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At the moment I am in a small dilemma with my mind... You maybe know that I have sometimes Days where I just can't stop sitting on my computer messing around with MMD. The results are mostly not very satisfying to me. I thought about that a lot in the last week, and came to only one possible conclusion how to increase the quality of every picture I create: To get focused on certain Characters. When I look at things like this The float of Time by headstert or this Helping Out by headstert or this Nuclear Fusion by headstert or this Unbreakable Friend by headstert I really know where my strenghs are. I am really dependent on certain models, to be exact most Arlvit models, Kanami's Utsuho, Suke's Flandre, Nigamon's Koishi and C-Mell/flick's Remilia, in terms to get a good quality out of my work. The problem I have is, that I want to be as diversed as possible, but at the same time I want to give the highest possible quality, which is not really possible with models that I don't know very well on one side, and on the other side that won't fit in dark sceneries for what reason ever. I think it would be sad if I would focus on such a small amount of models, but I would be happy with the things I do. Some may think that I could just stop working on something I don't like and start something else, but for me THIS is the worst case possible, because if I'd just throw away hours of work because I'm not happy with what I've done, I would have to realize that I just wasted this time and effort for basically nothing, and I can't stand wasting just a second. Except for the project I was working on until now, which is definitely the most satisfying picture I've done so far, I have some ideas of what I could do... and every single one of these ideas has something to do with the characters named above. I had this Sakuya-time just a few weeks ago and I was happy with everything I've done back then, but it just didn't feel right to do the same things again and again.

I really don't know which path I should follow, because both paths would make me happy and unhappy at the same time... *Sigh* First-World-Problems sure are annoying... -.-
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LostRey Featured By Owner Edited May 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Uhm, quality or variety?

For what concerns me, I would continue loving your works even if they would always be on the SDM's cast. But this is subjective, since I like those characters(and models) too, so I'm happy to see works featuring them. And even more if they are always of such quality.
On the other end, there are also people who doesn't love Remilia at all(HERETICS! ;P), and if you want to do more projects with different characters, it would surely please more people and also increasing your fans. But in the first place, I think it's really important that you should do whatever pleases YOU.

Anyway, looking at your past works, I don't think that the other models you used are of such lower quality(especially the Tewi, Satori and Alice ones) and neither to the point of decreasing the overall quality of the image. In my opinion, for a good MMD work(exactly as a walfas one) it matters not only the beauty of the models, but also how well one arranges the scene. And you certainly aren't unskilled at this ^^
headstert Featured By Owner May 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice to hear that! Always gives me more motivation^^

The problem with pleasing myself is that, as I said, both things - quality and variety - are making me happy just as much as they make me unhappy at the same time. The only problem behind this is my own stupid brain which always tells me to do BOTH things. I guess I have to live with this problem, but it doesn't take away the fun I have while working on all this. I mean, I am not even able to take a break for just a week without any good reason even thouh I wanted to.

Also I don't really care about numbers, like how many people watch me or how many favorites I get. The things I care about are comments, because they have a meaning and a person behind it. Sure I'm happy about numbers too, I won't deny that, but I'd rather have one person who always leave a comment instead of a hundred that just 'fave and run'. Therefore I don't really care about HOW MANY people are following me in any way, as long as I get just a single comment I'm absolutely happy ^^
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May 26, 2016