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RB Family Matters pt 3
(Mild language) small CH cuz I'm lazy
Jack was sitting between his two boys Henri, who was wearing black slacks with his favorite orange long sleeve and Tiger in his turtleneck shirt, silver serpent amulet, and jeans at the head of the table.
The host was eating up all the bewildered attention he could get from his family & new, yet risky friends.
The pau'an always loved the attention and questions after his stories the most, and the ghost crew were certainly giving him all the love a wordsmith like himself could ever want.
And just as he thought she would be, Sabine had the best commentary; "Eat that Bendu. How old was she?!" the Mando asked with wide eyes.
"Just turned twenty. Not even old enough to drink." Tigris smiled, happy to answer his old academy friend (and the first one Jack ever found worthy of his little prince Tiger.)
"How old were you?" Kallus asked Jack, gold meeting gold with a smile.
"174, biologically 20 or so too." the pau'an loves this question every tim
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12 RB Late Night Battles
The night before/ early morning
Warning odd ch. and they only get weirder from here 
Before you read on- a quick 101 on what these two have been up to since their last chapter: (or skip & enjoy this ship as if its normal)
Please note that Thrawn has been playing the perfect bf, (flowers, chocolates, luxury items and as much affection as Ezra is willing to accept like cheek kisses, and if Ezra is in an especially good mood... An attempted {failed} peck on the lips)
Ezra is becoming more willing to play the long game after failing in every escape attempt (considering there was at least 2-5 attempts a day) so instead he has to become the 'she' his kidnapper desires. (laughing at his jokes, letting Thrawn have some smaller touches, accepting the gifts) in order to escape or act as a fulcrum agent under his nose, should he not be able to escape before it gets too late to return to the rebellion.
Thrawn does not (or at least pretends not to) realize Ezra is
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Ezra girl outfit by HeadmistressNyra Ezra girl outfit :iconheadmistressnyra:HeadmistressNyra 2 0
11 Family Matters pt 2
I said I would <3,     
also, Fight Interlude is a real Ch
3rd POV.
Kallus meanwhile was trying to figure out how to alert the crew of his discovery without causing a panic. So far he has three potential courses; 1) tell only Hera and let her deal with it, 2) find an excuse for everyone to go back to the Ghost and book it to Nar Shada, or 3) Pray Nyra isn't setting a trap and let her explain the situation. Unless I'm wrong... Kanan would have recognized his 'force signature' right? But Nyra's married to...
"Hey Kal, you alright?" Zeb asked placing a comforting paw on Kallus's shoulder "you're makin' your scheming face."
"I don't have a scheming face Zeb." he complained as Zeb took a seat beside him.
"You do," The Lasat confirmed gently rubbing the blond man's shoulder, "so what kind a trouble are we getting into today?"
"It's not that... Jack just seems familiar for some reason, and I've hear
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9 Nini's Room
(Back in the A. dining room)
Carny POV
“We’re having a sleepover?” I asked Ray who simply shrugged probably happy not to be completely alone with the Choten. “In your room?” I barely kept my panic about the one bed situation hidden, especially after seeing much of his well kept body.
“I have no issue with the floor, especially since I'm too old to share the bed with you two platonically or otherwise” Jack offered.
Oh no.
“Or we could drag in the red chaise, it's super comfy.” Ray suggested the same seat he had sprawled out on so comfortably this morning.
I'm sleeping with Ray.
“Ha, it's been a while since I've had my own room,” Nyra laughed, blind to me, “I'm kinda excited to do some redecorating like in those house shows.”
Just us, alone.
The Choten pushed his seat back and stood “It's getting late, Carny, why don't you lead the way back to the rooms,” He ordere
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8 stay
Mini chapter (BC my chapters are getting dramatically longer)
"I am never living that down am I." Nyra smiled shaking her head after yet another joke about the story, this time from Carny.
Due to a mix of stories, ignorance, forgetfulness, and Jack's natural charm, the night went surprisingly well. Even The Choten shared a couple tales from his youth, and Ray told some heavily doctored stories that he knew The Choten wouldn't be able to use.
By now the table was cleared of most of the meal, and only the best course remained. Dessert!
Because the meal had gone smoothly, August had no issue with delaying Rayden's dietary restrictions until the next day rather than tonight like he originally planned, so even he received one of the decadent tarts (admittedly smaller and more fruit based)
"So, where are you staying my dear?" August asked Nyra, who had just taken a bite after removing all the mango and papaya pieces.
She quickly swallowed down her food, placing a
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10 Fight
Mini (for me) chapter to make up for the extended wait. Mild Kalluzeb in next CH + meeting Nyra. Plz enjoy and watch as things unfold. Check my tip book reading list for my inspirations.
----In the training room----
Kanan walked into the gym like room to the swish of something thin being swung around aggressively. He ‘watched’ for a few moments before finding a pedestal to put his plate down on and addressing the man who was clearly trying to work off some stress.
“You said you're force sensitive?” Kanan asked, trying to learn more about their mysterious host who sheathed his weapon, a silver rapier with a gold stone pommel, and walked closer to the Jedi. When he sensed Jack nod he added “Ever wield a lightsaber?”
“I have, although this is what I prefer now” the Pau’an smirked as he unsheathed the rapier and held it out handle first for the Jedi to inspect. “Be careful, I keep it razor sharp”
Kanan took the blade into hi
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7 Guest
"Tag! You're it!" Nyra shouted after checking Jack into a tree, sprinting a couple yards away before he could recover.
"You are so dead!" the pale-skinned teen yelled playfully before breaking into a run after her.
No matter what Jack tried he could barely keep up with the crazy blonde even if she stayed near the ground, and as they approached another batch of trees he knew that once she had the opportunity to climb he would lose.
The treeline was fast approaching and he could tell she was looking for a tree with low enough branches to jump on, thankfully for Jack that meant she had to slow down. Just a couple steps more...
The pair of teenagers found themselves whisked up into the canopy when Jack tackled her into the ground, apparently setting off a tripwire.
Instinctively both froze to assess the situation as they sat jumbled in the net trap. It wasn't the normal rope or vines they would normally see (or set up) but chain and metal painted a camp brown to fit the forest
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Castar the Controller for Of Covens and Orders by HeadmistressNyra Castar the Controller for Of Covens and Orders :iconheadmistressnyra:HeadmistressNyra 3 0
6 ...Processing...
Get comfy... Long weird chapter. Some blood mentioned, warned before and after with bold text. Also, August is over prepared and riding by the seat of his pants at the same time.
Ray may be a bit out of character at times but have mercy on the child. life sucks right now.
The car ride was much like it had been on the way in, only this time the seatbelt wasn't tight enough to leave marks 
"How was your chat with Carny?" August asked trying to seem fatherly.
"Good? We got along better than usual." Ray said absentmindedly. He wasn't entirely sure what to think about hanging out with Carny again, they were good friends as kids, and why would he bring the marriage idea back up giving how uncomfortable it seems to have made him?
"That's great!" The former master said. Ray could tell he was trying to get into the character of a loving caregiver, "Do you know what you're going to say to the police Rayden?"
"That my parents are not being held prisoner with their lives
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9 Family matters pt 1
It has been almost 2 weeks since Ezra went missing and only slightly shorter since they realized Dr. Rauff and a technician had also disappeared without much of a trace. And by trace the only noticeable blip was a blue skinned alien going in and out of each room around when the disappearances happened. The Ghost crew, plus Kallus who had come to see Ezra like an annoying little brother, quickly convinced a couple of Quiverans to help. Team Aunk in particular was quick to pool resources with the Ghost crew, but also the rest of the people who helped like Tiger and Jack who offered a safe base of operations (a small house on the outskirts of Kas city, the capital of Dramand Kass).
They all did their best to cope with Ezra’s absence, whether they felt guilt as a ‘reason’ or missed the boy who had come to be family. As their search continued they spent a good bit of time on Draumon Kas because the only troopers there were ones who’s commanders decided to allow shore
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5 Goodmorning!
3rd POV
“Good Morning Rayden” August whispered as he gently shook the boy’s shoulder “You have a lot to accomplish today.”
The night before The Choten had pushed the boy hard to see just how obedient he could be, including having him scrub down some of the madman’s lab before submitting to ‘mental examinations’. In all reality it was no more than an excuse to bring the child to the edge of exhaustion and the first step to either breaking him into being a good servant, Or driving him mad enough that even if he escaped he would be useless to the Duel Masters, possibly even too dangerous to keep around. By the time The Choten was done the natural had passed out still bound to the Examination table.
When Ray initially began to awaken he looked around the room nervously as the day prior’s events came back to him. “Haven't you tortured me enough already?” he growled drowsily. The boy rubbed his wrists expectin
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4 The Mission
Meanwhile, 3rd person,
After a couple days of watching the comings and goings of the pauper’s hospital from a bordering  forest, the team was almost ready to recapture a lost artifact called The Amulet of Pestilence, the team had sent their youngest, Nyra to scout ahead and locate the illness bringing pendant and find a relatively ‘clear of civilians’ path. While she did so Apollo, the team leader was drawing out a map based on Nyra’s description, the sleeve of his pale yellow dress shirt smudged grey with graphite from brushing away the mistakes and changes of nyra’s description. Apollo’s sparrow Jack rigged up a comn network on his small laptop, no bigger than a netbook that was sitting on the brass knee pad of his light armor, continually re-adjusting the strap of the kevlar vest hidden beneath a plain black tee and leather jacket.
Everyone wished they could be in full armor, masks and all but stealth missions liked this seldom allowed such p
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Royal Blood ch.3 New Allies, Old Friend
On the ghost in the common room
Kanan’s POV
“That was probably our first mission to go off without a hitch” I laughed. The entire crew was sitting around the table in the common room.
“You did good, kid” Zeb congratulated Ezra with a steady pat on the back causing him to stumble forward.
My padawan blushed, “it was an easy mission, there wasn't even a single stormtrooper on board, and maybe one tech actually had a blaster on them. Sabine had to do all the paperwork because she’s older.”
Sabine smiled towards Ezra, causing him to turn from a blueberry to a strawberry. “True, but i didn't have to get any tests done on me, and the nurse really only needed my signature on a few things. You were pretty brave Ezra, I know you are body conscious and that scan couldn't have been comfortable for you.”
 Karabast, I forgot to warn him about the scan
Ezra seemed pretty calm about it somehow. “The body scan was a
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3 New 'Home'
New ‘Home’
     Before I had a chance to say ‘Get me the hell away from this world-domination bent madman’ my so called ‘godfather’ had wheeled me out of the hospital, loaded me into the back seat his navy BMW, and strapped into my seat tightly enough to cause bruising. I immediately reached for the buckle only to find that I was locked in. A few minutes later we were sitting on the highway in the middle of a traffic jam.
My captor laughed randomly and turned the mirror so he could see me better without turning around and he smiled at me with an endeared expression,  
“You have some nerve, what do you think you're accomplishing here? My friends will find me and my family, and you will fail again” I hissed, “and whatever you did to me they will undo it.” my voice was filled to the brim with rage, yet The Choten seemed unphased by my warning
“Speaking of past failures, When I first tri
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2 Worse than Alone
I could hear people talking around me and this incessant beeping. My eyes tried to creep open but the lights were far too bright, my throat let out a groan. Someone leaned over me and blocked out the too bright light, brushing my hair out of my face with delicate fingertips. “Mom?” I asked drowsily, my eyes opening slowly to see the officer, Emily standing over me and a nurse farther back.
She laughed lightly before cooing “I wish I had a kid as adorable as you, but no, I'm not your mom but while we’re looking for her your godfather is going to take care of you, ok?”
I have a godfather? I shook my head, no way I'm staying with someone I don't know.
“My parents never told me I had a godfather Officer, I don't think I ever met him.” I whispered, pulling the thin white sheet up high on my shoulder, turns out I'm in a hospital room with a window. The large setting sun resting in front of pink and lavender clouds was the blinding light.
Great, Mo
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See the newest chapters here! min 1 a month upload, trying for more.


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Going through another deviant's faves is a great way to find cool art and comics!




dream by sandara dream :iconsandara:sandara 13,498 643 Green Dragon by sandara Green Dragon :iconsandara:sandara 22,319 741 Doctor Who by Joe-Roberts Doctor Who :iconjoe-roberts:Joe-Roberts 20,740 1,611

Your energy signature, which is often referred to as an aura pattern is part of what defines your mystical presence, and some contain extra abilities or limitations. Although certain auras are more likely to have certain affinities they are not promised, and unlike affinities, you are what you are for life (usually). They rarely affect social status, but it does determine what coven or order you are placed into.

Since you are reading this book it is highly likely that your energy signature is Aura prevalent, which means that the energy your body runs and processes the best is aura. Below I have listed a couple types of energy you will likely encounter as you become more used to magic.

(Many differences in magic that don't otherwise interact are in terms of under or over is due to the result of their first confrontation.)

Astral (Stars)

Astrals are often seen as kind-hearted dreamers, but they often have a level of foresight and tend to be extremely lucky. They are Aura's greatest ally despite being weak to it. Their energies are strengthened by astronomical events and become immensely powerful on starships due to their intense connection with space, yet don't do as well underground or in thicker atmospheres. (So we usually go to their mountain temples rather than have them join us in our cave based HQ) Most Astrals are in the same order, (The House of the Night, or Night-breds for the caster title*) and hold influence over people's fortunes (think that psychic who only does night readings). They are also in tune with dimensional rifts and can determine when a paridime fracture* forms

Strong against: Mana,

Level with: Ṣẹda, Force

(relatively) Weak against: Aura

Aura (loose energy)

The Quivera are the best-known users of this energy, but there are a couple other covens and orders with the same basis. Aura is produced by the interference between different elemental energies within the atmosphere of a planet, allowing us to have a good bit of influence on the world around us. As a result, our energy can be overpowered by energies produced by individuals like Mana because it tends to form a bubble of more stable energy around where it is concentrated. In this case, our bodies will actually recoil when contact is made with the energy in a phenomenon called a 'Mana burn', it hurts like hell yet it begins to heal as soon as distance is added. We cannot produce energy normally in space and require energy to be put into the air on spaceships (oddly enough force sensitives act as energy concentrators that help us tolerate space travel.) Please note that different planets have different energies, which will affect your magic. We tend to strengthen with proximity to a planet's core and as a result, many of our temples and bases are underground or carved into stone. Many traditional Wiccan covens (ones that use the regular point up pentagram) also use this energy

Strong against:, (mild)Astral, (very)Force

Level with: Ṣẹda,

Extremely Weak against: Mana

Mana (Control)

Mana users like the Vori or Kaijudo Duel Masters rely on internally produced energy that holds the same range of frequencies as a mystical barrier called the veil. This energy like aura can be solidified into shapes like bubble shields or simple energy weapons, and it has the potential for use with limited teleportation in the hands of the Vori, but the Duelists are capable of reaching past the other side, although details of this 'other side' is held secretly by the order.

Very Strong against: Aura

Level with: Ṣẹda, Force

Weak against: Astral,

Ṣẹda (Creation)

Of the five mystical groups in this energy, the Atlantis order is well known for their automatons (for us it's because we usually have to clean up after the ones that go rouge). their creations are made and 'brought to life' with the use of soul fragments or bundled up emotions. Also think animated objects and plants, more recently some computer programs, all can be done using Ṣẹda. 

Strong against: 

Level with: Aura, Force, Mana,  Astral

Weak against:  

Force (life)

The force is one of the few energies that contains internal factions (Dark/Light/Bendu or Grey) with the kind of differences that almost categorize them as separate entities. This energy is extremely weakened by earth, but elsewhere in the galaxy, it produces powerful telekinesis, telepathy, empaths, and a general connection with other living things. The force often behaves like a living being and provides foresight to ask it's followers to strengthen one of the three factions. Jedi are light side, Sith darkside, and there are two parallel factions of neutral called the Bendu and the Grey Jedi. Currently, this energy is unstable due to the long-term strength of the light side. We hope to help it repair itself through encouraging the Bendu and grey paths.

Simplified definitions of strength; 

the light side is relatively aloof but comes when it's called so much as you don't ask for more than you need, and it gets kinda evasive when you ask for too much. Think of a child, they want to help, but unless you are doing what it wants it could get bored and ignore you.

Dark side energy, on the other hand, likes to be actively used, and may act more efficiently in subconscious tasks but also tends to be addictive and mark it's user (gold+red or silver eyes, premature wrinkling, paranoia, mood instabilities)

The Greys are a mix between the two, Bendu is more aggressive and concentrated, almost animalistic, and grey j. Is very life tuned and passive ability based.

*Caster titles- the name of a magic user for a coven/order. Ex- Quiverans of the Quivera or Nightbreds for the House of Night.

*paridime fractures are what some may call the formation of a new dimension or timeline within a Cannon-verse (think multiverse theory). It results in a dimension that no longer hits certain key events in it's metaverse connection (Think Cannon divergence situations like Vader dying early or Alderaan never blowing up, the end result is completely different.)


Headmistress Nyra
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