will complete a Summer Reading Assignment prior to returning to school in the fall. Your summer assignment has been designed with the following goals in mind: to help you build confidence and competence as readers of complex texts; to give you, when you enter class in the fall, an immediate basis for discussion of literature –elements like narrative viewpoint, symbolism, plot structure, point of view, etc.; to set up a basis for comparison with other works we will read this year; to provide you with the beginnings of a repertoire of works you can write about on the AP Literature Exam next spring; and last but not least, to enrich your mind and stimulate your imagination. If you have any questions about the summer reading assignment (or anything else pertaining to next year), please feel free to email me( hope you will enjoy and learn from your summer reading. I am looking forward to seeing you in class next year! Have a lovely summer! Mrs. Yee Read: ·How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster(provided below)·All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerro Please annotate as you read.·500 Words or Less by Juleah Del Rosarioo Please annotate as you read. Write:·On the first day of class, bring at least one complete college application essay. This essay needs to be a different and new topic from the essay you wrote during your junior year. ·Also due on the first day of class, your completed Study Guide for How to Read Literature Like a Professor(directions below).If you have the time and inclination, please select further summer reading from the attached list of College Board referenced works. Note: you will not need to know every work listed, but being familiar with as many great works as possible will only help you.How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines By THOMAS C. FOSTER Contents INTRODUCTION: How’d He Do That?Every Trip Is a Quest (Except When It’s Not)Nice to Eat with You: Acts of CommunionNice to Eat You: Acts of VampiresIf It’s Square, It’s a SonnetNow, Where Have I Seen Her Before?When in Doubt, It’s from Shakespeare......Or the Bible8. Hanseldee and GreteldumIt’s Greek to MeIt’s More Than Just Rain or Snow INTERLUDE Does He Mean That?...More Than It’s Gonna Hurt You: Concerning ViolenceIs That a Symbol?It’s All PoliticalYes, She’s a Christ Figure, TooFlights of FancyIt’s All About Sex......Except SexIf She Comes Up, It’s BaptismGeography Matters...20. ...So Does SeasonINTERLUDE One Story21. Marked for Greatness22. He’s Blind for a Reason, You Know23. It’s Never Just Heart Disease...24. ...And Rarely Just Illness25. Don’t Read with Your Eyes26. Is He Serious? And Other Ironies27. A Test CaseENVOIAPPENDIX Reading List© This One is About MeEvery day, some days, once in awhile, the photographs of my mind come into focus, bombarding my cerebral field with small glimpses of this time called mine, only mine with views shared with few, the most trusted who may see parts of me, never the whole.the entirety too complex, intricate to be understood, even by myself. Travels through life with feelings, emotions, thoughts, only mine alone, in a world too busy it overlooks a scream for help or to help, in the longing to be perfect; impossible for anyone called human in any age any year.Finally after watching, praying, dreaming as the passage of time takes me down good paths, pleasant trails, bumpy roads, am I able to look at the pictures as I am willing to see this person change. Memories of painful gym class showers, algebra class horror stories, first love, first pain, first hurt, first God awful death,help me to wade through what is good, what isn't or what needs changing, as aging passes through memories of becoming "a woman", then becoming, "a woman", a toiler, a wife, mother, whatever I wish to be; place a smile which helps fight the lines slowly forming around tired eyes, moving my thoughts on in this page of my life, never totally free of troubles, sorrow, laughter,pushing me to ignore some words spoken which just don't matter anymore, or never again. Things that changed just never to be restored will no longer cloud my vision from seeing the person who is finally at peace in this time and place where I can live with myself, free from the shackles, which I'll no longer carry, as I march with the army human tocapture happiness whenever possible, knowing whatever ache strikes my body or heart, will be interspersed with moments of laughter and love, moving me on in my journey to truly survive whatever is placed in my way, lingering only infrequently to view the pictures of the past which will remain with me, living in the photo album of a life never again wasted pondering everything that I might have become. I AM THIS.sjo/jazz  ©2010I taught school first and later went into freelance writing.


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AchakWildSpirit Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2018
Hey! X3 I wanted to introduce myself as Olivia Giangrande. I am sorry to bother you.. I hope I'm not. But I came here to ask if you were interested in purchasing a copy of my self-published book The Druid and the Wolf?

It's an animal book. There are wolves, dragons, humans, and sorcery and magic. It's an epic action adventure story.

Story Summary: "Long ago, shrouded by the mists of the Dark Age, there lived a clan of druid humans in Ancient Britannia. They practiced their magic and worshiped nature and God in peace. They resided in a province, or Kingdom, called Aerulis and the kings and queens rarely bothered them. The physicians of the druid clan often times had very spiritual connections with God, more so than the rest of the clan, and one day Tairek (the sole physician of the clan at the time of this story) receives a prophecy that foretells of a great white wolf with eyes the color green that will save the druid clan. They are confused because they have never been threatened by anyone or anything, at least not enough to do a remarkable amount of damage. Not long after, a patrol finds a white wolf pup and the clan raises her on goat's milk. One year passes, and everything seems peaceful still until a fire set by the King of Aerulis' soldiers ravages their camp. The whole druid clan is rounded up and for mysterious, unexplained reasons sentenced to death. The white wolf (who is discovered to be part dog) also known as Sascha is able to talk with Tairek using his spiritual connection and he tells her that she must save them, by learning how to fight in an elsewhere place. And with that, starts Sascha's journey to save the druid clan... to save her family."

Like my page on Facebook for updates and in stock status and livestreams and fun music and art and posts:

I have a patreon (I also make calming jars for anxiety and panic disorder):

If you have any questions, let me know.

You order through paypal, to

The book is $14.99 plus $5.00 shipping. 

A sample of the book is pinned on the facebook page i linked (which can be viewed with or without an account).

If you don't want a copy or to give anything, I want to ask you to maybe give my Facebook page a LIKE. Thank you!
Elena17Tapean Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Professional Writer
Hello, poetry lovers! I am Elena, I am a poet and translator of the art magazine Contemporary Literary Horizon (link: contemporaryhorizon.blogspot.r…), and I am currently searching deviantart to find contributors for a new Hay(na)ku anthology. Mz. Eileen R. Tabios has asked me to find new poets that write in this new contemporary style. Beside me, the other poets need to contribute to the anthology with 20 poems each. The poems can be written in the main Hay(na)ku form or in other variations, such as the Haybun. 

You can find here the forms and variations:… 

If some of you are interested, please comment bellow or send me a note. I will inform my editor and Mz. Tabios, and we will start from there our literary collaboration. Thank you.
HouseOfMarvels Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Professional Artisan Crafter
If anybody wants a writing commission, or editing or help with their own work, I'm a professional!

I can do/ help edit fan fiction, NSFW, SFW or anything else.
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Holy COW!! THat was Oct, of two years ago!? What??
SpocksFirstOne Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
hi, i'm currently looking to commission someone to design my author tag. if you're intetested let me know.
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