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Stop Living A Lie

A relatively quick vector by me, just started it on Tuesday night (Jan 18). Upon finding out that Sugisaki-sensei is putting DN Angel on hiatus yet again. I decided to do my first vector for the series.

As I was recently told, Satoshi/Krad need more love. So here is some. Original is from the manga near the end of Part 1, although i'm not sure how 15 volumes should equal one part of a series...

The vector is available here [link]

The "pillar" is naturally set as it is part of the surrounding setting, even if it wasn't shown in the source image. His one eye that's mainly covered my his hair has been tweaked to allow you to see some of Satoshi's eye.

It's a bit brighter than what I normally do in terms of wallpapers but it's always good to change it up once in awhile.

Made in Photoshop CS5

Please remember to not use this wallpaper for other graphics. This includes for signatures or avatars/icons.
Do Not Steal it, nor claim it as yours.
Do Not Repost.

I love receiving comments and favs ^_^
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So. Gorgeous. I love this! Its the first fan art I've seen dealing with the most recent chapter and I'm so happy! (not about the chapter...but the art...)
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Its awsome to see great work of the best DN Angel char! XD

hiatus again?????? nnnnooooooooo!!!!!!! *cries*
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Whoa....8D Krad looks pretty hot here LOL
This was so epic I had to click on it and I was right, it's so cool XD
Great job! D: And hiatus?! WHUT?! :iconffplz:
Not again D':
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this is awesome
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XD, marvelous! I saw it, and I was like, hey, that's Krad isn't it?Very well done!
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I found Krad so stilish >A< they indeed need more love, i hard to found original works of krad as much as fan art

Hiatus again... D: good dammit , why ;-;
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