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Sometimes things just won't go as planned, or as you imagined they would be in the end. Usually I delete them instantly because I don't want to be tempted in any way to go back and finish them... I know how this would end. ^^ But some things have such a good idea in them, that I did not delete them as usual, instead I used them for inspiration or I really want to take a second try on them.

Here are three of these examples:

Scrapped 1 by headstert

This is almost 10 months old and was scrapped because of my lack of post editing skills at that time, but I did not give up on the idea... While the idea was re-used just a short time later in Helping Out by headstert, the base for Gladly by headstert has been created.

Another example would be here: Scrapped 3 by headstert

This was originally supposed to be the cover/title of my 16 Days Story. Well I made a better version of it already within the comic... And a better cover alongside with it.

But I wanted to do something similar in the future already back then, so I kept it until now.

Finally the most recent discontinued picture is this one:
Scrapped 2 by headstert

Here I'm at the same point as I was with my first example. I did not give up completely on this one, I just lack of the necessary skills for it. I definitely would like to come back to this one sometime in the future. I hope I'm going to be able to do it.

All this scrapping is one of the main reasons why I'm working so slow. Because of school, I can not work in a single blow anymore, which is necessary for me to do what I want. I just have to sit 6 hours straight in front of my computer and finish what I began. Otherwise everything I do looks like an uncoordinated, ill-conceived bunch of crap. And since that is rarely possible I began to scrap a lot of things, most of them don't even end up in a single render, or even a finished pose.

Once I'm done with school in May, I'm going to have time for MMD again.

However, since this weekend is off, I'm going to deliver again. I already told you in the last picture that it's going to be Hecatia, and this plan hasn't changed yet, so I hope you're looking forward to it.

See you!

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LostRey Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
They all look good(especially the first one), I hope you would finish them! ^^

P.s. both the links of Helping Out and Gladly redirect to this page!

headstert Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! :3 As I said, I'll do the Seija one a second time, and hopefully finish it. The first one has been more or less completed in two pics though, so I won't come back to it again, but as an inspiration it's still a solid choice.

And thanks again, even though I couldn't fix the links, but it works out just fine now!
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Submitted on
February 23, 2017