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never could

Just a wall of the vector a did of Debito seen here: [link]
Background colours are different than the OP scene. I'm not a big fan of purple. lol

Debito - Arcana Famiglia

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Do Not Steal it, nor claim it as yours.
Do Not Repost.
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Why haven't we heard Yoshino in much of late? :(
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thank you

well he is in the sket dance thing, but i couldn't bring myself to watch it past 1 ep.
he's also in Arashi no Yoru ni: Himitsu no Tomodachi, which i've fallen behind on. You'd think if i can force myself to watch that show, I could get myself to watch sket dance... XD

but he does need to be in more serious roles / evil ones lol

Debito's chara single I may have to get... unfortunately Luca's (Nakamura Yuuichi) comes out the same day.
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Character singles already planned... guess I shouldn't be surprised ^^

Sket Dance I didn't get past ep1 either.

Wonder what he's doing with his time mostly then (since it isn't on anime roles)...
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oh he's (of course) in the new Hakuouki series this month too.
just i completely forgot about it. >__>'''