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i haven't taken much photo's lately, due to allergies.

it's a wood sorrel.

Canon eos 350D
Canon EF 50 mm f: 1.8 II

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The bokeh in the background are simply stunning, and it enhances the wood sorrel even more. The light captures this plant perfectly, and the narrow depth-of-field greatly enhances your subject. The composition is flawless as well. Your picture does wonders at catching my attention, and it doesn't leave my eyes wonder. Such a picture should be an example to all photographers anywhere: beauty can be find anywhere, even something as seemingly insignificant as this wood sorrel.

The bright green of the sorrel also gives off a genuinely relaxing feeling. I simply adore macro, and such a piece reminds me why I love it in the first place.
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Light through any remotely solid object is always a treat for the eyes and this is definitely a wonderful example of such an occurrence. The soft colors behind the wood sorrel give it a feeling of relaxation and happiness - along with the blur in the moss - you really feel delighted after looking at this photograph.

You're a very fortunate person to be able to be surrounded by such phenomenal beauty that you can go out and capture for all to see - so many of us in the city - and bask in their superb beauty.

The softness, the light, the colors are all so perfectly put together. Even if wood sorrel isn't a four leafed clover, you still have a great deal of luck going for you.
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This is definitely a powerful shot that many nature photographers may miss when scavenging for great shots. I say this because the photographer was at the right place at the right time. The sunlight casting over the clover with the forest glistening in the background tells me that this was the exact time to be there to get that effect. There's also a perfect example of "wide open depth of field" that was used here which really sets the main subject in focus without adding too many distractions in the background. This piece really has me sitting back at my chair saying, "Wow, that's just beautiful, I wish I was there". The moss also plays a good part in color! I wouldn't change anything with this shot. If any blur was added in the bottom foreground through post processing, I feel that the artist most definitely knows what they are doing about setting the main focus because that was a PERFECT idea. Great job.
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Thank you so much for the critique :aww:
really appriciate it!
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And it's the very first one that I've ever given on DA.
You deserved it :)
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you've been featured here [link] ;)
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You have been featured here: [link] [link]
Also take a look at the gallery of these brilliant artists!:heart:
Please :+fav: and :+devwatch:
all these wonderful artists. They need lots of love.
Enjoy!:love: :blowkiss:
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You have been featured! [link]
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Amazing focus in this picture, as usual. And beautiful composition :).
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Hey, I like this forest! Where do you find all those clovers?
… It was clovers, right? I’m just reminding myself of the fact you once told beneath one of you’re photographs. Hmm.

Great concept, by the way!!
As I see it, you have placed this clover on a grassy scene, being watched by all these lights that peek from the trees.

Again, great!
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Thank you, it's wood sorrels. They are everywhere:aww:
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I love the bokeh, DOF, and composition. Everything is superb. :+fav: :camera:
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featured here: [link] :heart:
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Great shot man, and a beautiful location as ever. :judge:
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The thing that makes this perfect is that it doesn't look contrived or totally set up, and it therefore expresses the subject wonderfully.
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thanks a lot:)
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Hah, yes, three-leaves are unique, too! :)
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great shot!
hope you get better from your allergies
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