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16 Days - Day 9 by headstert 16 Days - Day 9 by headstert
Note: Most of the characters used, are just symbols for random people visiting or living in the village.

After what happened the day before, 'Sakuya' wanted to investigate the Lake again, but this time in the evening. When she began to observe the village as every other day, she startled, after she noticed, that the whole village was covered in similar fog as the lake was. Although she was able to see in the distance, the she couldn't see what was below her, which made her even more unsure. 'Sakuya' tried to ignore the fog, and went back to her daily routine and looked for more signs of the vampire that might live at the Lake. Since the fog was blocking the sunlight, it wouldn't be something unnormal if vampires attacked. However, even after hours of waiting, nothing suspicious happened. 'Sakuya' decided to go to the Lake.

When she walked towards the exit of the Village, she noticed a sudden temperature drop, and just a few seconds later, she got attacked again by the ice fairy. This time though, Cirno was a lot faster than before, and managed to escape every of 'Sakuya's' attacks. She also noticed that Cirno's eyes glowed in an unnormal bright blue. Not a minute after the first attack, the fairy took flight, 'Sakuya' chasing her, but the fairy was way faster than her and even managed to slow her down by attacking her again. 'Sakuya' saw no alternative to get rid of Cirno, and pulled out her Lunar Clock, that she normally used to fight vampires. When she was about to finally stop the float of time, she, again, was afflicted by a strong headache, but this time it was way more intense than last time in the bar. 'Sakuya' wasn't able to chase Cirno anymore and stopped at one of her usual watching spots. Her headache still got worse by every second, and soon highlighted in hallucinations. She was barely able to focus on them, but somehow mangaged it. The pictures in her mind, showed her a little girl with unnormal "wings". On these "wings" hung glowing crystals in the colors of the rainbow. 'Sakuya' was sure, that this girl was the vampire she was looking for, she had to hunt and to kill.

When the headache got again more intense, 'Sakuya' eventually passed out and collapsed on the floor. She had no idea that the mysterious girl was watching this scene the whole time just from a few meters away.

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Thanks to :iconlostrey: who helped me with the idea and the implementation.

Credits? I think I'll sum them up later.
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LostRey Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
A dreadful little sister is on the loose!
Suwako-Sensei Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016  Student General Artist
it gets exciting p w p
Bjorngomes Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016
I wont spoil anything. i Promise!
headstert Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconremiliaplz: :icontellplz: You better won't >: )
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