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Captain Ace

In my WIP Bio of Ace in the TechnoGuild, I stated that Ace has a superhero suit. I had to try drawing it, and here's the result.

Shades make everything cooler, so I had to add them.

I'm rather proud of the coloring here (except the blue parts. I always screw up blue). It gives a nice "comic" feel, which is great in a piece like this.

The right arm is weird, I know.

Not much to say. Tell me what you think about the suit.

P.S. - I seriously need to get a decent inking pen.
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...Must... resist... yelling... Captain Planet... really loudly...
o . o;;

Heh, Captain Ace was a funny idea. :3
Kixx-Nyra-Snicket's avatar
. . . Okay, you're a good artist and I know you want to improve, but a CAptain Planet body on a Sonic char= NOT WIN.
HeadShot-X's avatar
Body? What body? Those muscles are baloons inside the suit. Ace almost doesn't have them, so he figured he could "make" some on his superhero suit.
Kixx-Nyra-Snicket's avatar
I would hope so, Headshot
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he must be left handed...
DashThunder's avatar
I like the outfit :D
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looks cool you doing requests?
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