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:iconheadstert:headstert posted a status
A little sorry from me for the delay with the Roster :/ The weekend was a little Twilight Princess infested :bademoticon: ... Well since I already have a delay, I decided to do only one more update and then upload the final version... (I'm just too lazy to write down every single change... and since the roster won't change anymore it has no point in it either)

Also I'm not quite satisfied with some of the characters... These will get an update afterwards: Marisa, Flandre, Yuyuko, Sakuya, Cirno and MAYBE Keine.

To sum it up a little: You can expect another Update up to Sekibanki tomorrow. I think the final version will be finished until Friday or Saturday. School is priority no.1 after all! V.1.2. Will be the Updated version with the named character changes.

So again, sorry for the delay ;D I'm already back at work ^^

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