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Shizu-chan Pissed Off

By headstro
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Shizu-chan, "Pissed Off"

For the record if you weren't following my scraps updates, I started the vector way before ep 7 was even a preview. Source of this one goes to the 3rd Light Novel. Colours vary as Shiizu-chan varies through the 3 (novels, manga, anime).

I hate using text. HATE IT. But whenever a submit on a certain site the members bitch at me about using text. >.<
So this one if for them. I pulled out my Graphic Design History book and flipped to the new wave section to make notes and cross ref for how to go about this. Seemed like a great idea to be in that class.. until the work load, that is. But that's off topic.

The vector is available here: [link]

The text lines/phrase are however inspired by episode 7. I thank "Commie" for their sub. Keywords, are just ones that i feel fit Shizu-chan's character.

Why brown? I DON'T KNOW! You tel me! I have no idea how I ended up with it! and orangey colours too! It's clearly an insane act, that is unexplainable, but a change from my usual blues.

Truth time... Izaya is my favourite. So why did i pick Shizu-chan? Because i was looking for a nice Izaya from the novel or manga, and ran across this beauty and just couldn't help myself. But don't get me wrong, i love Shizu-chan too!

Download 1440x900

Comments and favs are welcomed greatly ^^

DO NOT use this wallpaper to make other graphics.

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He is damned sexy. Pissed of or not.
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Thats an awesome vector! One of the better ones Ive seen. Im pretty sure I know of which non text hating site you are referring And it drives me nuts too. I can never find a place for it to look right or they complain about the actual text I use. Oh well. Anyways, I really like the wall you have made here. +fav.
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since it also relates to this conversation... i submitted the vector to that place as well and it's up already... go figure..
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Ha ha. Yeah I seen it! ^^
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thank you. ^^

I moved while i was making the vector, so it took extra long. But i'm happy with the outcome. ^^

i just submitted to said place, let's see if i beat my record of 14hrs before it's accepted. lol
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Just so ya know, its up on that site now. ^^
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yeah! new record! only for shortest time instead of longest. XD
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