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Fated Meeting

By headstro
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The scan for this was from NewType. It had Luka with his upper elbow cut off, and I did wing vector that, but I hate how it turned out, but that's another write up for another time, as this wall does not show it for obvious reasons.

The vector is now on DA: fav.me/d6fl9ct Remember to credit if you use it.

With his position there's really only one thing you can do, and that's make a bed. but upon making said fail bed i decided to border it. With Vines, which turned into foliage madness and use of tons of brushes.

brush credits: fav.me/doh9qo & fav.me/dv6tw4 & fav.me/d12jtf4 by gvalkyrie, spiritsighs-stock.deviantart.c… by spiritsighs-stock, mutsie brushes - mutsie.deviantart.com/
When in doubt check my brush favs: headstro.deviantart.com/favour…

Please remember to not use this wallpaper for other graphics.
Do Not Steal it, nor claim it as yours.
Do Not Repost.

Please Comment and fav this. ^_^

Luka nor Uraboku belong to me.
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God, Luca is so sexy .. * - *
Shap3Shift3r's avatar
Shap3Shift3rHobbyist Writer
LUKA!!!! Sooo hawt and sexxy!!!
SapphireMoonWolf's avatar
SapphireMoonWolfHobbyist General Artist
OMG Luka! *dies of fangirl attack*
gothlolilillith-chan's avatar
gothlolilillith-chanStudent Traditional Artist
omg your guys are sooo hot!!!! <333 I hope to learn a lot from watching you ^^
ladyjudas's avatar
sexi!...me encanta luka...lo dibujaste muy bien
Inalia's avatar
finally have a wallpaper for my IPod :D been looking for uraboku wall for a change

what art program did you use? you did a really great job :)
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Fluffy-chan614Hobbyist Photographer
Mahlyenki--Dyavol's avatar
Mahlyenki--DyavolHobbyist General Artist
GothVampireKitty's avatar
This is hot! I love it so much!!!!! <3 =^.^=
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Daughter-of-Sirius's avatar
Excellent work on the anatomy and colors, mate! I wonder if you're a pro!
Melanee-the-hedgehog's avatar
*nosebleed*...W-...wa~h!!! Su-sugoi~!!!!! This is....awesome!!!
Wa~! >/////< I :heart: it...>/////>
:+fav: :+fav: :+fav:
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KYAAA~~~~ LUCA!!!!
midnightstar87's avatar
Luka is gorgeous.thanks,great job!
yudashin's avatar
Love your work! The colors and, of course, Luka are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
CC-Lamperouge's avatar
It is really marvelous and perfect! *--* Great job!
Komori-Moon's avatar
Oo, looks very nice, but his nails look a little creepy. Luka? is that his name?
headstro's avatar
well they are claws.. so i guess they should be a little creepy? lol
Yeah Luka is his name.
Komori-Moon's avatar
They don't look long enough to be claws!
Luka is a very strange name for a guy.
headstro's avatar
claws need to be a certain length? o.O
they are sharp that's good enough

i've only known males named Luka, so it's not strange.
Komori-Moon's avatar
Oh, now I can see them! Sorry! Didn't look close enough before!

I thought Luka was a girls name, because of the 'a' on the end, oh well.
xXxKristinxXx's avatar
I love the colors; it's so gorgeous xD
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