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Cool, you know what happened about an hour ago? No? Good, I'm going to tell you in a second.

First of all: Look at this: Screenshot (36) by headstert

You see this nasty error 'Out of video memory'?

I hope you guessed it by now... What happened is, my good GTX 970 died... You know It's not very nice when you get a blackscreen from out of nowhere, and after a restart the BIOS tells you that you have no Graphic Card. And I was like 'Oh please no, this is not true...' But it was true...

So I got my Backup GTX 745 from my old Computer and when MMD worked smoothly I was like 'Oh yes man, it works! Everything's just fine, just less FPS...' and well, when I tested whether there is any difference in the render speed... *Sigh* Just look again at this BEAUTIFUL error.

In a nutshell: My backup card is too weak to handle MMD, and I'm really mad because of it, because I can't render MMD pictures that have like two effects, until I have a new Graphic Card, which I will be able to get to my Birthday in October.

I'll try my best to work at least a bit with MMD, since the program itself works just fine. Maybe I'll be able to get at least one or two Renders out of it.

So, until next time...
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Submitted on
August 22, 2016