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:iconheadstert:headstert posted a status
Trump's Speech in a nutshell:

America first, terrorism is BAD, Obama is BAD, Government is BAD, NATO is BAD, racism is BAD, patriotism is GOOD, his administration is GOOD, American people are GOOD, America is the strongest country, America is protected by god, America's people gonna get the power of Washington and of they're gonna make America great again.

Yeah, you don't say Captain Obvious. We've heard all of that before.

Also what's with your wall to Mexico, your Nuclear strikes against Syria and the Iraq? Oh wait you said racism is bad as well? Well, too bad then. You stultified yourself pretty damn hard Mr. President.

Oh and since you want to sit on your ass with just 1$ a year, why not giving me like a couple thousand? Sharing is caring right?

Ok, enough Sarcasm here.
Trump's speach in a real nutshell:

Yeah, that's probably it. :)

Devious Comments

bouteilledeau1 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Rip black America Presidents.

You were good until a wall takes the place.
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