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Heads Up Adam West Batman

Another First Comment request. This one is for :iconaschell:. Check out his gallery for his sweet, sweet HeroToons! I highly recommend the Iron Man!

Hope you like it! Next up...the Nazgul Lord from LOTR! This will be the first LOTR character I've ever done!
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Would love to buy this as a print
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That can be arranged. Note me if you're interested! :)
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great, so fun
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awesome job bud!
deff has that old skewl flare to it
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Merci beaucoup!

That there's French.
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did you call me buttercup?
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Aw, hell no!
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totally awesome! I really love how this came out.
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Holy awesome drawing Batman! I love it! Personally I think Adam West is like the best Batman
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I'm so glad you like it! And I agree! When that series is finally released on DVD it's gonna break all kinds of records! Personally, I plan to lock myself up in a room and watch every second of every disc! A little slice of childhood!
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Yup, I'll join ya there!
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wow, looks retro even. wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy awesome piece
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i don't know versions like that on bats... he's one of my least favored heroes... but i love your stuff!... it's so cute and so brilliant!... there should be keychains and pillows who look like that! t-shirts!!!
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I actually did tees! I've got Hulk and Cap, but it's very early stuff...from about three years ago. I put all these on trading cards now and sell 'em because cards fit everyone!
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i'm majorlly against cards... got pretty much nothing to do with them...
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Does this mean we can't still be friends?
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you're my bro!... if you agree to me stealing your art and making them into t's then we're cool... JK :D

dude if i'm ever paying for a comission it would totaly be for this heads up on all my characters...
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