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16 Days - Day 16 by headstert 16 Days - Day 16 by headstert
'Sakuya' followed the vampire into the mansion, surprised, that nobody stood in her way. The vampire was surprisingly calm, even though she probably knew, that a hunter followed her.

After a few minutes, they reached a long hallway. When 'Sakuya' entered the room the girl turned around and asked her with a calm voice, why she wanted to die so badly. 'Sakuya' didn't answer at all, and pulled out her knifes again. The vampire sighed to that and faced her directly. 'Sakuya' was confused to the vampires reaction since she even smiled to the weapons that would be able to kill her by even touching them. The vampire took a step towards 'Sakuya' and warned her the last time, that it would be the best for her just to turn back right now. With each passing second, 'Sakuya' got more afraid of her upcoming death, but she tried her best to hide her fear towards her enemy, who raised her hand slowly now. For a short moment 'Sakuya' was unsure, how the vampire would attack, when suddenly a red glowing sphere surrounded her. 'Sakuya' stopped the time immediately, and placed as many knifes around the vampire as possible, who was eventually trapped in a cage of knifes. She knew that she had to use all of her energy for that attack, since she stopped the time for a much longer time than usual, but she knew as well, that she would only have one chance to kill the vampire in front of her. She was aware, that if this attack wouldn't kill the vampire, she lost the battle even before it really begun. 'Sakuya' jumped behind her and released the time while she was still in the air.

She was sure that the vampire couldn't be able to escape, but she couldn't hear any of the knifes hitting anything either, instead she heard many flapping and squeaking noises. When she looked back up again, she saw all the knifes, that she threw towards the vampire, were turned around, and they rapidly began to move in the opposite direction. 'Sakuya' barely was able to dodge her own knifes and crashed to the floor. When she tried to get up again, the vampire grabbed her right arm and forcefully turned her around. Before 'Sakuya' was able to react, she felt the heat of the spear on her back, as well as the hand of the vampire quickly gliding towards her Lunar Clock, and with a quick move, the girl ripped the Lunar Clock out of 'Sakuya's' hand. With another jerky movement, the vampire turned 'Sakuya' on her back, fixing her on the ground.

'Sakuya' desperately, tried to get her pocket watch back, since it was the only possibility for her to survive. The vampire stared at the clock with a slight grin, and held the hunter's weapon close to her hand, soon closing it tight in her fist with a wide smile.

Now, every residual resistance died in 'Sakuya'. She understood that the vampire told her that it was over, that she had no chance anymore. 'Sakuya' accepted her fate and closed her eyes, wating for the vampire to kill her.

After a moment of pure silence, 'Sakuya' could hear the vampire speak, still with a calm voice. She said that it's a shame, that someone as strong and unique as the hunter, had lost everything. 'Sakuya' opened her eyes again. The vampire was sitting on 'Sakuya's knee, directly looking into her eyes. She slowly raised her hand, presenting herself as Remilia Scarlet. 'Sakuya' was more than confused. She wasn't exactly sure, if the vampire was just playing again or if she really had spared her life. 'Sakuya' leaned on her arms as she slowly got up. Remilia continued, making 'Sakuya' an offer, that she could decide over her own fate.

'Sakuya' didn't know what was going on. She didn't understand what Remilia meant with a decision over her fate. Remilia picked up one of the knifes that was lying on the floor, and raised to her feet again, pulling 'Sakuya' to her feet as well. She put the knife in 'Sakuya's' hand and pointed the tip of the knife on her chest, grabbing 'Sakuya's' arm, as if Remilia wanted her to stab her right in the heart, which would mean her death.

In the other hand she held 'Sakuya's' pocket watch. Remilia got very close to 'Sakuya' and told her that she had now the opportunity to simply kill her, or to give her enemy a chance to atone for her mistakes. Remilia explained, that 'Sakuya' would get a place to stay, food, clothes, work, friends and... a name. In return, she had to work as a maid in her mansion, following every single order, may it be the most ridiculous one.

'Sakuya' froze, when Remilia finished her speach. On one side, just a few seconds ago, her only wish was to kill Remilia no matter what. On the other hand, she spared her life, even though she already had settled her affairs, and even though 'Sakuya' tried to kill her. She wondered, if Remilia actually trusted her.

'Sakuya' closed her eyes when her grip around the knife tightened. Remilia promised again, that she won't fight again, but then 'Sakuya' suddenly opened her hand, letting the knife fall to the ground. When the sound of the impact was heard, a wide smile formed Remilia's lips. In a calm and serious voice she ordered Sakuya to kneel, calling her the first time by her new name. Sakuya did as Remilia wanted, even though she first didn't want to obey the vampire. But even though Sakuya was angry and sad about what happened, she smiled.


So, that's the story so far. I'm very happy with the outcome, and proud that I actually finished it. Thanks to everyone, who followed it, for all the feedback and for the support. It really motivates me to put more effort into things, and therefore I want to thank you all again :3 I hope you enjoyed it, and see you next time :D

Day 1:


Thanks to :iconlostrey: who helped me with the idea and the implementation and :iconbjorngomes: for helping with grammar/spelling!

Now the LONG Credits:


Sakuya: :iconpokie-punk: and :icontsukichanp: ; Original model by: Arlvit
Remilia: flick
Cirno: Electrica
Daiyousei: Eto
Keine: flick
Mokou: Montecore
Rinnosuke: MrKatatsumuri
Maribel: Arlvit
Renko: Arlvit
Reisen: Masazai
Tewi: Nasuten
Koakuma: Arlvit
Alice: Nigamon
Meiling: Arlvit
Flandre: Suke
Eirin: Nagisa Takaya
Patchouli: Arlvit

Human Village: 鯖缶
Bar: amiamy111
SDM: フレスベルク
Hospital: KingdomHeartsNickeyS

Most Accessory:
Medicine: soloya
Knifes: Arlvit
Pocket watch: Arlvit:
Gungnir: Gijinki
Beer: MiraMiraDance
Parasol: AkemiWhy
Wineglass: scarletrose101
Blood: Mio-Nee
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soloya Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
headstert Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not a PDP fan but thanks ^^ :iconpewdiebrofistplz:
soloya Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Your welcome
Bjorngomes Featured By Owner Edited Feb 12, 2016
gud ending

but wheres my credit for the grammar fixes (you dont need to as i dont actual mean it)
headstert Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for that as well ^^ Always looks better when everything is correct :3 (And because you asked for it, I'll give you credit xD)
bouteilledeau1 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Such nice quality comics there, respecting Sakuya's fandom. Really good!

(Should I be tempted by MMD :?)
headstert Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm always happy to hear that *-* Thank you so much :3

You can try MMD, but it takes a bit of time ^^
LostRey Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
That was great ^^
Very good job in telling this story!
headstert Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much *-* And of course thank you for your support all the way through :3 It helped a lot!
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