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One Of My Biggest Pieces I Am Truly Proud Of~

Happy 15th Anniversary Gnoufs + Happy B-Day Rubi! by HealerCharm, visual art

~Welcome From Jussy!~

Heart Balloon Emote~Welcome, darlings!~Heart Balloon Emote

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Green Butterfly~Jussy~Green Butterfly 33 || ♎

Hiya~! Wave emoticon How are you all? =^.^= I'm Jussy~Fairy I am a happy-go-lucky lass, who loves to be positive and bring happiness, kindness and generosity to all~LoveyouCSS Fairy Glitter Glomp In love

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Birthstone: Sapphire Sapphire

Planet: Venus Venus in front of her planetary symbol

Element: AirSkylanders: Imaginators - Air Element Icon

Eastern Zodiac: SnakeChinese Zodiac: Snake emote

Western Zodiac: Libra Libra Zodiac (F2U) Zodimotes - Libra

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pastel hearts emoji~I Love~pastel hearts emoji

Making new friends :doublehug: revamp :hugpile:

Going on my laptop and dA :DALove:

Expressing my imagination in my drawings and writing my own stories :writing:

Roleplaying and chatting on Skype and Discord, listening to music :typer: revamp Jammin'

Creating my own characters/OCs and voice acting :create:

Spending time with my family Family - NaNoEmo 22/30 Supporting and being there for others, and making them happy~we are family.

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Enjoy your day and don't stop doing what you love, ever~! :wuvyou:

~Cooper & Jussy, Together Forevermore~

Coossy, Two Years Together~! (~2nd Anniversary~) by HealerCharm, visual art

My Newest & Proudest Piece For The New Year 2022~!

TWT OC - Harmonia The Goddess Of Harmony by HealerCharm, visual art

~My Gnoufs OTP - RabRubi~

'Rubignouf, Will You...' by HealerCharm, visual art

~Coossy (Jussy x Cooper) - My Trolls OTP~

Happy Valentine's Day 2021 by HealerCharm, visual art

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Favourite Visual Artist
I have...so many faves out there, especially DreamWorks Trolls artists~
Favourite Movies
Don Bluth's Thumbelina, Trolls World Tour & Frozen II
Favourite TV Shows
Trolls TrollsTopia, The Gnoufs, Sailor Moon, Transformers Animated, Pokemon, Digimon Adventure.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I love MANY types of music genres, artists & OST Soundtracks
Favourite Books
Transformers Animated: The Complete Allspark Almanac, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters & The Chronicles Of Narnia
Favourite Games
Pokemon On The Switch Lite!
Favourite Gaming Platform
Laptop (PC) & My Nintendo Switch Lite
Tools of the Trade
My Biro Pens
Other Interests
No.1 Trolls' Cooper Fan & Lover~<3
Hey, hey, peeps~! Hope y'all well? I have just returned from the Holiday Inn and although it's cooler now, there's still warmth in the air this September~ And I wanted to take the time to say a really huge , , ever sooo much to all who wished me a very Happy Birthday on Saturday~! It was ever so sweet and kind of you all to think of me on my special day, and I got so many wonderful gifts too! =^o^= Words cannot describe how truly grateful I am, you darlings are the best~! I had a really relaxing day, with a delicious red velvet cake and mini cupcakes for my birthday cake and then, a lamb curry for my dinner, yummy!! And the lovely birthday gifts I got from my family was a beautiful silver love heart ring, with a cute and pretty purple butterfly crystal - which symbolizes me and Cooper's eternal loving bond and is engraved with 'Always & Forever'~ Also, a special limited edition Transformers Bumblebee Stamp Ingot from Royal
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...Welp, today is finally here!! :eager: ... TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY, WOO-HOOO~!! =^0^= :party: Wow...33, and I still I don't feel a day older, tee-hee! Still young at heart and full of spirit~! :peace: :aww: I am having such a wonderful birthday annual leave so far! :squee: I went to the zoo (which I haven't been to in years,'le gasp!' :noes: Exciting, though! :happybounce: ) with my parents and youngest nephew, went for a lush steak lunch with my mum and sister, then I'm joyfully gonna chill on my birthday with my dear friends and family, before spending the night at our fave Holiday Inn with Mum, the day after~ :airborne: ~TO DO LIST THIS/NEXT YEAR~ Lynnia Macapeach's (Louella's Mother) Past (Sketching) Cromella (Cromdo x Louella) Family Moment~
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The news just hit me like a ton of bricks, I...I am lost for words... Goodnight & God Bless, Your Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II...~ :pray: (21st April 1926 - 8th September 2022) You shall be deeply and dearly missed...
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Wow...:wow: I cannot believe we're into September already! August did feel long but more productive this year, especially for me with TFNation returning~ And now, Autumn is here! But do you know what that means, folks? :happybounce: ...IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH, WOO-HOOO~!! =^0^= Another year older on 24th September, but still feel young at heart~ I will also make my wish list of what I would like for my birthday, this year~ I am always truly grateful and very appreciate of all gift arts I receive, so you dears are always more than welcome to make me something, if you'd like to~ :blushes: And here is what I have in mind: (It's not much, but all bring me great joy~ Links are in the requests below) ~DreamWorks Trolls~ Coossy (Cooper x Jussy, my Trollsona) Happy Moments With Jussy, Her Son - Toby & All The Funk Fam SynKaa (Synth x Kaa/Kanye) ~SMG4~ SMG1 x Jada Fawndee (My SMG4 OC) ~Bugsnax~ Cromella (Cromdo Face x Louella Macapeach, my
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Last August update but I must say, I'm really impressed with the custom profiles! They're super cute and real cool-looking in the opinion! dA, this has been much appreciated, thank-you so much~ Now...which one to have? Choices, choices...
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*I Love You All~!*


~Me Lovely Stamp Collection~

Stamp - Deviant Pride
DA love stamp
I support my friends stamp
I love cute things Stamp
Optimist Stamp
I love Butterflies
Animated Cheesecake Stamp
Chocolate addicted
Junkfood Lover [Red Stamp]
Sushi Stamp
Solar System: Venus
I love Unicorns
The Last Unicorn Stamp
Fairy Stamp I
Mermaid Believer Stamp
Dreamworks' Trolls stamp - Cooper
DreamWorks' Trolls World Tour stamp - Logo
Queen Elsa Fan (Frozen) Stamp
Animated Bumblebee Fan Stamp 1
I Love Bumblebee Stamp
TFA Stamp
I Support TFA Ironhide Stamp
Sentinel Prime Stamp
Ribby and Croaks - Stamp
mugman X cala maria - ship stamp
Thumbelina Stamp
Sailor Moon Stamp
Princess Serenity Stamp
.~The Serenities (SM) stamp~.
.~The Serenities (SMC) stamp~.
Osomatsu Stamp
[015] OsoMisha Stamp
Amethyst 2 Stamp
Blue Diamond (Stamp)
Pink Diamond Love Stamp
[ Stamp ] Sir Pentious
[ Stamp ]  Husk
Gomamon Stamp
Gargomon Stamp
Lillymon Stamp
Angewomon Stamp
I love all Pokemon! - Free to use stamp
Galarian Rapidash Stamp
Grimmsnarl x Hatterene Stamp
Dark Magician Girl stamp by OA
.~Princess Peach (kin stamp)~.
Mario Party 8: Peach Stamp
.~MarioxPeach Stamp~.
.~Luaisy stamp~.
Seira Stamp
I Love Seira -Stamp
Gutsman Stamp
Cutman Stamp
CutMan Bros.  4 STAMP
Heatman Hyadain Stamp
Chill Penguin Stamp
Dynamo Stamp
Ugly Dog Stamp
Uglydog Dancing Stamp
Edgar Stamp
:Five night's at Freddy's: Bonnie stamp
BonnieDoll Stamp
Black Eye Stamp
I heart Pepe le Pew 2
STAMP: Glasses
Love Stamp
I love Harp Seals
I love Hummingbirds
Christmas Stamp
Cherry Blossoms

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Happy Belated Birthday! :)

Thank-you so much! :aww:

Thank-you so much! :aww:

Happy belated Birthday! :)

Thank-you!! 8DD