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Elfen Lied Nyu Lucy Transformation

Challanged myself to work with a given pallete:
ENr2BMi by HealTheIll

When I first saw this pallete I could'nt think of any other character but lucy from the anime 'Elfen Lied' by Lynn Okamoto

I would really like to draw her again sometime, maybe in other style

Nyu part:
Elfenlied Nyu by HealTheIll 
Lucy part:
Elfenlied Lucy by HealTheIll 


Hope you like  :)
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You deserve victory by made the approximing of psycho terror game. :clap:
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Your art is so gorgeous ;-;
Strawbroke's avatar
no problem
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I love this gif! Is there anyway how you can please make it so it is a good size to set as a profile pic on here? Thanks!
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oh, thank you! :)
how about
Elfen Lied Nyu Lucy Transformation Icon 50x50 by HealTheIll
and it would be appreciated if you could give a link to this deviation somehow p:
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This reminds me of the game VA-11 HALL-A
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Whoa, This is off the hook!
I love her changing personality animation and lucy's badass facial expression!
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This freaking amazing!!!
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thats so cool !! 
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OMG this is SO freakin AMAZING Love La la la la 
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Want Lucy to be a Fighter in Mortal Kombat X?:…

Because We also Send this petition to NetherRealm 
Studios and Lynn Okamoto (The Creator of Elfen Lied). Well take a look on Jason and Predator they just came out as DLC character. And you really want this to happen, so support us to make more responses to these creators to neither make money for both of them… Thank you…. And Share it! 😊

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Congratulations!  You were featured on the Best of November…   at :iconi-heart-colors:  
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Nice animation
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Incredible. I wish i could leave a critique because this deserves 5/5!
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Wow, must have been a lot of work. But awesome outcome :D !
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yeah it was a lot of work p:
and thank you :]
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Holy **** this is the best thing I've seen in the EL fandom!!!
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oh wow
glad you liked it :]
thank you!
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