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I Feel So Alive

By headstro
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So I watched Aquarion EVOL 1-2 and well among many characters I'm sure I'll enjoy watching, Kagura was by far the most entertaining. Not to mention his eyes. So I snagged a nice cap (took over 1000 in total) and vectored it this past week.

One thing I like about vectoring screencaps is the out come can't be any worse then the original. Also they are very simple and basic, usually, which helps unwind and perhaps like in my case get back into the vectoring groove. (Before tackling that Guilty Crown - Gai x Shu scan from PASH Jan)

Background wise just playing off of his mecha in the background of the screencap.

By the way, I'm a thick black lines kind of person. I like to draw with black pens. So please don't go and tell me 'some lines are to thick' please think first, clearly they are meant to be.

Vector is available here [link] is huge and I apologize... sorta.

Please remember to not use this wallpaper for other graphics. This includes for signatures or avatars/icons.
Do Not Steal it, nor claim it as yours.
Do Not Repost.


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:iconhigh5plz: I love Kagura the best too. Well I loved him as Apollo first so I love Kagura the most too (he's clearly Apollo)

Beautiful work! You made realize I need to get this shot with the mouth closed. I commissioned a vector from the same scene but his mouth is open [link]

Nice work
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I've actually never seen the original series. >____> But something small like that's never stopped me before. lol

Thank you. Yeah... somehow with his mouth (teeth baring) closed he seemed a bit more evil to me. ^^
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You're right and he's a lot sexier *2-D COMPLEX....I HAVE 2-D COMPLEX* I really wish I was he person he wants to sink his fangs into. I believe this is an alternate re-telling of Ceiliane and Apollonius but instead it became Sylvia and Apollo because of the events of the OVA. Their souls meet every 12.000 years...It began with Ceiliane and Apollo who were reincarnated as Apollo and Sylvia and before Apollionus met Celiane he was an Angel of Slaughter. Apollo used to bicker with Sylvia and tell her "she's stinking smelly woman" and he also told her, he will never forget her scent. So I believe he's evil now but he will be redeemed and he's actually the solar wing and not Amata --I have my theories but you haven't seen the original series and OVA's so I don't want to spoil you
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This is well done. So beautiful. A real quality work showing that your vectoring skills are truly at the maximum possible. I don't see anywhere else you could go :O .
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