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  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: The Stuff Of Thought By Steven Pinker
  • Watching: The ants searching for food
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I seem to make 3 journal entries per year, I'm impressed.

I've always been in to traditional art and digital has only really been the easy road for me.
I want to become skilled at drawing people, animals and scenery realistically.
Although I'm beginning to realize how stylized you have to make anything that's supposed to resemble reality on a piece of paper, once I can do that I want to go a step further and make my own style.

I'm proud of my ability to draw some things (like horsies~!) unaided.
Once I can do this with an entire human body in any position with any clothes, I'll be where I can currently not imagine myself being.
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  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Myself type
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  • Eating: I wish
  • Drinking: In a second
I've been making a lot of 420x420 digital experiments with colour and texture lately.

I think I'm enjoying working with colour more than working with intricate detail.  Some day soon maybe I'll blend the two.

Unfortunately My screen is a 17" and it's not an LCD.
That makes it hard to do much graphical work on the computer.
Aaaand I don't have a tablet.

And for my next trick I submit whatever random form of art suits me.
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  • Reading: The Complete Book of Drawing
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  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: no
yeaaaaah.... I'm not going to make a digital masterpiece... I'll stick to pencils for now.
  • Listening to: Neighborhood Radio Last.FM
  • Reading: The God Delusion
  • Watching: Countless Movies
  • Playing: Linux games
  • Eating: Everything in my path.
  • Drinking: Sparkling water
I've been away for too long.
Training in mountains of ink and pencil.

I will now apply my new knowledge and skills to the path of the digital, to create something better than anything I have ever done....

As good as it can be without having a tablet.  For once I think I'm going to create it over multiple sessions.
And the purpose of this update....

So I have to commit myself.  :D

Looking forward to any and all comments when it's done!
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  • Playing: KUTAR
  • Eating: Anything
  • Drinking: Everything
I post this simply to bump the last journal entry from the front page.
well it's been a while so I thought I would post in the o'l journal.

One thing has been bothering me seince I have come to deviant art.
Nothing wrong with the page, the amount of thumbnails and pictures and graphics I am quite pleased with.
It is the tendancy for nobody to look at my best works.  :disbelief:
This wouldn't be much of a bother to me... I understand that being new I won't be getting a lot of attention right away.  The problem is that I am getting an abnormal amount of pageviews each day for "Infection Xvert" and it's counterpart "Infection X" which I consider to be of lower quality than the rest of my work.  I don't know if you deviants have a special place in your hearts for Infections, or if I should just start using more greens and purples.

Anyway that is all (look at the rest of my gallery! ><).
Well, I finally decided to get a deviantART account.
Most of my posts will be catch up submissions because i have soooo many things to submit.
I do mostly photography rather than traditional or computer art, but I am most impressed with my drawn art, and I have too many photos to post them all on this website.

Looking forward to some good critiques of my work.
some day I may even critique someone elses.  :gallery: