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16 Days - Day 8 by headstert 16 Days - Day 8 by headstert
Note: Most of the characters used, are just symbols for random people visiting or living in the village.

After another restless night, 'Sakuya' went to Misty Lake. She had a bad feeling about going there all alone, but after hesitating for a moment she made her way through the forests around the Lake. After a while she noticed the misty shroud in front of her. She knew, that this amount of mist wasn't normal, and again she hesitated for a while until she eventually entered the fog. 'Sakuya' had no further problems to remember the way back and so she continued walking towards the lake. With every step she got further, the mist got more dense, and soon she wasn't even able to see the ground under her feet anymore. After several minutes of walking straight through the forest she stopped at a tree, wondering whether it made any sense to walk through this mist or not. She decided to continue, when suddenly a lot of freezing cold bullets hit the tree she was standing at, soon followed by the fairy she asked about the lake, two days ago.

They end up in a battle, which 'Sakuya' could easily win. After she caught the fairy 'Sakuya' wanted to find out why she was attacking her. Again, the fairy couldn't give her an answer, but somehow, she seemed different than before in the battle. Even after pushing things further, Cirno affirmed, that she didn't know why she attacked 'Sakuya' at all. 'Sakuya' believed her, after she threatened the fairy, and let her go.

'Sakuya' ended her investigation for the time being and turned back. Leaving the fairy alone with a warning. She was sure, that either the fog, or an inhabitant of that mysterious mansion, caused the fairy to attack her. When 'Sakuya' returned to the village, it was already late, and she decided to end her day and to tell the bartender what happened. When she entered the Village, she saw the girl leaving it.

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Thanks to :iconlostrey: who helped me with the idea and the implementation.

Credits? I think I'll sum them up later.
LostRey Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
So, even Cirno is somewhat useful as a watchdog! ^^
headstert Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She plays another role as well ^^
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