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What can I say? I really, really love this. It's adorable. The scene you depicted is baby Goku being sent away in his escape pod, right...

This is my first time writing a Critique, but here goes! As always, the colours are beautiful. They stand out against the background an...


I decided to just put my links in one journal instead of having them potentially clog up my journal entries!

Here's my Instagram:…
I'll be gradually uploading my stuff to get the traffic going. If you have an insta go check it out! :)
  • Listening to: Steven Universe Soundtrack

I've decided I'd ask you guys for help with my Disney Gems!!

This list was compiled with the help of numerous Facebook groups, which I am very grateful for but I'm still not satisfied with some of these.

Feel free to make suggestions of changes, but please keep this in mind:
  1. These combinations were made with aesthetic first, powers second, and character traits third.  This means most of these are made solely because I think they will look good! The outfits I'll draw the gems in will be mixes of the two characters'!
  2. Don't be afraid to suggest minor characters! In fact I'd LOVE to get some suggestions for lesser known or minor characters! They deserve some love too! ♥♥ It's not just the official Disney Princesses who need all the attention!
  3. The ones that are underlined are not negotiable. They're already finished or I just love it so much that I am not changing my mind on them. HOWEVER, if you want to see these gems as different characters soooo badly then don't be afraid to ask me! I might just do it as a little side-project, consider it a free commission! ;)
  4. The ones that are in italic are ones I'm not sure of. If you have a better idea on these pleeeaaase tell me!!
  5. You can suggest male characters too! Just because the gems all use female pronouns (except Steven and his fusions) doesn't mean I'll only use female characters. I'll happily draw them in a male character's outfit!! :)
  6. Right now I am only focusing on the gems. The humans will have to wait for their turn.
    (Yes I know, Connie is in the list! As an honorary Crystal Gem I only think it's fair!)

Here's the ones that I've already done or am in the proces of doing:
  • Pearl as Cinderella
  • Blue Diamond as Kida
  • Peridot as Jim Hawkins

Here's the main line-up so far! (in no particular order)
  • Steven Universe as Snow white
  • Garnet as Aurora
  • Amethyst as Ariel
  • Blue Pearl as Jasmine
  • Rose Quartz as Belle
  • Smoky Quartz as Pocahontas
  • Our Ruby and the Ruby Squad as Mulan and the soldiers
  • Stevonnie as Rapunzel
  • Sugilite as the Sheshire Cat
  • Opal as Merida
  • Bismuth as Maui
  • Sapphire as Elsa
  • Lapis Lazuli as Moana
  • Alexandrite as Esmeralda
  • Sardonyx as Megara
  • Yellow Pearl as Jane
  • Connie as Alice
  • Rainbow Quartz as Giselle
  • Jasper as Gaston
  • Malachite as Ursula
  • Yellow Diamond as Cruelle De Vil
  • Holly Blue Agate as Lady Tremaine
  • Skinny Jasper as Helga Sinclair
  • Carnelian as ??
  • The Amethyst Squad as the Muses from Hercules
  • Aquamarine as Tinkerbell
  • Topaz as Kronk
  • Padparadscha Sapphire as Anna
  • Rutile as ??
  • Fluorite as the Absolem
  • Rhodonite as ??
  • Yellow Zircon as Dr. Delbert Doppler
  • Blue Zircon as Milo Thatch
  • The Cluster as Ursula's poor unfortunate souls

Please comment your suggestions!

Some of these have 100% been done before but I don't care, I just want to put my own twist to it :)


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