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Betrayal by headstert Betrayal by headstert
Back at home, yay! :)

This picture has a damn long story behind it, which my friend and I are working out at the moment. If you're interested, go on and read our theory.

Basically it's about Sakuya taking revenge for what Remilia did to her in the past when Sakuya was a hunter. The reason for this, are some minor, but tragic events that Sakuya noticed in certain places in Gensokyo by accident. Those events are always connected to loss, in most cases the loss of life. While she could ignore it in the beginning, after a while it reminds Sakuya of her past, where Remilia had taken everything from her. This is the point when she begins to build up her old self as a hunter, and so her both halfes - on one side her position as a loyal servant, and on the other side her former duty as a hunter - collide, and so she begins to doubt herself. And while Remilia gets more and more worried about Sakuya, Sakuya's loyalty towards Remilia disappears. At some point Remilia is worried enough, that she reveales all her feelings towards Sakuya to get her back to her old self. But Sakuya is just torn apart by her hate and her love towards Remilia. With nothing left but her instinct that she once had, she kills Remilia, who completely let her guard down. She now realizes, that Remilia was actually the last thing she had in her life, and now that she has fulfilled her duties as the hunter she once more pledges eternal allegiance to her mistress.

I think this theory has a lot of potential, after all there are so few 'bad ending' stories about Sakuya and Remilia, since she's always considered eternally loyal toward Remilia.

Anyways what do you think of it? Again, this whole thing is a huge work in progress so we don't know any detailes yet.
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LostRey Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I like it! Is this connected to your "16 Days" comic or it's a totally different story?

You know, I usually prefer the "charismatic vampire and the faithful maid" scenario, but I have my own "twisted" theory too about a possible betrayal from Sakuya: with the maid that is in fact double-crossing Remilia since the beginning(waiting for the perfect occasion to strike) and with the vampire that is well aware of it but she still lets Sakuya be on her side; intrigued but ready to counter.
headstert Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's a completely different story. While I assume in 16 Days, that Sakuya never knew her family and is more or less a born hunter, in this theory I have to go on a different path, which goes more in the direction of Akyuu's theory. The concept remains similar though. In this specific theory, Sakuya isn't aware of her time manipulating powers and the lunar clock is an heirloom of her family. The village where Sakuya and her family lives gets attacked by vampires on a regular basis. Normally local Hunters are able to defeat them, but one day Remilia attacked the village leaving none of the hunters alive. Because there was no protection for this village anymore, vampires were able to overrun the village, leaving no one alive. Sakuya's family gets killed by Remilia in front of Sakuya's eyes, while she was able to escape, using her powers without noticing it... To take revenge, Sakuya affiliated with other hunters. Over the years Remilia took everything from Sakuya again, who remembered the vampire and began to hunt her. When she was able to find Remilia she lost the battle, but she noticed Sakuya's powers at all her encounters and wanted to own that power herself, thus sparing her life under the condition, that Sakuya would serve her. Only now as a resident of the SDM she learns to control her time manipulating powers.

So far the story of Sakuya's past in this Theory. We actually have a plan to give Meiling a quite important role to the development of Sakuya...

Normally I think, that Sakuya and Remilia are inseparable, but in their relationship Sakuya just has no humanity at all, and this Theory makes her more of a human being. (Although I doubt, that Sakuya is still a normal human... God knows how old she actually is, and she doesn't seem to age anymore, making her some kind of youkai-like.)
LostRey Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm waiting to see the developments of this, then!

There are also theories about her being a lunarian since Eirin knows her.
headstert Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We're working on it... Maybe it will be a full fiction someday.

I don't like this lunarian theory... Even though it is possible.
bouteilledeau1 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Your work has accidently been a little featured in my comic. I hope you don't mind. ^^;
headstert Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nah, I don't mind at all! ^^
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