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Our Neko has had a hectic weekend and will following that up with a hectic week of arting for her school application (she's off to do some artsy thing at university didn't cha know!) and therefore Plus1 has been put on the backburner untill that is out of the way. What does this means? Well it means that this week you won't be seeing a new page

Wait! Don't Panic! All is good!

To make up for the delay Neko has promised to update with two brand new shiney pages next week in a double update. That way we won't fall behind and all of you will still love us and want Oscar's babies! Okay... maybe not the babies thing.

In other news the voting incentive drive continues so be a wonderful audience and vote for us with all your might. You can vote here:…

Thanks peeps, see you arooooound
As the title says, there shall eb a delay on the update of PLus1 today.  Due to a hectic weekend at Desuscon Frostbite, Neko has been unable to draw the comic in it's usual slot. It's not the end of the world, she shall be hosting a special stream later on tonight of her drawing the comic live and Nuff will be about to answer questions any of you may have about the comic too. Lovely. We'll keep you informed ^^


Bam! Here we go:

So, I've been a little slow on returning to HoT with updates and news and such like (paint me a lazy lynx) but I return now with some news! Bad news! *dramatic face*

Don't worry, it's not all that bad. Neko is feeling rather ill at the moment so to relieve any stress and to force the silly kitten to actually rest Plus1 won't be updating this week at all. With luck Neko will have shrugged off the remainder of her icky bug in time to have the page up next week. Sorry for the delay but her health is more important than the comic at the end of the day.

Now, off you go to tell her to get well soon. Thats a good fluff.

Peace out, Nuff
No it did not.

Neko's PC is finally getting itself fixed (for good this time) so the updates are on hold for now. W'll keep you informed, but it looks like things will be rolling again sometime towards the end of next week. Fret not, for we have a schedele to keep and so you'll be given allt he pages owed as soon as it is possible.

Stay with us folks :P

Peace out, Nuff
Neko here! My first journal to this group x3

About time to have one of these! This challenge is a not so serious, but very skill improving one. And if you beat it, you will feel very awesome!

So, what is this challenge?
24 Challenge, means 24 pages of comic done in 24 hours! (or just set of themed artwork if you don't like comics)
But this certain time is set to start in a certain minute, when everyone who's in starts! And the challenge ends after 24 hours have passed since that minute.

How does it work?
You are allowed to do ANYTHING inside this time, you can even do all the pages in the last hour if you believe in your skill!
You can do each page in ½ hour, so you can sleep and nom the rest of the time! Or you can stay awake the whole time and do each page in 1 hour!

What are you not allowed to do?
Do not plan any of the comic, story, beforehand, you must do all the planning inside the time!
Of course basic ideas will come to your head before, but don't plan them too much or write on paper! This is hard to control, but the best way is to be honest to yourself! That's where all the fun comes from!

What you should do before the challenge starts
See what quality level you can draw in your set time for one page! Test your skills in speed.
Not everyone can apply colours to a full comic page inside a hour! So either do only grayscale, lineart or sketch even.
Lower quality to gain more speed! This is what the challenge is about!
Also decide what medium you will work with! Get tools before you start! And think of a good place where you will not feel horrible to stay possibly the whole 24 hours!

Why do the challenge? I don't feel like I can do it
This challenge will improve your skill, and you will get used to the speed in a few pages! I promise!
I've done this before, and it's really fun! Best to even ask friends over to motivate you, stream your work and once a while look how others are doing!
You don't have to do a comic necessary. It can be a set of 24 pages with themed artwork!
The thing is that they need to link with eachother in a way!
Also! Your skill level is not important! Everyone can take the challenge! If you feel like you can't finish it on time, lower quality in the end! But this is why it's good to test your speed beforehand!

When will this be!
We are planning to have this on 23th of July! It's saturday!
Time is not set yet! So now I ask you what would the best time be?
Last time I started in the evening 6pm of my time, so late hours is not a problem with me, that means americans will start in the morning! Which is better if you want to stay awake the whole time!
So suggestions are welcome!
My suggestion is 3pm GMT.

Here's the proof it can be done! XD
My 24h comic from last year.…
I did one page in a bit less than a hour, I did not sleep, but I did wander around the house several times and ate about twice something. I used pencils, inks, copics, watercolours and white marker pretty much. And I also had depression and drama at the same time, but I didn't let it affect too much!
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Heads or Tails

What's This All About Then?

Welcome to our little dA group. If you've found your way here you're probably at least familiar with one of the three artists involved in this project but in case you are not let me tell you a little about us.

HoT is a coming together of three furry comic artists who deciding to pool their collective resources and work as a unit for promotional and collabritory endeavours. The HoT site itself acting as a hub for their webcomics.

Webcomics You Say?

Yes! Webcomics. All three artists have their own webcomic series for you to to get stuck into. Let's take a little look at what we have available.

Alternative Life

Upon moving to the town of Almond, Maia and her twin sister Mira get caught up in the mystery surrounding the grand mansion overlooking the town.

What secrets does it hold? And how will it affect the town and the furs within?




Launches 7th of June (Updates Tuesdays)
he comic follows the misadventures of a socially awkward cat named Oscar, his closest friend Vee and a trouble making fennec fox called Kayly, as their lives head towards prom night and a life altering twist of fate.

Website: &



Unia follows the adventures of a nameless hero as he find himself lost in a strange and confusing world.

Website: Right here in our Unia gallery!



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